Hey! Ok, so this is the first fic I've uploaded for awhile. FYI: I realize that Jay and Silent Bob aren't really gay in any of the movies by Kevin Smith (sigh that dude is freaking COOL) but I choose to have a little fun w/ them! Obviously, I'm not making any money off of this fic. All characters contained within are soul property of Kevin Smith. He owns them forever and always. FYI again: flames will NOT be tolerated. They will be ignored. So don't waste your time, 'kay? Thank you to those in advance for reading and reviewing. Constructive criticism is always welcome (key word "constructive"...LOL). Ok, enough of my blabbering. Let's get on with the fic!

Warning: This is a slash story. If the idea of Jay and Silent Bob being a couple freaks you out, turn back now. Nobody is forcing you to read this. Thank you.

Double Warning: This story contains spoilers (sort of) for Clerks 2.

Silent Bob lit two cigarettes; one for him, and one for his fidgeting partner. Jay thankfully accepted the smoke and took a long, shaky drag. Bob reached up and touched Jay's shoulder gently, a comforting gesture. Jay turned to meet Bob's large, expressive brown eyes. Bob's expression read, "We don't have to do this, Jay." Jay smiled at his life mate and shook his head. "I'm ready, Lunch Box." Bob grinned at the familiar nickname and turned his attention back to the party they were currently surrounded by.

It was a New Year's Eve party at Randal's house to be exact. The clerk had somehow managed to get rid of his mother for the evening so he could have a few friends over to celebrate the New Year. It was currently five minutes until midnight, and Randal had just brought out the champagne. He passed a full glass to Dante, who was standing with his arm around his very pregnant wife, Becky. He then poured a glass for Elias and his girlfriend, Myra Hodgekiss, to share. "Make it last, ya mooks. You won't be getting seconds," Randal informed Elias and Myra. Randal shuddered at the memory of the last time he saw Elias drink. He didn't wish to see an encore performance. Randal then poured two more glasses and handed them to Jay and Silent Bob. Jay was practically shaking with nervousness by now, and he tried to down his glass in one gulp. Bob touched Jay's wrist, forcing him to lower the now half empty flute. "Sorry," Jay shrugged. Bob smiled. "It's okay to be nervous, Jay. This is a big step." Silent Bob's deep, rumbling voice flooded Jay's ears, almost instantly calming the blonde. "I know. But fuck if you're not worth it," Jay replied. Jay's words made Bob want to grab him and kiss him right then. But he held back. Just a few more minutes, and they'd have their kiss. For now, Bob just beamed.

With one of his famous gestures, Bob signaled that he and Jay should join the other guests on the other side of the room. Jay nodded in agreement, and they joined Randal, Dante, Becky, Elias, and Myra around the TV.

The room was dark except for the glow of the television which was currently switched to the Rockin' New Year's Eve program hosted by Ryan Seacrest. There was only one more minute to wait before the ball would drop into the New Year.

"You and Myra actually gonna kiss at midnight, Go-Bot, or would Listerfiend take your tongue off if you tried?" Randal teased Elias. Myra blushed. She couldn't believe her boyfriend had actually revealed the secret of her mouth troll. She blushed a shade darker at the thought of him revealing her other troll…

"Myra said that kisses on the cheek are just fine, Randal. 'Sides, you can't tease us when you don't even have a date for New Years!" Elias shot back. Myra grinned in approval and ruffled Elias' hair. Randal grumbled something like "fuck your mothers" as he took a sip of his champagne. During this small exchange of insults, Jay and Silent Bob had laced fingers. No one had noticed.

Becky was the first to begin to chant the count down out loud. "Ten…nine…" she was joined by Dante, "…Eight…" and Randal, "…Seven…" and Elias and Myra, "…Six…five…" Silent Bob gazed up at Jay just in time to see Jay mouth the words, "I love, Silent Bob." Bob squeezed Jay's hand and joined the count down, "…Four…three…two…" Jay turned and wrapped his arms around Bob's neck. "One," Jay finished.

Amid the joyous shouts of "Happy New Year," Jay and Silent Bob shared their first public kiss.