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A Valuable Lesson Part Two

"Of course your not," Itachi smiled, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He found his brother's desperate attempts to struggle free and get away almost laughable. Surely Sasuke should know by now that he doesn't stand a chance. After all, he is up against a real Uchiha prodigy, but at least this experience would help reinforce that fact in his mind as an added bonus.

Ignoring the younger boy's cries and efforts to resist, Itachi placed his lips back on his brother's soft, pale skin and continued to kiss the area around his neck and collarbone, occasionally nipping at the delicate skin in order to anger Sasuke more.

He slowly began to kiss and lick his way down the younger Uchiha's chest and stomach which he had pinned still to the mattress. Sasuke wasn't going anywhere.

The anger inside the younger boy was growing ever more intense, building up inside him until he felt he was going to explode, but the explosion never came despite the pressure that was mounting. It was hopeless. Itachi was too strong. All the struggling, kicking or biting in the world wasn't going to do any good. Sasuke wanted nothing more than to be stronger at that moment. Strong enough to throw the fucking sick, demented bastard off him, then destroy him slowly and painfully, drawing out the suffering for as long as possible until he collapsed into a lifeless heap on the floor.

He could feel his brother's mouth sliding lower and lower down his body until he stopped abruptly and stared the younger boy directly in his eyes. Despite the resistance and the brave front he was trying to portray, he could not mask the fear in his eyes.

"Are you going to cry again?" Itachi laughed as he caught sight of his little brother's infuriated face, "I know what will cheer you up though. You will enjoy this, I promise."

Itachi crept lower and took a long lick of the boy's length, carefully licking and kissing the sensitive tip, before taking it fully into his mouth.

Sasuke suddenly felt himself overcome with pleasure, but there was no way he was going to let himself enjoy this. He screwed shut his eyes and tried everything in his power to block what was happening out of his mind. He refused to let himself concentrate on the feelings of pleasure that where rapidly over-taking his body, but it was pretty difficult to pretend that his brother wasn't giving him a blow job.

Itachi slid his mouth up and down the length of his little brother's penis, using his tongue to stimulate the most sensitive areas. He grinned to himself when he saw the reaction he wanted.

Sasuke kept his eyes tightly shut refusing to acknowledge what was happening, but the feelings of pleasure quickly broke down his weak defence causing his body to do the worst possible thing it could do to him. He was starting to get an erection.

"No! No!" the boy thought to himself whilst holding back tears of frustration. Why was his body responding to this? Why was it betraying him? This was proving yet again to Itachi that he was weak. Itachi was winning again and he could do nothing about it except lie there helplessly.

Sasuke felt his heart begin to race and his breath come in gasps. No! There was no way he was going to verbalize the fact that he might, sort off, deep down be enjoying this. It was a matter of principle if nothing more; one last desperate attempt to prove that he was in control and not his brother. Not that it was working or anything. Sasuke sensed his heart racing faster as his older brother continued to bring him closer to climax. To his despair he was unable to prevent a small moan escaping from his mouth causing his cheeks to blush almost bright red. This was humiliating. How the hell did he let that happen? It was his last chance to show that he had some sort of control over the situation and he had ruined it. He couldn't hold back the tears of frustration any longer. He might as well let the tears escape; it was far too late now to prove to Itachi that he wasn't weak.

Itachi quickly came off and laughed quietly. "Got an erection have we? Sasuke I didn't know you were into this sort of thing. You have got to stop keeping these secrets from me."

Sasuke looked away, unable to look his older brother in the eyes. He was still in a state of total disbelief that his body had betrayed him in the way it did.

"Since you are enjoying it so much I might as well finish what I started," Itachi grinned sarcastically.

"NO!" Sasuke cried.

"Like you have a choice."

Before it registered with Sasuke what was happening, he had been turned around and his face was now against the pillow.

"YOU BASTARD!" he screamed and tried to turn back around, pulling as hard as he could against the restraints.

"No Sasuke that's naughty," Itachi sighed, "I want you to stay in this position now. Be a good boy and do what you are told." He reached over to a drawer next to the bed and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant, coated his fingers quickly slid one inside the boy followed by another before he had a chance to work out what happened.

Sasuke winced at the uncomfortable feeling but was unable to move away as he was being held still by his stronger brother. There was no point in screaming at him to stop. He wasn't going to halt now that he had gone this far. All Sasuke could do was shut his eyes and hope the whole thing would be over soon. Tears fell down his cheeks and landed on the pillow. Despite all the training he had done, the work he had spent long hours enduring and all the battles he had easily won in the past, he could not surpass his brother let alone even come close to equalling him in terms of strength.

