Chapter 3: History Repeats Itself

After her fright, Kiara stayed away from the secret hatches, for about two weeks, that is. We still had not come up with a permanent solution to keeping her safe. To our surprise, it was Professor Hackle who had the answer.

About a month after the incident, Hackle asked us to come out to his laboratory. I and Kiara went in my enforcer vehicle, T-Bone and Razor arrived by cyclotron. The professor greeted us in front of his laboratory. We were puzzled when he led us down to the guest house he had lent T-Bone and I for our anniversary. The small cottage was gone and in its place was a larger home with a small fenced yard, two car garage and copter pad further back behind it.

"What's going on Professor? What happened to that little cottage?" T-Bone was the first to break the stunned silence.

"Well my boy, I thought a lot about your problems of raising a kitten under such dangerous conditions. This was my solution." Professor Hackle smiled happily and led us to the beautiful home. "I propose that you, Commander Feral and your little one live here. I and my robots would look after Kiara when you are away. There is less danger here and your secret would be safer as well. It would give you both peace of mind knowing Kiara is safe and happy! I've already designed a new robot that resembles a kitten so that she will have a playmate that can also protect her"

"Wow! Professor, this is fantastic! But are you sure you want the responsibility of taking care of a kitten? Your work will be interrupted a lot" T-Bone asked in concern.

"Don't you worry about that. With her playmate Kiara should be too busy to cause too much trouble and, besides, I never got a chance to have a kitten of my own. It would please me greatly to be able to take care of your beautiful daughter" he assured us.

"Thank you! This is a wonderful thing you've done for us. I don't know how we can repay your kindness" I said humbly

"Just take care of the city Commander, that's all I ask" he smiled warmly at us.

We were overwhelmed by his generosity, as he gave us a tour of our new home. There was a large master bedroom and bath, three smaller rooms and bath, a nice living room and sunny kitchen. He demonstrated the camouflage screening system he invented to hide our home from prying eyes as well as a top of the line security system. The little yard had a swing set and sand box. Then we were introduced to Kiara's new playmate. The robot was the same size as Kiara and looked like an ordinary calico kitten with strange eyes.

We put Kiara down on the floor and waited to see how she would react. She approached the stranger cautiously, walking all around it. The robot stood still and waited quietly until Kiara had passed around it once then it spoke sweetly to her, it's voice that of a female kitten. It coaxed Kiara to come and play. It led her to the brightly decorated room we had seen earlier and open a closet to reveal toys. Kiara squealed her delight and began to pull toys out and didn't hesitate to include the robot in her play. We all sighed with relief and knew that our problems were solved at last.

A few weeks later, we were completely moved in. It felt great to be in a place where we could completely relax and that T-Bone no longer had to sneak in and out of. Razor continued to live at the salvage yard. He said he didn't mind since it afforded him privacy at last to entertain some female company of his own.

With our minds at ease we were able to concentrate more fully on our jobs. Only Felina knew of our new location. My enforcer personnel file had only my cell and radio numbers and those were shielded so they could not be traced as were my enforcer vehicle and chopper. The last two had locator beacons that I would have on only when I was on duty for reasons of safety.

I was to be even more grateful to our new living conditions when criminal activity increased for no apparent reason the next few months.

Undercover investigation revealed a new catnip smuggling ring working in an underground labyrinth of tunnels in a long abandoned research facility. It had taken weeks of observation, but we were now ready to move in. The sting was planned for a night when a new shipment of catnip was expected. I was there to coordinate the infiltration teams. The mission nearly went off without a hitch. We captured most of the gang but lost track of the mastermind. I had my team begin a systematic search of the tunnels. It was dirty, dusty and exhausting. As the hours passed we had no luck finding him and his bodyguards. We knew he had not left the area because it was still surrounded. Disgusted by the negative reports coming in, I was trying to think what we could try next when the SWAT Kats showed up.

Sighing with annoyance, though glad to see my mate, under the circumstances it wasn't a good thing to have him here. It would be seen as undermining my authority.

"So what are you two doing here?" I asked with a growl.

"Hey, we heard you were having a little difficulty finding the leader. Thought we could give you a hand. Razor has an x-ray device that let's us see into buildings. We could hover over the place and scan it for the missing gang members" T-Bone stated simply.

"Huh! Well alright, we aren't haven't any luck the old fashion way but keep in touch with me so I can coordinate my forces for the capture if you find them" I insisted.

"Right, not a problem. Let's go Razor" T-Bone waved and ran back to the turbo cat, hopped aboard and lifted off. They began a slow pass over the facility, moving in a grid pattern to cover the whole area. In a about 20 minutes Razor signaled a hit and quickly gave us the coordinates. I led one of the teams myself. Within minutes we had located the crooks and had them in handcuffs. My men dragged them out with me following slowly behind on my radio checking in with the other teams and ordering them to stand down and return to base. Before I could reach the outer door a strong arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me back into a dark alcove. I dropped my radio and started to struggle when I smelled a familiar scent and a warm voice chuckled in my ear.

"T-Bone! What the heck are you doing?" I gasped angrily

"Only this my love" he pulled me into a hot, passionate kiss that left me breathless and warm. I moaned into his mouth as he pressed his body tightly against mine and rubbed his paws up and down my back. Oh this feels soo good. He's swamping my senses so much I nearly forgot that I was supposed to be following my enforcers back to headquarters. I pant for air as I reluctantly push him away. I lick his face in apology.

"Sorry, love, I really have to get back to headquarters. Save this for me later?" I plead.

"Of course, I just wanted to catch you alone which you admit is very hard to do at home" he smirked at me.

