Author's note:
After removing "Letters to Erik" from FFN (see my bio page for details), I decided to offer something very different. As I'm still addicted to Snape/Hermione stories and beginning to play around with more concise and disciplined forms of writing, I thought I'd try a series of SS/HG haiku.

"Haiku" is a form of Japanese poetry. It is an extremely spare 3-line form, with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllablies in the second, and 5 syllables in the third. With all this brevity, precision, and discipline of form, haiku is nonetheless known for its richness of description and the strength of the emotions it evokes. Here is my attempt to tell...

A Love Story in Haiku

He sits with his head
Bent forward so he can hide
his face with his hair.

She eyes him shyly,
Wonders how he will respond
To what she's just said.

He tilts his head now,
A gleam shows as his black eyes
Meet her brown-eyed gaze.

He clears his dry throat
and speaks after a moment.
"Tell me what you mean."

His voice is still smooth,
But with roughened undertones:
Silk drawn over stones.

"I mean what I said.
I find you admirable."
She dares not say more.

He scowls at her now
(His usual expression),
and scoffs at her words.

"Why would you admire me?
Unless your great intellect
Has abandoned you!"

Taking a deep breath,
Hermione starts to list
All of her reasons.

It takes her a while
(She's the thorough sort, you see);
And then he looks up.

A hint of a smile
Lifts the corners of his mouth
And his eyes lighten.

"It's all right, my dear.
You've managed to convince me
Of your odd reasons."

"Oh," she says. "Well, good."
Unsure of what to say next,
She becomes silent.

"Finally!" he smirks,
"You're quiet – must be my turn."
And he kisses her.