A Valuable Lesson

Full Summary: No matter how tough your exterior may be, the soft insides are always vulnerable. Sasuke learns this the hard way. As for Itachi? Well let's just say that when morals were being handed out; he was last in the queue. Itachi wants to teach Sasuke the true meaning of hate.

WARNING: UCHIHACEST (in pretty graphic detail as well). Yaoi LEMON, rape, bad language and a bit of mental torture to top it all off, so if the content isn't your thing then don't read. You have been warned several times.

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Itachi ran a well manicured fingernail down the length of his little brother's pale body, leaving a faint red line along its path. His skin was smooth to the touch, not yet bearing any signs of physical damage in the form of wounds or scars. It was too soft in Itachi's opinion. Sasuke clearly wasn't trying hard enough. If he wanted to get stronger his body would have to bear the physical signs of the effort and determination needed to succeed. He lacked something, the one thing that would drive him to his limit and force him to burst beyond his bodily capabilities no matter what stood in front of him. He lacked hatred.

Itachi smiled to himself as he allowed his hand to explore the delicate curves of Sasuke's body, sliding across the boy's collarbone, down his chest eventually reaching his stomach. Lying before him was a weak little boy, a far cry from the Uchiha prodigy he had been labelled as. Idiots. Sasuke was no prodigy. Not yet anyway. Sure he could defeat his peers using almost minimum effort, but in the harsh world outside Konaha he is too far out of his depth. Easy prey to the strongest of the strong because he doesn't work hard enough, he hasn't even begun to push himself beyond his capabilities. Itachi sneered. Sasuke needs to learn a lesson he won't forget in a hurry. He needs to re-evaluate what hate means to him. He needs to learn to allow the emotion to engulf him and drive him towards his goals.

Itachi looked into the boy's eyes. They were screwed tightly shut desperately trying to hold back tears. He was trembling violently and beginning to break into a sweat. Everything about him looked like he wanted to scream out as loud as possible and for as long as possible. No such luck. His body wasn't responding in the way he wanted it to. He was completely under his brother's power and his body was being held prisoner.

"Have I shown you enough little brother?" Itachi smirked, "or do you want to see more?"

Sasuke screwed his eyes together tighter. His was frozen to the spot and no matter how much he wanted to scream, lash out or run he had no control over his body, not even his mind. Itachi was holding him prisoner there as well.

"What's wrong? Am I helping you to remember things that have taken you almost a lifetime to suppress? Things you want to forget?" Itachi smiled sarcastically, a quiet laugh escaping from his mouth. Perhaps he was enjoying this a little too much.

Sasuke lay almost helpless, powerless to stop the distant memories of his childhood from being dragged to the surface. Why was his brother doing this to him again? The last thing he wanted was to remember the feelings of complete vulnerability and helplessness as he saw everyone he cared about falling dead at his feet. There was nothing he could do but run. Run and beg for his life from the one person he used to admire and look up to more than anyone else. The person he aspired to be someday. His once personal hero. It was too much to take, tears can not be held back forever.

He swore once that he would never allow himself to experience those feelings of defencelessness ever again, he would strive to be the best and live up to the title of Uchiha prodigy that he was forced to live with. Right now his world was crashing down on him, smothering him to the point of near suffocation as he was helpless once again.

"I think you've had enough," Itachi sneered, "Don't want you passing out again like last time. My plans wouldn't be as much fun if you're not awake to experience them."

"You bastard!" Sasuke manages to whisper, maintaining eye contact with his brother in a meagre attempt to mask his fear.

Itachi let out a patronising laugh and wiped away the tears from his younger brother's eyes. "See little brother, you are weak," he stated matter of factly, holding up his damp fingers to enable the tear drops to glint in the light, "Strong people do not cry like little girls. They break away and fight, they do not fall apart like you have." He brushed back several stray strands of hair that had fallen across Sasuke's eyes and become stuck due to the sweat on his face. He looked his younger brother directly in the eye. "You need to learn a valuable lesson today foolish little brother. You are weak because you lack hatred. You need to use hate to make yourself stronger, not to hide behind like you do. Use it as your driving force behind gaining strength. This is for your own good Sasuke."

Leaning across the boy, he cupped his face and pulled it towards his own before placing his lips against those of the younger Uchiha. Sasuke's eyes opened wide with shock but no matter how much he wanted to kick and struggle he couldn't, Itachi was still holding his body prisoner.

"Not going to kiss back Sasuke?" Itachi glared at him with a look of fake surprise. A small smile spread across his lips. "We can go about this two ways little brother. You can go along with what I'm going to do and who knows, you might even enjoy it… or you can be difficult and its going to hurt a lot. It's up to you, either way I'm going to make you scream tonight and I don't really give a fuck wither its from pleasure or pain. Personally if I were you, I'd go for the first option. It will be easier for us both."

"You sick fucking bastard," Sasuke whimpered, tears from frustration swelling up in his eyes, "Even you know this is wrong."

"Yeah, I know," Itachi chuckled, "That's what makes it so fun."

He placed his lips back onto Sasuke's, almost delighted to feel them tremble as he slowly opened his mouth to allow Itachi to slip his tongue inside. He saw the boy's tightly shut eyes, obvious he was trying to block this out but at least he was conforming. In all honesty Itachi felt disappointed that Sasuke wasn't putting up a fight, but then again the boy was weak so he expected as much.

Sasuke shut his eyes tighter when his brother's tongue met with his own but he refused to kiss back. What Itachi was doing is sick and wrong, he can't allow it to happen, can he?

In his mind he had already admitted defeat. Itachi was physically stronger than him so putting up a fight would be futile as he'd stand no chance of getting away. Even if he did somehow manage to break free, his older brother's superior speed would mean that he wouldn't get past the door. Well maybe a metre or two down the hall at most if he really caught Itachi off guard but no one catches Itachi off guard.

He tried hard to block out the feeling of his brother's hands sliding down his body inviting himself to explore wherever his heart desired, and harder again as he felt Itachi's warm lips moving softly away from his mouth and begin to kiss the delicate skin around his neck and collarbone. He almost found himself moaning at the touch and the sensation of his brother playfully nipping and licking his soft skin underneath.

Itachi laughed, "Enjoying this little brother? You whore."

Sasuke's mind replayed the words 'enjoying this' over and over again in his head until something snapped. Holy fucking shit he was enjoying it. "No! It's sick and wrong, I can't enjoy it! He's my brother and he's doing this to me against my will!" Sasuke cried to himself. He couldn't lie there and take it, no fucking way! If he did then Itachi would be proved right – he was weak!

"NO! GET OFF ME YOU SICK BASTARD!" he screamed, finding the strength to push his brother away from him.

"Good boy. Now we're getting somewhere. Too bad you're still too weak to prevent this from happening to you." Itachi laughed, grabbing the boy's wrists and forcing him back down on to the bed, "Can't have you forming seals and maybe even getting away now can we? I haven't had my fun yet."

Sasuke struggled and tried to prevent himself from being pushed back down onto the bed but he lacked the physical strength not only to stop his brother from forcing him to lie down, but also from binding his wrists together and securing him to the bed post. As Itachi leaned down to kiss him again, Sasuke greeted him with a mouthful of saliva spat into his face.

Itachi laughed as he wiped away the saliva from his face with his hand, "I'm guessing you're going to go with option two then, putting up resistance. Fine with me. As I said before little brother it is your call."

Sasuke pulled almost manically at the restraints but with little success at freeing himself, but enough force to draw blood from his own wrists. "I SWEAR I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" he screamed, Sharingan flaring, "I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!"


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