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Chapter One: In the Dim Light of Azkaban

Told in Harry's point of view.

I sit here in a dark, damp and cold cell within the lower bowels of Azkaban where the worst of the prisoners are kept. I'm in Azkaban after being convicted of murder, though I was framed for it, no one believed me. I think the only one that believed me was my husband, Draco Malfoy. We were wed in a Muggle ceremony, as we didn't want anyone finding out that we were together, that was at the end of our sixth year at Hogwarts. We had come to a truce in our third year and began to date secretively half way through.

We were very much in love when he proposed at the end of our fifth year; I said yes, a year later we were wed. Fast for some, but not for us, Draco is now wanted by his father and the others death eaters for his betrayal to the Dark, and me, Harry Potter, I rot in Azkaban now, but before I was chased and wanted by the so called Dark Lord Voldemort. I don't know who framed me, it could be the ministry, or Voldemort; all I know is that I didn't kill Minerva McGonagall and Hermione Granger.

Professor McGonagall was the only one Draco and I told about our relationship. That was just after we were married. She found us kissing in one of the empty classrooms, so we told her everything when she asked. We showed her our rings, she was happy for us. Hermione was my best friend, she always stood by my side. I had come close to telling her about me and Draco as I knew that she would not go off on one like Ron would, in the end I didn't, I wish I had now.

I broke free from my reverie as I feel a restless movement from my chest. I look down and see the dirty and matted blond hair of my cellmate, though I could hardly say she was guilty of anything. She gives a little grunt, telling me she is hungry, there is no food unfortunately, and it is not time for our meal to come yet. She never says anything, then again neither do I. She knows within herself what I mean without having to say it. We share a mental connection, and most of the time I get a feeling of what she wants.

She doesn't have a name, though I usually call her my Angel, because to me my daughter is the only thing keeping me sane when the Dementors come by, she is my Angel, the one who protects me when the bad memories become too much. She was born not long after I was sent to Azkaban, I lost track of time, but I know it has been about two years as My Angel looks around two, though she could be older, like me she is pale, thin and dirty. We have to share the food I get, I only have a little every few days, just enough to keep me alive, I give the rest to her. She needs it more than I do; she is after all a growing girl.

When she was first born I was so scared that she would die, but I guess she is made of the same strong stuff as he father, Draco. I hate being here, I don't think I will ever see my little girl laugh or smile. She has neither happy memories, nor sad ones; the only thing she knows is this cell and me. Finally the food appears, I ate a while ago and I know I need some food today, but I can feel that Angel is really hungry, so I give her the bowl of gruel and help her to eat it. She has never tasted anything else, but gruel, not even milk. We didn't have anything like that when she was born, I didn't think she would be alright with the gruel, but a little at a time was alright; then again, it is very weak, more water than anything else.

It doesn't take very long for Angel to finish her food. I let her rest against me once again, letting her fall back to sleep where I hope she dreams of better things. I wish I could get word out to someone to come and take her to Draco, so she can play and grow in a happier place. I know Draco would visit if it was safe, but with Voldemort around I know he won't, the only way he would visit is if Voldemort was dead and it was safe for him to come out of hiding.

I know that won't happen, as I am the only one with the power to destroy Voldemort for good, and while I have been locked within these four walls I have thought a lot about how to do it. I have finally come up with my own spell that will not only destroy his body and soul, but bind those who are loyal to him and free those that are not. I feel pleased about this, but in a sense I am not as I don't think I will ever get chance to use it.

I feel my scar start to burn red hot once again, Voldemort is angry, very a angry, the last time I felt this kind of pain was when he found out that Severus Snape was a spy. Voldemort had felt a kinship to Snape because they are both half bloods. Their mothers were witches, while their fathers were Muggles. I wonder what has happened this time, I am thankful that I am not thrown into another vision, like I was the last time, I wonder if my mental shields are getting stronger from all the time I have spent around the Dementors.

I feel the bitter cold once again enter my bones as the Dementors come back on duty. I shield my mind as best as I can, and hope for the best. Once more I am able to stay conscious, even though I can hear the faint words of my mother and father as they face Voldemort the night they were killed. I feel Angel give a little twitch and snuggle closer, trying to find some warmth.

I hold her close, curling around her, trying to make sure she stays warm. I wish it was as easy for me to fall asleep, but I know it is never going to be easy, as I will always be fighting the memories my parent's death and the other atrocities I have seen. I block my thoughts and replace them with the face of my baby girl, hoping it would, once again, be enough to get rid of the painful memories of my so called friend's betrayal.

