A Midsummer's Night's Phantom

By Strix Moonwing

Strix Moonwing: Hi guys! Strix here with a new story! This story is based off the William Shakespeare play, A Midsummer's Night's Dream. It's a pretty hilarious romance/comedy that he wrote while writing Romeo and Juliet. I thought of writing it while watching the Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode, A Midsummer's Nightmare. The four lovers are going to be Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Valerie. I'm going to introduce my new character, Sprite, in it. I hope you enjoy.

Skulker: How can they enjoy it when I have to hang out with an idiotic elf in it?

Sprite: Hahahhahahahh! He said elf!

Strix: I said they enjoy it, not you.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or a Midsummer's Night's Dream.

Chapter 1: Lancer's Lecture

"William Shakespeare, there is not a person in this day of age that does not know that name." said Mr. Lancer to his Sophomore English class, who were more than less paying attention to the boring drone of his voice. It was a normal Tuesday afternoon at Casper High…well as normal as it could get for a school that was haunted by ghost daily.

"And do you know why?" he asked, not waiting for an answer, he said, "Because, my young students, as an English playwright and poet, he is widely known as the greatest writer of the English Language. He has written over thirty-eight plays and 154 sonnets…all in which are classics, which we enjoy even today."

Mr. Lancer stopped speaking for a second and glanced around his room at the faces of his students. In the back was Dash Baxter and Kwan, along with their gang of football jocks, were joking around. Paulina and her satellite, Star, where gossiping in the corner, unaware of anything he was saying. Valerie was also ignoring him and was reading a book, labeled "Ghost Hunting for Dimwits".

"Well at least she's reading…" thought Mr. Lancer as he glanced toward his final and most difficult group of kids…Fenton, Manson, and Foley. Tucker was messing around with his PDA, with a look of concentration that Mr. Lancer rarely saw in his schoolwork. Sam wasn't doing anything, but, to his surprise, was glaring at her friend, Danny. Danny hadn't noticed this and was currently making lovesick puppy eyes at Valerie. Teen love….it both annoyed and confused him.

Lancer sighed with agitation. Teenagers…..he had hoped that this lesson would have caught their attention. Hey, an underpaid teacher could hope, couldn't he? He glared at his students and muttered, "Apparently not." Okay…maybe it was time to skip the speech and get right down to the point.

He cleared his throat and announced to the class, "Since, apparently none of you seemed interested in my descriptions of his great works; maybe it would interest you more if you, yourself, became part of his literacy masterpieces."

It was as if a record player switched off. Everyone in the room paused at what their doing and slowly turned their heads toward Mr. Lancer. Each of them had a look of shock and surprise on their face. Was he asking them to be in a play? A William Shakespeare play?

Paulina was the first to speak. She raised a questionable finger and asked, "It is like one of those romantic plays? Like Romeo and Juliet?" Her eyes lit up at the thought and she hugged herself joyfully as she cried, "If so could we get Danny Phantom to be Romeo?" You could practically see the little hearts floating around her head. Valerie growled silently at the mention of the ghost kid's name and silently gagged. Danny blushed and suck deeper into his chair.

Sam glared and said, "And what if someone besides you was Juliet?"

Paulina's eyes popped open in surprise and horror. "I never thought of that..."she thought about it for a second. "Nope, couldn't happen."

Lancer silenced anymore of her girly fantasies with a stern glare. "Two problems with that Ms. Sanchez." He heard up one finger. "One, the play we will be doing isn't Romeo and Juliet." He heard up a second finger. "And two, even if it was, it would only be for the students of this class…not a ghost punk that has captured the minds and hearts of about half of the female body at Casper High."

Danny and Tucker glanced at eachother and let out a smug smile at Lancer's comment. Sam rolled her eyes at the two of them. Kwan called out from the back of the class. "Dude, it isn't going to be like one of those tragedies where everyone dies, is it?"

"A tragedy, uh?" remarked Sam, smirking. "This actually won't be so bad." Danny and Tucker's smirks left and were replaced with nervous frowns.

