Cold was the sensation that brought Jay out of his slumber. With his eyes still closed, he pawed at the cold sheets next to him. Obviously, Bob had been out of bed for a long time. Jay sat up, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and searched for something to cover his naked body. He rummaged through the piles of discarded clothing on he and Bob's bedroom floor until he found something remotely clean. He tugged on a pair of blue basketball shorts and ambled out to the kitchen.

The smell of coffee nearly knocked Jay down as he took a seat at the kitchen table. Bob came out of the bathroom a few moments later, already dressed for the day. Bob poured a mug of coffee for both Jay and himself before joining his lover at the table.

"Morning," Jay yawned before taking a sip of his coffee.

"It's one-thirty, babe, but close," Bob smiled, lifting his own mug. Ignoring Silent Bob's remark, Jay leaned over and kissed his lover gently.

"Last night was fuckin' awesome," Jay breathed. "We'll try some more of that new shit again tonight, nooch," Bob gave a huge grin at the thought. Jay kissed Bob again, downed his coffee, and left to get ready for the day.

Jay and Silent Bob found themselves in front of the newly reopened Quick Stop and RST Video about an hour later.

"Fifteen bucks, little man. Put that shit in my hand!" Jay rapped to their first customer of the day. The scruffy looking kid paid Jay, snatched his nickel bag from Silent Bob, and dashed away.

Silent Bob gestured towards the Quick Stop, signaled that he'd be back in a minute, and went inside. Jay stood in front of the RST Video, bobbing his head to a song only he could hear and occasionally muttering to himself. "Hmm…jungle love…oh wee oh wee oh…I think I wanna know ya, know ya…"

Bob returned, carrying a pint of ice-cream and a plastic spoon. "Good-bye horses…hmm hmm…hey, Tons O' Fun, where's mine?" Jay whined, pointing at the pint of Ben and Jerry's. Bob rolled his eyes and pried the lid off of his treat. Bob scooped the spoon into the chocolaty goodness and popped the spoon into Jay's mouth. Jay had been in the process of bitching about his lack of ice-cream when the spoon had been shoved into his mouth, so he stopped his babbling to allow the treat to melt on his tongue. "Mmm…there's marshmallow in this shit. That's fuckin' good," Jay said with his mouth full. Bob popped a spoonful into his own mouth, not realizing a dollop of marshmallow fluff had fallen onto his lip. Bob continued to devour his ice-cream, still not realizing he had marshmallow on his lips.

When Bob was almost done eating, Jay glanced over at him. Bob's lips had a lovely, white, marshmallowy coating. Jay gulped at the sight. Seeing Bob with the white, sticky substance on his lips reminded him of another white, sticky substance he'd love to see on Bob's lips. A pang of want flashed to Jay's cock.

Bob caught his reflection in the door of the Quick Stop as a customer entered. "Shit," he mumbled, seeing the marshmallow all over his lips. He stuck his tongue out and began to attempt to lick away the marshmallowy stickiness.

Jay watched silently as his lover slowly and deliberately licked his lips, making soft "mmm,mmm" noises as he did so. Jay gulped again as he felt his cock beginning to fill out at the thought of that hot tongue licking parts of his own anatomy. Jay felt himself get a little harder with each swipe of Bob's tongue.

Finally, unable to stand the sight of Bob licking any longer, Jay reached out and gently cupped Bob's face. "Lemme help, Lunch Box," Jay said huskily. Jay pulled Bob's face to his until their lips were almost touching. Then, Jay's tongue flicked out to lick at the remaining marshmallow on Bob's lips. Bob moaned deep in his throat, relishing the feeling of the blonde's tongue on his sticky lips.

Within the first few seconds of the kiss, the marshmallow had been licked totally away, but neither Jay nor Silent Bob cared. They stood in front of the RST Video, making out for all who cared, or did not care, to see. Neither of them cared about the stares they were getting from the Quick Stop and RST Video customers. Although, Jay did think to himself, "Poor fuckers. Those fucks only came here to buy a pack of Nails, or rent some mind fuck of a movie. But why rent a movie? Tubby and I are givin' them the best show in the world! Snoogans!"

The only thing that mattered to either man was the feeling of the other's body pressed totally into their own, the feeling of moist lips on heated skin, and immense waves of pure love and pleasure crashing down upon them.

The two finally parted, each panting and each with a little more than half a stock.

"Fuck dealin' today, man," Jay panted, grabbing Bob's hands. "Let's get the fuck home."