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A/N: A poem about how Sakura feels for Sasukeā€¦

Holding on to a broken dream,

That can't be fixed,

How could you leave me like this?

Lost with nowhere to go,

A broken smile and everyone knows,

That you slapped me in the face,

Tore me down,

Bullied me around,

Telling me I'm worthless,

That may be true,

But don't you know someone cares for you,

I cared since the first day,

The moment you came up and said "Hey,"

But you lost my trust in many ways,

You treat me bad,

You treat me cruel,

I'm so sad,

While you're so cool,

But I'm tired of breaking,

I'm tired of hating,

So I'm walking out the door,

There is no choice,

My heart's too sore,

I gave you one chance too many,

So take my broken heart and go,

Let everybody know,

That you broke the girl,

Who thought she couldn't break...

The End

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