Mr. Lancer sighed, wondering how his class could be so clueless towards the works of greatness. "William Shakespeare was known for more than just his works of romance and tragedy, like in his works of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth. He was also well known for his works of romance comedies."

Everyone in the class was speechless. "They had comedies back then?" asked Tucker. "How could they understand them?

Mr. Lancer felt like banging his head against his desk. "King Lear! What's wrong with you people! Don't you read?" He took a deep breath and continued. "Yes, Mr. Foley. They had comedies back then and people understood them just fine…especially Mr. Shakespeare's."

Lancer took a couple books off his desk and held them up for the class to see. "So of his best works were the Twelfth Night or What you Will, story of a young girl who disguised herself has her twin brother in order to win the heart of another man." He pulled out a large light green book and said, "This one shall be the one we take part of. It is called A Midsummer's Night's Dream. One of the classics."

Everyone looked at eachother with raised eyebrows. Danny raised his hand and asked, "Uh…What's it about?"

Mr. Lancer smiled, "Glad to have you attention Mr. Fenton. This was one of his greatest hits, written for the Queen at the time. It is a wonderful romance with a mix of comedy and fantasy. It tells the story of four lovers, a misfortunate weaver named Bottom, and a fairy called Puck who accidentally makes the four lovers fall in love with wrong couple. As a teenager, you must know actually how that feels." Danny and about every boy in the room blushed.

Lancer started to hand out everyone a copy of the book and some scripts. "For homework tonight, I want every one of you to read the first few chapters of the play and pick out a character you'd like to try out for. Try-outs will be tomorrow."

As soon as he handed everyone a book the bell rang and everyone started to leave the room. Danny, Sam, and Tuckers were the last to leave as they scanned through their books.

Danny's eyes narrowed, "Great, more homework to make me miss another night of sleep."

Tucker frowned as he looked through some of the script. "Ay me, for aught that I could ever read, Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true love never did run smooth? I CAN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD I'M SAYING!" cried Tucker, "How can I be in a play when I have no idea what I'm saying?"

Sam was already leafing through the pages of the story. "I don't know guys; I actually think that this play is a good idea. Come on. Four teens running around a forest, falling in love with eachother is kinda hilarious."

"I guess…"said Danny as he looked at the back of his book. "What characters are you guys thinking of playing?"

Sam shrugged. "I dunno. You?"

"I think I might go for this Lysander guy. I heard that Valerie wanted to be Hermia. That mean if the two of us get the part we can kiss!" Danny said excitedly.

"Uh….that's great, Danny." Sam said, not catching his eye. Only Tucker noticed her eye twitch when Danny had his head turned.

The three of them finally reached outside of the building and started heading toward Fentonworks. About half way there Danny's ghost sense went off and at the same moment a scream was heard.

"Guys cover me! I'M GOING GHOST!" Danny yelled as he jumped into an alley and two silver-white rings appeared around him and shot down his body, changing him into his heroic, alter-ego Danny Phantom. Leaving Sam and Tucker behind, Danny flew toward the source of the scream.

It was coming from the park, where he got there in time to see Paulina and Star run by him in terror. Both were covered in a layer of disgusting green slime. Star ran right past Danny, but Paulina came to a halt as soon as she saw him.

"Ghost boy! You came to save me! I knew you would." She said dreamily, hugging his arm. She suddenly remembered that she was covered in green slime and shrieked, "Oh! I'm so sorry you had to see me like this! It was that ghost's fault!" She cried pointing to the park.

Danny gave her an encouraging smile and said, "Don't worry Paulina. I'll take care of it." Danny left before he could see her swoon in place.

Danny glanced around, but didn't see any sign of a ghost or any damage. For a second Danny just hovered in place, confused. "I don't see anything. Maybe she was just making it up?" he said to himself.

Suddenly he heard a high pitched laugh above him and looked up in time to see a giant blob of green slime slam into his face.