I feel the coldness from the Dementors fade away; I am puzzled, as they never go anywhere until it is time for us prisoners to feed. Dinnertime was not that long ago, I don't think anyway. I hear an echoic sound coming from outside of my cell. They must be bringing a new prisoner, that is the only time someone has ever entered into Azkaban.

I hear a clank of the lock to my cell door, as it is unlocked; I quickly hide Angel within the tattered robes I still wear. I had given her my shirt as a simple dress, as well as the only blanket to try and keep her warm from the Dementors cold. All I wear now is the tattered robe; in the time I have been here, I have not grown as the robe still fits me, though it hangs loss because of weight loss.

I huddle as best as I could and ignore whoever it is that is going to be sharing a cell with my little girl and me. I just hope that they are not a death eater. I hear a sigh coming from one of the people that now stands in the open door, and out of curiosity I look up. I don't show any emotion as I see the faces of the one I thought of as a mentor, Albus Dumbledore, and my ex-best-friend, Ron Weasley.

They both look at me with remorse and guilt; I wonder briefly if they have finally figured out the truth, and that I didn't kill Hermione and Professor McGonagall. I quickly get rid of that thought and the hope that goes with it. I look away from them and back down towards the floor.

"Harry," Dumbledore calls to me. "Harry, we know the truth now, that it wasn't you."

I feel the hope once again build within me. "Harry come on, you're free to go, let's get you back to Hogwarts and get you sorted out." The red head smiled in the way that reminded me of a time when he would stand by my side through anything.

I looked at them, trying to see if they are telling me the truth. Dumbledore eyes aren't twinkling like they usually do; they are dull and filled with remorse and sadness. Weasley's are almost the same, but with a lot of guilt within their blue depths. I slowly stand up, making sure to be careful with the precious buddle I carry hidden beneath the robes I wear.

I take a small step towards them and almost stumble, Ron lunges forward to help me and I avoid his grasp, I don't want either of them to touch me. Why should I forgive them after the hell they have put me through? I may not hate them as much as I would have thought, but I can never trust them again. They took away the chance of my child being born in the open air, and having the chance at being able to smile, laugh, talk and play like other children her age do.

I notice Dumbledore and Weasley share a look between themselves. They then walked away slowly, letting me follow them at my own slow pace. I was weak and I felt as though I wanted to pass out, I knew I couldn't, as they would find out about Angel, and I didn't want them to know about her just yet.

I reached the check out point, just before we have to board the boat back to the main land. The only thing of mine they have is my glasses and my wedding ring. I know my wand was snapped, as I watched it happen when my sentence was given out. I don't know what happened to the rest of my things, I think that Draco still has the marauder's map and the invisibility cloak. I remember leaving my photo album with him, as he wanted to have a look and see if any of them would be suitable to become a Wizarding portrait.

They hand Ron my glasses who then steps towards me and places them on me. I still can't see clearly through them, so I would say my eyesight has gotten worse since I went into Azkaban, not that anyone, but me, would care. I can only see things that are close up clearly, or mostly clear anyway. I'll have to have an eye test when I have the chance. They give Ron a chain with a ring on it. It's gold, though it could do with a shine after all these years of lying around. It has an inscription with an H and a D intertwined with the words, Heart and Soul forever inside the band. He puts it over my head as the chain is long so I don't have to undo it. I shake the glasses off my head and wait for them to take me to the boat.

I hear them both sigh, and then start walking towards the boat, I followed them. I feel Angel shifting slightly, not that anyone notices. I know that she is awake, I just hope she will be alright until I am somewhere safe, then I can let her go for a little while. They climb into the boat, and I do the same. I feel unbalanced because of my weakened state, but I do my best and manage not to fall as I get in and sit down on the free bench inside.

With a gentle pull, it began to move towards the mainland. I watch the sky change from the overcast and dark to bright and sunny. It was daytime. I shifted a little so that Angel could peek out of my robe and see the sky for the first time. I feel her move around and peek out. I look down at her dirty face and see an expression on her face I have never seen before.

An expression of wonder, she was smiling for the very first time. I couldn't help myself, I began to cry, silently though, as not to let Dumbledore or Weasley notice me and look my way. I watch her as she takes her thumb out of her mouth and reaches up, as though trying to touch one of the passing clouds. She still makes no sound as she tries to reach the sky, I plan to, when I am a little stronger, take her up on a broom and let her fly with me for a while.