I sigh and nod that this is definitely true. "I promise we will try to get a little alone time, maybe ask the professor to keep Kiara at his place for an few hours, hmmm?" I murmur softly.

"Great idea. It will be like a date" he chuckles, gives me another strong hug, leans down to retrieve my radio and hands it to me, then disappears out of sight. I smile and shake my head as I quicken my steps to rejoin my teams outside hoping they hadn't noticed my absence.

Fortunately, no one had except for Felina of course. She came close and asked if there had been a problem and I answered softly that my mate was the reason for my delay. She guessed what happened by my flushed face and smirked at me but said nothing more. We packed up and left with the rest for headquarters.

Just a week later, the Pastmaster put in an appearance that gave me a terrible fright. As usual the ugly gnome wanted Ms Briggs for another one of his schemes to bring back the dark ages. The creep was prepared for the appearance of the SWAT Kats and used that damned watch of his to send them to the past again.

I watched in helpless horror as the SWAT Kats tried to overcome the mythical beasts Pastmaster hurled at them and while they were distracted he opened a portal behind them. His beasts forced them through it and it quickly vanished with them in it. I nearly screamed in anguish as my mate disappeared. If it weren't for the continuing danger presented by the still rampaging beasts I would have collapsed in grief. As it was, I had to be strong as I guided my enforcers in an attack formation to try and corral or kill the invaders. Meanwhile, the Pastmaster, using Ms Briggs as a focal point, began to change the city to its far earlier incarnation.

We were only partly successful in defeating part of Pastmaster's army when a flash, followed by a funnel signaled the return of the SWAT Kats. They swooped down and used some kind of device from the past to quickly overcome and send the Pastmaster away. Fortunately, his beasts disappeared with him. God, I was soo relieved to see them. It took a lot of concentration to focus on getting everything cleaned up and back to order, but once it was done I hightailed it out of there fast. I'd received a quick call on my personal communicator to meet my mate in the south part of Megakat Park.

I parked my car in a copse of trees and walked into a dense section of bushes. As soon as I pushed through my mate grabbed me in an tight embrace and began to kiss me passionately. I clung to him, shaking badly. I needed to banish from my mind that terrible moment when I thought I had lost him forever. By his fevered rush to strip me, T-Bone had also been shaken badly and needed to reaffirm our bond. Clothes were tossed everywhere in our desperate desire to couple now! No foreplay just quick and harsh, claws digging in backs, legs wrapped tightly, bodies plunging frantically until finally a fiery release.

I lay there, sore and panting for breath but gloriously happy and relieved. My love was still laying on me and I never wanted him to move. I felt his heart thumping against mine as our breathing slowed..

"When I saw the turbo cat vanish I wanted to scream soo bad. I've never been so terrified and suffered such grief before in my life. But Pastmaster's damn beasts were still causing havoc and I couldn't waste time grieving. I almost shouted with joy when I saw your jet pop out of the air like that" I said tautly.

"I know Uly, when that ugly bastard shot us away I thought I'd never see you or our daughter again. But apparently, Pastie didn't pay much attention to where he was sending us. We lucked out and landed at Queen Calista's castle sometime after our last visit there. She guessed what had happened and wasted no time in giving us a weapon to use on him and sent us back to deal with him." T-Bone explained. "I'm sorry I was so rough babe. I just needed to feel you, to take away that feeling of loss." He murmured tenderly and licked my face.

"Don't apologize, love. I wanted you just as badly. I'd say we both got exactly what we wanted. Now how about we find our clothes and finish this reunion at home, shall we?" I smiled back and kissed him. Then shoved him gently off so I could get up.

"You bet!" He grinned and began finding our clothes and getting dressed. We parted ways, each to our own vehicles and sped home.

Some months after Kiara's first birthday, Dark Kat made another bid to take over the city. This time he succeeded in capturing a SWAT Kat. Razor came to me explaining what had happened and asking for assistance. I wasted no time in gathering a small force and attempted to infiltrate Dark Kat's new hideout in a small mountain cave just north of the city. Unfortunately, he was prepared and managed to capture me and a few of my enforcers. Razor managed to escape again and I know he will try again with a bigger force this time. I was very glad I had not contacted Felina. Razor should be able to get assistance from her.

Surprise, surprise Dark Kat tossed me into the same makeshift cell as T-Bone and wouldn't you know it I was also in heat again. Although this time, I was nearly finished. T-Bone caught me before I could hit the wall.

"Well fancy meeting you here. Thought you were supposed to rescue me?" He snorted.

"I tried but there were too many of them. Anyway, Razor did manage to get away. He should be looking for Felina and getting together a much larger force than I brought the first time. We just have to wait. Unfortunately, I'm still in heat for little while longer." I growled angrily.

"Isn't this where we came in a year ago?" T-Bone smirked. "Only this time I don't think I'll have to negotiate with you about what kind of sex to have, will I?" He began to back me towards the wall. I was too heated to stay angry since all I wanted at that moment was for him to take me hard now! He wasted no time doing just that and just like before it was wonderful. Somehow we finished yet again without interference from anyone. Relaxing together we waited for rescue which came a few hours later by Razor and Felina.

Two months later I had news for T-Bone. I once again just had my yearly physical and Dr Mewser gave me unexpected news. When we both got home that evening, I wasted no time in telling him what I'd been told.

"Well love we seem to have done it again!" I sighed resignedly.

"Done what Uly?" he asked as he began to undress.

"Oh, I'm pregnant!" I smiled at his gape jawed expression.

"What! He just stood there half in and half out of his clothes stunned.

"Yeah, here we go again" I sighed in amusement. Our lives just got even more complicated and I couldn't be happier.