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Chapter Thirteen


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Logan asked as he stepped out of his car and closed the door. Rory followed shortly after, rolling her eyes as she closed the passenger side door and threw her head back with a dramatic groan.

"Yes, Logan." She said with exasperation. "I'll be okay. I promise."

"I just don't want you to be uncomfortable that's all." He explained. Rory scoffed and started walking towards the front door.

"You mean you don't want to be uncomfortable." Logan's mouth dropped open and he started walking after his girlfriend. He was about to open his mouth to defend himself when she cut him off. "You know this isn't even about you, Logan. It's about Honor. Remember her, your sister?"

"I know it's not about me. I'm not tying to make it about me." Rory scoffed again. "Hey, I don't have any problem with this, okay. I'm used to it. I have twenty-two years of experience to aid me. I just don't understand why she made you come. That's not fair."

"Logan, I've met your parents before…" Rory reminded him.

"I know but still…"

"I've been interning with your father every Monday since we got back together and he loves me! He even offered me a job over the summer. I'm not afraid of him." Rory reminded.

"Okay, well, yea, my Dad loves you. I'll give you that. But my Mom…"

"Isn't exactly picking out floral arrangements for the wedding, I know. But I can handle her. I promise. I have the blood of Emily Gilmore flowing through my veins." The couple arrived at the front door and Rory turned to Logan who was staring at the solid wood barrier with horrible apprehension. "Now, come on…" Rory urged. "Your sister is announcing her engagement tonight and she needs you to be there for moral support."

"Will you be my moral support?" Logan asked pitifully. Rory placed her hand behind his back and rubbed it comfortingly.

"I will hold your hand the whole time. And, remember, if you see any monsters just tell yourself they aren't real. It's all in your head."

"Oh I'll see a monster all right." Logan quipped. Rory rolled her eyes once more and dropped the supporting hand from his back. "My grandfather is going to be there too you know…I mean, if you thought my Dad was intimidating…"

"Ring the doorbell." Rory commanded.

"Did you know that he once made a whole board room of grown men cry? This was back in 1962!. Half the men in there fought in World War II! Yet, one meeting with Elias Huntzberger and they were cowering in fear…"

"Oh my God! Just ring the doorbell, Scarlett!" Rory said. Logan gaped at her.

"Are you calling me over dramatic?" Logan asked.

"Now why would I do that?" Rory said, starting to lean over him to push the button herself. Before her finger made contact the door swung open.

"You're late!" the distressed voice of Honor called.

"Fifteen minutes." Logan defended with a shrug.

"Well, it's awful! A morgue! It's like they already know what I'm going to tell them." Honor explained.

"Well, you have been with Josh for three years now."

"I don't understand it. I called and told them that you were coming because that usually makes Mom happy. And I told her that you were bringing Rory so they'd be on their company behavior, but from the minute Josh and I walked in that door it's been iceberg city! Josh has completely panicked. Shaking."

"Wow. Sorry." Logan said, faking concern.

"Don't be sorry. Just get in here and stop it." Honor quickly escaped through the foyer leaving Logan and Rory trailing slowly behind her. Rory was chuckling softly to herself and Logan turned to her with a questioning gaze.

"Did I ever tell you about the time when my mother wore a shirt with a rhinestone penis on it and my grandma had her car towed?" she asked.

"No. No you didn't." Logan said.

"Oh well…this one time at Friday night dinner my Mom-"

"I think I got the general gist of it, Ace thanks."


"So, Grandpa, how's the new boat?" Logan asked, desperately trying to spark some form of conversation.

"It's a boat. It floats." Elias grunted. Rory stifled a chuckle and squeezed Logan's knee from underneath the table.

"I hear it's beautiful. When are you going to let me take her out?" he continued, sounding unfazed by the brush off.

"Now, Logan, you don't have the best track record when it comes to boats." Shira interjected.

"Yes, you're the only man I've ever met who could sink a paddle boat within five minutes…" Rory added. Logan scoffed.

"That's because Finn ignored the weight limit and tried to bring three coolers full of booze on with us. I had nothing to do with that. I was merely on the paddle boat when it happened. Luckily when it sunk the lake was shallow enough that we could stand up and retrieve the boat from the bottom."

"Isn't that what you said about Fiji also?" Honor asked from across the table.