I let her watch the clouds and the sky go past as we carry on, moving along the water. I soon see land, so I unfortunately huddle her inside my robe again, she doesn't protest at all and settles down, I think she may go back to sleep. We soon reach land and the boat stops.

Dumbledore and Weasley climb out of the boat and I follow, Weasley holds out his hand for me to take, but I climb out without using his help. We are then taken to the carriage that waits for us; I suppose it will be taking us all to Hogwarts. I would rather it would take me to where Draco is, as I never want to see the others, they betrayed the trust I had in them, and the belief that they would always be by my side during all the trials I have been through.

I sit in the carriage, huddled to myself with my daughter sitting quietly hidden within my robe and watched the scenery go past quickly, as though I was on the Knight Bus. Weasley and Dumbledore started to talk about the people I once thought of as family. They talked about Black mostly as though trying to entice me into wanting to know what happen to the person I thought of as my father figure, it didn't work as I remember his reactions when I was arrested.

I ignored them for the rest of the trip and waited to come to Hogwarts. It is coming to night time now, and the sky is darkening, reminding me of the trip to Azkaban. I still had not said a word since they had gotten me out of that place. There was one question that I would like to ask and that is how long I had been in Azkaban. I just hope that Draco has heard of my release and comes to find me and take me away from these people.

I notice the lights in the distance and realise that it is Hogwarts, and we are quickly reaching the old castle. About ten minutes later we reach the castle gates and go through them, going up the drive to where the entrance lay. Dumbledore and Weasley get out first and then I follow. Standing outside the castle's giant, double doors is the rest of the Weasley family and Black.

They smile when they all see me; they start to come forward to greet me. I turn around not, wanting to face them at all, I cuddle Angel close as though she is my shield from them all. I hear footsteps behind me and feel a hand touch my shoulder; I stiffen and move away from it, letting the hand drop from my shoulder.

"Harry?" I hear the soft and pained voice of Sirius Black. I close my eyes, willing the pain I feel within my heart to go away. He had been freed not long before I had been framed. He had shouted at me told he was disappointed in me and said that my parents should never have sacrificed their lives for me, they should be alive and I should be dead because that was what I disserved, according to Black before I was taken away to Azkaban.

"Harry lets go to the hospital wing and get you looked at," Dumbledore said as I turned around to face him. I watched as he motioned to everyone to go inside. I followed him to the hospital wing and sat on one of the bed, all I wanted was to be left alone so Angel and I could have something to eat in peace, though I would have to wean myself onto solid food, as for Angel she had never had any solid food before I just hope she would be able to eat it when it is time for her to try some.

The Weasley family stood near the entrance with Black. I watch Dumbledore goes into Madam Pomfrey's office to get the medi-witch I suppose. I heard some arguing going on in the office, but couldn't make out the words they were saying. They walked out of the office, Dumbledore look like he had too many lemon drops and Madam Pomfrey looked ready to kill someone.

She came over to me while Dumbledore went over and waited with the others. She started to cast spells on me, but I don't think they were giving her clear answers. I think that Angel and I sitting so close together was confusing the spells, so she wasn't getting a reading on me. She took a step closer towards me an I noticed her nose twitch a little, I guess I must smell pretty bad, as I have not had a bath or shower since the day I was arrested, and Angel doesn't even know what water is.

"Mr Potter I need you to take off the robe so I can check you over properly," Pomfrey asked me as she reached towards me to try and help me take off the robe. I moved away from her shaking my head. I still did not make a sound; I think some part of me had forgotten how to say anything. "Mr Potter please I cannot scan you with that tattered robe on you," she said as she came even closer trying to get the robe off of me.

I shook my head and moved further away from her, I didn't want to take my robe off, as I didn't want any of them to know about Angel. I am scared that they would try and take her away from me. She is all I have, and Draco of course, if he comes. I hope he does, as I don't want to remain here for too long. Draco and I had set up a house in a distant part of England, away from everyone and where no one can find us, as it is untraceable as well as under the fidelius charm, which I asked Dobby to be the secret keeper for.

I heard the doors to the Hospital Wing bang open and out of curiosity I look up, wondering who had come into the wing. I saw a blond headed young man. He looked a little familiar. I look into the blond man's eyes, they were a silvery blue and with that I knew it was Draco, he had heard about what had happened and had come to see me, I hope anyway. Then I heard a spell come from Pomfrey I feel it hit and then unwillingly my eyes begin to close.

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