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In The Bright Light of Family

Draco's P.O.V

Two years. It doesn't feel like it has been even two days since the final battle at Hogwarts. I still dream about it, though it is mainly the part where I had to face my father. He is still in Azkaban, rotting away in the place where Harry had been around two and a half years ago. I hope that whenever the Dementors are near, he relives all of my supposed disappointments, of never seeing his grandchild, never being free.

One good thing has come out of my father going to Azkaban and that is that I am now Lord Malfoy. I have had the Ministry in the Manor making it safe once again from all the Dark artefacts that my family had gathered over the centuries. I have been there once, and it does not feel like home anymore. I guess living in the Muggle world has made it more my home. Who would have believed it from when I was at school, being the true Pure-Blood Ice Prince; I was such a prat.

Harry has got me to start a few charities, for those in the war and those left behind. I am quite pleased with myself, though Harry says he constantly has to deflate my ego. I don't mind the responsibility. Harry enjoys seeing the children and playing with them, if nothing else.

I am forever thankful that Harry and I got together, fell in love. I thank the stars and everything else every single day. Though at one point I did curse them as well, but that was when Harry was locked up in Azkaban. I wish I could have visited, just to let him know that I still thought of him, still loved him.

Imagine my surprise when I finally do see him again that I have a daughter, a beautiful daughter, who is so full of life, and smiles. She is going to Muggle Primary School at the moment, and seems to enjoy it. I get that from all the pictures she has brought home over the last couple of weeks. I took one to work with me; it's of me, Harry and little Angel with a baby in Harry's arms.

She wants a baby brother. She has been asking about it for the last two weeks, and I want another child as well. I would like to be there for everything this time. I know I missed out on so much. Harry and I have talked about it, and he thinks it would be nice, so we are now trying for a baby.

I am keeping a secret from Harry at the moment, and that is that I know where Sirius Black is. He is living in the Muggle world, and is going to be married to Lena. I really have to tell him soon; he will need to know as the wedding is in three months and we have been invited. I don't know what Black has been doing in the Muggle world, so I will have to ask him, if I ever see him. Well, more like when I see him, not if.

I will tell Harry tonight after dinner, when Angel is in bed. I just hope he doesn't go mad about it. I don't even know if he is even thinking about forgiving him. I know that Sirius Black truly regretted his behaviour and actions when Harry was incarcerated. I just hope he will forgive him soon, as he will be within our lives once again.

Severus' P.O.V

I am thankfully tucked away in my lab; there is a craze within my house. My mother-in-law is here to visit her grandchildren, and they are all being spoiled. I just hope that Lucy will try and curb the sweets; I do not want to deal with three hyperactive children under the age of five that are on a sugar rush from hell. Whenever she comes, Lucy and I have to deal with the aftermath, not to mention having three girls. I am dreading the time when they are all grown up and hormonal; I had enough while I worked at Hogwarts.

I wonder if Lucy would like to try for another child? If we do, maybe it would be a son. I will have to have that discussion at a later date. I do not want another child until these three have grown up a little. I love my girls though, I truly do. They are as beautiful as my darling wife. I am lucky to have them all. I would not trade all the gold, silver and bronze in Gringotts for them, unless they are all on a sugar high, which is entirely possible with my mother-in-law around.

I dread leaving my potions. I have allowed little Elkie down here a few times to teach her some childish potions that my mother taught me when I was a child, like the hair changing potion. I used it when I was a child to change my hair colour, I had purple, always purple. Elkie tends to think orange is a good colour, though she used it on Lucy, then on the twins, who screamed their heads off when I changed it back.

We had Angel here a few days ago, and she tried the potion, hers was a nice blue. I do feel a little unhappy about living so far away from Draco and Harry, but only because Elkie wants to be with her friend all the time. The twins Marie and May are always following the two around, and they are just around two years old.

Doesn't time fly? It's almost two years since the twins were born, over two years since the battle at Hogwarts. I feel free, truly free, for the first time since I was made to take the Dark Mark. Yes the Mark was taken away from me after a while, but the weight of Voldemort and the Death Eaters and what they were doing while I was not in England weighed heavily on my conscience. Maybe I could have done more. Maybe I would have been able to destroy him with the potion. That I will never know.