"Eckkk! EWWWW!" cried Danny, wiping some of it off his face. His whole body was dripping in the disgusting (and slightly smelling) goo.

"Hehehehehehhe! Little Halfy loves Sprite's ghosty treat!" squealed the high pitched voice again, laughing with delight. Danny looked up and saw one of the strangest looking ghost's he'd ever seen.

It was about the size of a seven year old, wearing a small tunic. It a human face, but with mouse-like features, like whiskers and a small, pointy nose. It had elf ears and green hair. Its hands and feet were claw like and he carried a small slingshot around his belt. He was a light blue and had a gerbil tail, which twitched and twirled with delight as he laughed.

Danny glared at the ghost and wiped the green goo from his eyes. He pointed at the ghost and asked, "Who are you? And what the heck are you doing?"

The ghost stopped laughing, but still had a wide grin on his face as he said, "I be Sprite! Ghost of Mischief and all that is fun! Hehehhhhahha!" He stared and pointed at Danny before shrieking, "eheheheh! You're the little Halfa humany-ghost! Eheheh! Clumsy little Halfy aren't you? Walked right into a puddle of ecto-goo, you did. Hehe!" This remark led Sprite into another fit of giggles.

Danny glared at Sprite. "I didn't walk into it…YOU THREW IT AT ME!"

"Heheeheeh! It not be Sprite's fault if Halfy's clumsy! Clumsy Halfy! Good name for you, eh? Hehehehe!"

Suddenly Sprite let out a cry of surprise as a ray almost shot him. Both Danny and Sprite turned around and saw that Valerie, in her ghost hunting suit, was aiming her gun right at him. "Say good-bye, ghosts!"

Sprite smirked and waved at her. "Good-bye, ghosts! Hehehhe!" Danny grabbed him before he was shot in the head.

"Are you crazy?" said Danny, holding Sprite by the cuff of the neck. Sprite smiled and said, "Not only clumsy, but stupid too! Heheheh! He thinks I'm crazy! Heheh! I be not crazy! I be Sprite! Heheheh!"

Before Danny could respond, he had to dodge another of Valerie's blast. He let up of Sprite and tried to blast the gun from her hands. "Give it up will you!"

"Never!" Valerie screamed, blast him again.

Sprite had found a safe perch on a tree branch and was laughing and taunting them as the battled. "Heheheehh! Clumsy Halfy meets the Hunty! Hehehheeh! Kill him Hunty! Destroy her Clumsy Halfy! Hehehehehh! So funny to watch them kill eachother! Heheheh!"

Danny shot an ecto-blast at Sprite, who dodged it, and said, "WILL YOU SHUT UP!"

Valerie growled and aimed at him. "DON'T YOU TELL ME TO SHUT UP!"

"I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU! JEEZ!" yelled Danny as flew deeper into the park and hid behind the trees until Valerie was gone.

He let out a sigh of relief and went back into human mode. Suddenly another ball of slime hit him in the face. He looked up and glared as he saw Sprite rolling on his back, laughing. "HEHEHHEHEH! CLUMSY HALFY FALL FOR IT AGAIN! HEHEHEHHE!"

Danny growled and said, "You're lucky that I have to get home right now or else I've kill you!"

"Hehehhehe! Like you tried to kill girlyfriend!"

"You mean Hunty…er…I mean….Valerie? She's not my girlfriend...well…kinda…JUST GET OUT HERE!" He yelled blasting Sprite away.

Sprite giggled and said, "Farely well Clumsy Halfy! Try not to walk into ecto-goo again...WITHOUT ME WATCHING! HEHEHEHE!" Chortled the ghost as he disappeared in a flash.

Danny began to start toward home when he quickly turned back around and screamed, "I'M NOT CLUMSY HALFY!"

Strix: Hehheheh, I hope you guys liked Sprite! He was such fun to make! Hehheeheh! Shoot, I'm starting to act like him….oh well! Hehheheheh! You're going to see a lot more him later! Hehheheheh! Please review! Hehehehehehehh! Is there laughing gas in here?