"No…" Logan defended. "In Fiji, Finn ran the yacht along a stretch of rocks; it sliced up the bottom, filled with water, and sunk…like Titanic…luckily we had enough life boats and had already drunken most of the booze therefore Finn couldn't bring them into the lifeboats…"

"Terribly sorry. My Mistake." Honor mocked.

"I'm sorry…wasn't there something you wanted to talk about, Honor? Funny...something just tells me that you had something to say…I can't seem to remember what it was about…" Honor glared at him from across the table

"Logan, she probably just wants to wait until your father gets here…" Rory said.

"Yes, Logan, listen to your girlfriend. She's smarter than you." Honor added.

"Oh good one. Excuse me while I go cry…" Logan said.

"Honestly you two. Will you stop acting like you're five? You're grown adults. Start behaving like it." Shira scolded. "And Honor we already know what you came here to discuss."

"You do?" she asked, looking between Josh and Logan. Logan shrugged.

"Of course and I'm shocked that you would think we would be so disapproving. You've been dating for three years, and I already put a hold on the Japanese Tea Garden for next spring." Honor's eyes were wide in shock and she turned to her grandfather who was immersed in his soup.

"Grandpa?" she asked.

"What? Oh, um, yes, congratulations." He grunted before returning to his food. Honor shot Logan a look from across the table and he shrugged. He was just as surprised as she was.

"Well, that sounds great. Thank you."

"It does. The Japanese Tea Garden? It sounds absolutely beautiful, very extravagant." Rory commented. Shira offered a tight smile from across the table.

"Well it's not all that extravagant, really." She stated. "Actually it's rather simple. But I understand why you might think so dear. After all we Huntzberger's have been doing these kinds of events for years. It takes a certain flare to be able to pull it off. I wouldn't expect you to understand." Suddenly Logan chocked on a potato in his soup and had to clear his throat. He could feel Rory's nail unconsciously digging into the skin of his knee.

"Well…I'm sure you're right, Shira. It defiantly takes a certain something to coordinate a party like that. I'm sure you'll so excellently though. After all, you do have expensive tastes." Rory retorted.

"It's something we have in common dear." Shira said. Logan jumped from the sudden sharp pain in his knee. Was he bleeding? "Just imagine if I had your help! You certainly have a way with using things to your advantage. Why, we' be able to get anything we needed with hardly no work at all. It'd be such a breeze."

"Well, naturally. God forbid you put work into something when you can find someone else to do it all for you." Rory said. By this point Shira was fuming.

"Why you little…" she began.

"Sorry I'm late everyone!" the voice of Mitchum boomed as he walked into the dining room. "It seems that the second I leave and office everyone's IQ drops about ten points. Now, some people can afford that and still be able to function. Others, well…" He took a seat next to Honor and grabbed roll from the plate in front of him. "Speaking of work, Rory…"

"Yes?" she asked, caught slightly off guard.

"I was going through your portfolio today and I cam across an article you wrote last year."

"Oh boy…" Rory said, having a small idea where this conversation was headed.

"It was about some ballet…" Yes, she was right. "Brilliance! If only the theatre critics at the Gazette had enough balls to write something like that. I especially enjoyed the hippo reference…and the fat around the bra strap…" Rory was hiding her face in her hands across the table and Logan was watching her with an amused look on his face.

"I have to read this article." He said.

"Oh you really do. It's the funniest thing I've read all week."


"Home!" Logan cried as they walked into his dorm and he flopped on the couch. "The dinner from hell is over!"

"It wasn't that bad." Rory said, taking a seat next to him.

"Wasn't that bad? Were you in the same room as me?" Logan asked.

"Yes, actually, I was in the same room as you, all night as a matter of fact. And I didn't think it was that bad."

"I think you're crazy." Logan said. "My grandfather said two words all night."

"Well he didn't make you cry…"

"My Dad came late which made my mother sit at the head of the table and when he did get home and saw that she was sitting at the head of the table he had a coronary…"

"He didn't even say anything about that!" Rory argued. Logan sighed.

"It's all in the eyes. He may not have said anything but the look, the look said it all!" Logan explained. "It was awkward and uncomfortable."

"Oh poor baby." Rory mocked, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"And don't even get me started on my Mom!"