"Would you fucking relax," Itachi sneered, "You're lucky I'm bothering to do this."

Once he was satisfied that the boy had been prepared enough, he slid his fingers out from inside him. Sasuke bit his lip and refused to acknowledge Itachi's presence, not that it was going to do any good. Maybe option one was the best option to go with after all. If he just let his brother do what he wants then it will be over quicker and the sooner he could get back to forcing himself to become stronger. The next time he met with Itachi things would be very different. Sasuke decided there and then that he would get his revenge no matter what the cost, even if he had to sacrifice his friends along the way. If Itachi wanted to teach him to hate then he had succeeded. Nothing would stop him from becoming strong.

"Calmed down have you? Sasuke you're not fun unless you're struggling," Itachi sighed, "But whatever, have it your way."

Itachi had found himself incredibly turned on by the events of the night; perhaps his sadism was getting a little out of hand. "Nah," he thought to himself. It looked like Sasuke had given up now anyway; better make the most of it while he was submitting.

Holding the boy in the position he wanted, Itachi began to push into his brother causing Sasuke to let out a cry of pain. "For fuck sake, I told you to relax. Do you actually listen to a word I say?"

Sasuke winced and bit into his lip harder than before as he felt the uncomfortable feeling of his brother pushing roughly into him. He wasn't exactly being gentle and as for the whole relaxing thing, how the hell was he supposed to relax considering the circumstances and all that?

He felt his limbs begin to shake and his eyes water but there was no way out of this now. Itachi began to thrust into him, causing him discomfort at first, but to his surprise once he became use to Itachi being there… it actually felt pretty good. Sasuke get out a gasp as his brother unexpectedly took his erection into his hand and began to pump in rhythm to his thrusts. Sasuke screwed up his eyes, not again! He didn't want to enjoy this, he couldn't! It was wrong.

As Itachi began to thrust harder and deeper into him, Sasuke felt his heart beginning to race but this time not from fear or anger. His breathing was beginning to come in uncontrollable gasps and he could feel Itachi's warm breath on his skin. For a brief moment he forgot what was happening and found himself beginning to relax a little as the sensation of pleasure began to once again engulf his small frame, more intense than the previous time.

It wasn't long before his body couldn't hold back anymore and with one final thrust, Itachi pushed his younger brother over the edge. Sasuke felt his limbs weaken and his heart racing to almost bursting point as a powerful wave of pleasure spread through his body when he reached climax. He was almost loosing control of his breathing and was unable to silence the moans that were slipping out of his mouth as he finally released and came into his brother's hand. The amazing feeling drowned out any attempts he could make to prevent himself from enjoying this. Right now he didn't care if he moaning or gasping from the contact.

The feeling of Itachi cuming deep inside him quickly snapped the boy back into reality. What the fuck had he just allowed to happen? A sick feeling began to form in the pit of his stomach. He had just allowed his older brother to fuck him, and the worst thing was that he liked it. His eyes opened wide from the shock and his heart began to race again, but not from the pleasurable feeling of earlier.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" he screamed and began to pull frantically at the restraints again, "LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!" Once again the tears began to pour down his cheeks. He couldn't believe what he had just let happen. Why didn't he fight against it? Why did he make it so easy for his sick fucking minded brother to do this to him?

"Surely it wasn't that bad little brother," Itachi laughed, "I seem to recall you enjoying it, don't you agree?"


"Then why do I have your cum all over my hand?" Itachi laughed again, before licking his hand, "do you want to try a bit and find out what you taste like?"

"Let me go!" Sasuke cried in a defeated tone, "just let me go!"

"What's the magic word? Didn't mother teach you any manners?"


"Fine. Until next time little brother. You better not be so weak the next time we meet or you will regret it more than this." Itachi smiled sarcastically as he untied the restraints keeping his brother tied to the bed.

Sasuke didn't waste any time. The second he felt the restraints loosen from around his wrists he was off and sprinting down the corridor, desperate to get as far away from Itachi as his legs would carry him.

Once again Itachi had succeeded in making him run away in a state of helplessness, just like when he was a child and was powerless to save the people he cared about from his brother's massacre. Years later and he was still running. But this was the last time. He would never run from Itachi again. The next time they met he would be strong enough to equal his brother and take revenge for everything he has done. Sasuke had indeed learned a valuable lesson that night.



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