I am quite proud of Draco and how he has handled things concerning Malfoy Manor, as well as becoming Lord Malfoy. He has started up charities for those involved in the war, especially the children, those that have been left parentless, on both sides. He understands, as does Harry, the importance of making sure those on both sides are well taken care of.

Lucy's P.O.V

I am with my mother at the moment, and she is once again plying my children with sweets, even though I have told her not to it today, because tonight I want to talk with Severus about something. I want all the children in bed without the temper tantrums, without the whines, and without them climbing up the walls and trying to magic things around again, like they did the last time, although I have to admit that Severus dealt with most of it.

Marie and May both look like their father except a little around the mouth and nose. Dark eyes, black hair and they are so pale. No matter how much sun they get, they are still pale, not like Elkie, who has tanned a little. Angel is the same I have noticed, rather pale. It must be the genes; Draco and Severus are pale themselves whilst Harry and I have a nice tan.

I want to talk with Severus about moving, I know I will be moving away from my mother and the rest of my family, but I would like Elkie to be closer to Angel, and I would like to spend some time with Harry. We get along really well and he knows what it is like to be pregnant. That reminds me, I have something to tell Severus, we must have forgotten the contraceptive spells, as I am once again pregnant, with twins again.

I don't know if he wants anymore children, as when my mother comes round they tend to be a right handful, but too late, twins. I wonder if they are going to be girls again. It would be nice, though I don't know if Severus would be able to deal with having five hormonal girls when they reach their teen years. I know my mother always complained about my sister and me. I don't have a brother, just six sisters. I wonder what my parents were on when they had us all because just three are a handful, they must have been mad. Severus said the same thing when I told him how large my family was.

Remus' P.O.V

I am in love. It is one thing I never thought would happen to me after I was bitten. But it is true, I am in love with a wonderful and fiery woman, one that doesn't take no for an answer, or 'Get Lost' or anything else matter of fact. She would not leave me, so I we would go out once, but the once turned into twice, and after so many dates, we moved in together in her small one bed roomed apartment.

A month or so later, I found a nice house near Harry and Draco's place, so I dragged her along, and she fell in love with the place. She said it was because it was kooky and I have to admit the shape of some of the rooms defy all logic, but they are part of the charm of the two bed roomed house. Two rooms are like triangles, and one of them goes off another at an angle. It is unusual, but I liked it and so did she, so together we bought it and we now own a house. If you can believe it. I still can't; me a werewolf, owning a property, I've never heard of it. I have to admit though that the rules governing the werewolf population have eased considerably, making it possible to get any type of job.

I asked Ted Tonks for his blessing in marrying his daughter. He was a bit stand-offish about it at first but then Andromeda stepped in and smacked him upside the head and said, 'Of course you can'. They argued a little and Andromeda smacked him again. It was kind of funny. So now, I have the ring and the words in my head, now all I have to do is get down on one knee. I just hope that I don't do anything to mess it all up. I want a perfect proposal for her; she deserves it after all the help and support she has given me, especially when I was on the run.

Tonks' P.O.V

Well, I am in love. I love Remus Lupin, werewolf. Who would have thought I would be living with him, loving him. I do love him with all my heart. When I first saw him, I had just joined the Order. He stood out from the others there; he was calm and quiet, but his smile puts Gildeory Lockhart to shame with the beauty of it. I wouldn't let him get away from me, he is the most stubborn prat that I know, but he is mine now.

We bought a house together, it is so odd, I love it. I'm a little odd, so I think I fit right into this place. Harry and Draco are about ten, fifteen minutes down the road, and we go there quite a lot. I love Angel she is such a darling. I just want to munch her right up.

Thinking of Angel reminds me that I have some news for Remus and I don't know how he will take it. I know he was unsure about having kids because of his curse, but I know for a fact, that lycanthropy is not transferable like that. There was a medical study done a long time ago, so I have the book about that for when I tell him I am pregnant. I just hate the fact that I have to take leave from the Auror Department while pregnant, and for three months after. I don't like that, I will be so bored, what will I do? I'll have too much time on my hands.