"I thought I handled myself pretty well…"

"I mean, the way she was yelling at Honor and I. Come on. We're not kids anymore. She's just creating unnecessary drama!"

"I didn't let what she said get to me…"

"And can you believe that she reserved the Japanese Tea Garden for Honor? I mean, she didn't even ask her about it. It's her wedding she should have some say in where it's held…"

"It stung a little at first but we both know she was wrong about me…"

"And what was that about not wanting me to take out Grandpa's boat? I've been sailing since I was sixteen. I think I can handle it. It's not even my fault when things go terribly wrong. It's Finn's…"

"Besides I think I proved I can hold my own against her so that's always good…"

"I mean, I would understand if they banned him from getting on the boat but me? That's just ridiculous!"

"Oh my God!" Rory said.

"What?" Logan asked.

"You've been bitching about your Mom for the past century now and haven't even asked about how I felt!"


"She attacked me at that table and all you can think about is how she doesn't want you to sail a boat!" Rory yelled. Logan's eyes went wide with guilt.

"Oh, Rory, I'm so sorry. I was so wrapped up in how weird it was for me I didn't even think about you." Logan said, pulling her closer to himself and wrapping his arms around her tightly. "You know she's full of shit right?"

"I guess…"

"No, she is. You're nothing like her. I know you love me and I know it has nothing to do with my money or my name. That's all that matter's, not what she thinks."

"I just don't get why she hates me so much. I don't know what I did to her." Rory explained.

"Who cares what she thinks?" Logan asked.

"I do!" Rory said. "I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. She's your mother, Logan. And you're my boyfriend. I love you! I want us to get along. I don't want to go to family dinners with you and feel tense and angry all the time."

"Once she realizes that you're not what she thinks you are things will get better. I think she just doesn't want me to end up with someone like her. I know it doesn't make any sense but…She knows she never really loved my father and that she was really just using him…I think she wants something better for me."

"But I am better than that." Rory said.

"She'll figure that out in time. Until then, don't worry about it. I love you." Logan said. "That's all that matters.

"I love you too." Rory said.

The couple sat on the couch, staring at the wall, lost in their thoughts. Rory's head was rested comfortably on Logan's shoulder and her arm was draped across his chest. Logan was unconsciously running his fingers up and the exposed skin of her arm, stopping when it reached the patch of light blue material covering her shoulder.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" he asked. Rory smiled.

"No, you were too busy being a little chicken baby." Logan laughed.

"Well, you look beautiful." He said, moving his hand to run his fingers through her curls. "I like you hair like this."

"Yea?" she asked.


"I'll be sure to wear it straight more often then." She teased. Logan chuckled.

"Ouch." He said.

"I was actually thinking of growing it out a lot more." She said.

"I think you'd look good with long hair."

"I do." She said. "It was always long. I just chopped it all off last year."

"Do you think I'd look good with long hair?" Logan asked.


"What about a lumberjack beard?"


"What about a mullet?"

"Stop it! You're gonna make me throw up!" Rory exclaimed. Logan laughed and kissed her. When they broke apart, Rory's hand lingered on his cheek for a moment. "Although, I do have to admit you look good when you go a couple days without shaving."

"Is that so?" he asked.

"Oh yea, the scruffy stubbles are very sexy. They make you look older."

"Yes, well, anything that makes me not look like an eighteen year old…"

"Are you still on that?" she asked. "How many times do I have to tell you I meant that as a compliment!?!"

"You bruised my fragile ego!"

"Oh yes, and what a fragile ego it is." Rory said sarcastically. "I don't think Mike Tyson could bruise your ego!"

"Well he could bruise a lot of other things, that's for damn sure." Logan said before they drifted off into another moment of comfortable silence, happy to be in each other's arms with no family, friends, or roommates around. They could stay like this forever.

"I can't believe my sister is getting married." He said after a few minutes. "It feels so unreal to me."

"I can imagine." Rory said.

"Do you realize that the next person in my family to get married is going to be me?" he asked. Rory tilted her head up and looked into his eyes, offering him a small smile. She reached out and grabbed his hand, intertwining her fingers with his.

"Yea…How about that."

Logan leaned down and, with one small feathery kiss, displayed more love than he could have ever put into words. It was strange, that with one kiss from Rory Gilmore just months ago, his whole world had changed.

One kiss was all he ever wanted again.

The End!


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