"Fairies don't look like that," stated Dean Winchester, pointing to the pictures in Emily Walker's book of fairytales.

"They do too!" she said back.



"Nuh-uh! They have more teeth. And claws,"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too! And werewolves are hairier than that!"

"Are not! How do you know anyway?" Dean puffed his chest up, ready for his big revelation,

"Because I've seen them!" Emily's mouth dropped open.

"Really? Wow! I've always wanted to see fairies!"

"You have not seen them!" said Brian Dingley, who had decided the sand pit just didn't have anything more to offer him. Dean frowned at Brian; he was always butting in on other people's conversations.

"I so have!"

"You have not! My dad says that they're not real!"

"They are so real!" said Dean and Emily in unison.

"They are not! My dad says so!"

"Your dad's a poo-head and he's wrong!" said Dean. Emily agreed, but she was too polite to say things like that.

"He is not!"

"He is!"

"Is not!"


"Now, now, what's going on here, then?" Miss Turner had heard the 'conversation' from across the room and decided it was time to interrupt.

"He called my dad names!" said Brian, pointing a very accusing finger at Dean.

"He said I was lying!" said Dean as a way of justification.

"And he said fairies don't exist, but they do, don't they Miss Turner?" added Emily.

"Well, I'm not the best person to talk to about fairies, I couldn't tell you if they were real or not," Brian stuck his tongue out at the other two, "But they might be!" Miss Turner looked hard at Brian. "And Dean, you shouldn't say bad things about other people," the triumphant smile left Dean's face.

"But his dad's been telling lies! You shouldn't tell lies!" said Dean vehemently.

"No, you shouldn't," agreed Miss Turner, "But Brian's dad may think he's telling the truth, so he's not really lying,"

"But my dad knows all about fairies and werewolves and stuff! We've both seen them! Even Sammy has and he's only a baby!" Miss Turner knew that, at Dean's age, they often have very vivid imaginations and trying to argue with whatever fantasy they have created can prove to be a futile task. So Miss Turner played along.

"Not everyone has seen them, though, so not everyone thinks they exist,"

"But they do! My dad makes the bad ones go away!"

"I'm sure he does, but not everyone will believe you,"

"Why not?"

"Because it's not true!"

"Brian!" said Miss Turner sharply, "Go play with the bricks, I'd like a talk with you later," Brian shuffled off towards the bricks. Emily was already back reading her book.

"But why won't people believe me?" said Dean.

"There are some things people need to see themselves before they believe it,"

"Like ghosts?"

"Yes, just like ghosts,"

"'Cause they're real too!"

"Yes, Dean, I know,"

"How can I make people believe?"

"You can't do that, they have to find out themselves,"

"But what if they don't?"

"That's something you can't change, I'm afraid," Dean nodded his head quietly.

"Miss! Miss! Brian's taken all the bricks!" Miss Turner sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Excuse me, Dean," Miss Turner went to sort out whatever trouble Brian was causing now. That boy was quite the handful. Dean sat in silence, contemplating being disbelieved for the rest of his life.

"Have you seen ghosts as well?" Emily asked quietly, over the top of her book. Dean nodded.

"Dad makes them go away, too," Emily bit her lip in thought and then said:

"I believe you, Dean."


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!