Maybe I can work on something else, like the missing Sirius Black. He has been missing since the battle; he left Hogwarts after talking with Harry, and no one has heard from him since. We are worried about him, I am because I remember the lost and forlorn look upon his face when he said goodbye to Harry. I just hope he hasn't done anything stupid. I might have to try the Muggle world as no one has looked there yet. So maybe I can do that while I am pregnant, it would give me something to do for a while.

Sirius' P.O.V

It has been two years since I last did any magic, and two years since I left the Magical World. I have become a police officer in the Muggle world and so far I haven't had anything that related to the magical world within my work, which I am thankful for. I know I should have left a note when I left, but people would have tried to get me to go back, and I didn't want that. I just wanted to be left alone.

I was lucky when I joined the Police Force; my name was cleared before I left the Wizarding world, just after Harry was taken to Azkaban, and the news had filtered down into the Muggle world as well. I was also able to get a few credentials from my old Auror boss, and a few other things I needed for ID. I was able to bypass most of the Police training, as I was once an Auror, so it all helps.

I was alone until about a year ago, when I met a wonderful woman. She works in a restaurant called the Dragon Enchanters. Unusual name, but Lena said that it fits the owner. Her house had been broken into and I was the officer that got there first. After things had quietened down and the guy was caught, we kept bumping into each other, at the supermarket, the town center, even in the local Chippy.

After a few times, I decided to ask her out. Surprisingly, she said yes and I fell for her quite hard. I really love her. She may be a Muggle but I don't really care; she is a wonderful woman with a good sense of humour, which I really like. She has played a few pranks on me; she put hair dye in my shampoo. It didn't really do much, but my hair did look lighter for a while.

My mind often goes back to Harry. I think of him nearly every day, I will never get forgiveness from him, and I know that. I just hope that he has continued with his life. I could see the love that he has for Draco when they were standing together after he had gotten up. I wonder what he is doing now. I know at one point he wanted to be an Auror, but I don't think he will go that route now, maybe a healer. I just hope he is happy wherever he is, he deserves it more than anyone I know.

Harry's P.O.V

It has been just over two years since the final battle with Voldemort and things have been going great. I feel alive, like I did before I was taken into Azkaban. My scar is fading very slowly, but Draco says he can hardly see it now, though I can. Draco has been wonderful, getting me to go out. I have met his staff at the restaurant, and they are all wonderful. Terry, the guy that was hurt in the Death Eater attack near the restaurant, has fully recovered, and is back at work. Lena is simply a wonderful woman.

Angel has just started full time school and she is loving it so far. She wakes me up every morning at six o'clock, telling me to get up because she has school. Every day she comes home with a new painting, or some workbook that she has to have done. She enjoys learning the alphabet and her numbers. All her paintings have gone up in the house; in the kitchen, in Draco's little study, in the library, and all over one wall in her bedroom. They are true little treasures. She is talking all the time, and I can remember back to when I thought I would never hear her beautiful voice.

She has become fast friends with Elkie. Elkie is either around here with her after school and on the weekends or she is in Ireland with Elkie. I love seeing them together, as they both play together so well. Much as I wish I could have played with someone when I was a child.

I have pictures of my parents up all over the place, along with Hermione and McGonagall. In some of the pictures I can see Sirius Black though I haven't heard from him since that day in the Great Hall. I often wonder where he is, and what he is doing, I think my heart is ready to forgive him, even though I think a part of me is still protesting it. Sometimes I start to write a letter to him, then stop; I have around a dozen of them stuck in a drawer for when I have the courage to send it to him. I often replay the last conversation I had with him, and I can hear the sincerity and the sadness within his voice.

Since I now have a lot of time on my hand since Angel has started school, I have decided to start college and become a schoolteacher. It is something that I wanted to do when I was young, and it intensified when I taught my classmates in my fifth year at Hogwarts. I have had to go through a lot of testing to find out if I could do it though, as I have no Muggle qualifications. But I am in, and in about four years I will be a schoolteacher.

Well, it may take a bit more than four years though, as I had to go to St Mungo's this morning; I took Tonks with me. The Medi-Wizard I saw told me I was two and a half months pregnant. It will be a nice surprise for Draco. I know we were talking about trying for another child in a month or so, but he won't mind that it is a bit early. I think I will tell him tonight during dinner. I will just have to ask Remus if he and Tonks would mind babysitting Angel for the night.


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