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Chapter 5

About fifteen matching outfits later, and a quick stop at the mall's salon to get my hair a perm so that it now looked similar to Princess's hair pompoms, we finally finished our shopping adventure. I arrived home at about nine o'clock at night, and everyone was in the living room watching TV. I was overly embarrassed standing there with several large shopping bags and my hair all done up with a tiny tiara sitting on my head, when I was supposed to be out tutoring Princess for just a couple hours.

The Professor, Blossom and Buttercup just blinked at me. I must have looked like an exact clone of Princess only with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Hi," I blushed, not waiting for their replies, quickly retreating to my room. However, it wasn't long before my sisters busted into my room, demanding an explanation of my appearance.

"Bubbles! You haven't joined forces with that evil brat, have you?!" Blossom exclaimed.

I took the tiara from my head, "No… not exactly…."

Buttercup and Blossom exchanged glances. "What?!" they shouted in unison.

"Oh, I knew it was a bad idea to have you spend the day with a villain like her! Now she's gone and brainwashed you, hasn't she?!"

"No!" I interrupted. "She said she'll be good from now on," I said. "We've kinda… become friends or something…." I started blushing again. I tried to hide it and quickly started hanging up my new outfits in my closet.

"Or something?" Buttercup repeated, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah," I said. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to tell them that Princess and I were now dating, but I didn't know how. I wanted at least Buttercup to know. That was the whole point of it all. But I just couldn't say it. I was too afraid. "Well, she's really not as mean as we thought," I said. "Did you know she hasn't spent really any time at all with her daddy since she was six?" I frowned. "I don't care what she's done to us before. I know she has a good heart. She just doesn't know how to care for people all that good 'cause well… she hardly has anyone caring for her."

My sisters exchanged glances again.

Blossom sighed. "Okay, Bubbles…. Just try not to get too friendly with Princess." Blossom sat down on my bed, and I sat down next to her. Blossom was about to play the mother role that she played from time to time for Buttercup and I. "Just try and remember she's our enemy, okay?" she began, "Enemies aren't always truthful and you should be careful. I know you're heart is in the right place, Bubbles. I just don't want you to get hurt or used by Princess. I just wouldn't go so far as to describe your relationship as "friendship" if I were you. You know how Princess is; she'll take that title and do who knows what with it."

"Well," I began, swallowing hard. "We aren't friends, Blossom." I looked at Buttercup who stood in front of us, with her arms folded and somewhat of an angry look.

Buttercup shook her head. "There's something she ain't telling us, Red," she said with a huff. She walked over to the other side of my bed and began peering into my shopping bags.

"Buttercup, I'm sure Bubbles wouldn't keep secrets from us when we're dealing with our enemies here!" Blossom said.

I looked at Buttercup who stared with wide eyes into one of my shopping bags. She seemed frozen like that, as if she had just discovered something utterly horrifying. I then realized what she saw and quickly leapt forward, snatching the bag from under her nose. It was one of those picture booth photographs-- the kinds with four different shots. Princess insisted that we take them. The first shot was of us smiling. The second was of us smiling with even bigger, exaggerated grins, showing off our sparkling white teeth. The third was of us making silly faces, with our tongues stuck out and everything. And the fourth…

"Why the hell are you kissing Princess Morbucks on the fucking lips?!" Buttercup shouted, snatching the bag back and retrieving the photo. She held it close to her face, blinking at the last shot with a look of disgust.

"What?!" Blossom exclaimed, and soon she was studying the picture too.

"W-We're… we're… dating…" I stammered.

There was a long pause of silence as my sisters just stared at me. I trembled, not knowing what exactly to expect, but guessing that it wasn't going to be pretty. And then they both erupted at the same time, shouting a million things at me all at once.

"Bubbles! How can you be so careless?!"

"Whaddya mean you're dating?!"

"She's tried to kill us in the past before!"

"What the hell do you see in that short, fat, freckled face little brat anyway?!"

"Bubbles, I would expect this type of thing from Buttercup, but not from you!"

"That stupid little redheaded bitch! You don't actually find that girl attractive, do you?!"

"You do realize what this means don't you?"

"You're such an idiot! You can't go out with her! You just can't! I won't allow it! Blossom won't allow it! We forbid you from seeing her goddammit!"

I clasped my hands over my ears, cringing at the sounds of their growing voices. It was then that Buttercup and Blossom shouted two contradicting solutions at the exact same moment.

"You're gonna have to dump this Princess whore!" Buttercup screamed.

"You can never ever break up with that girl!" Blossom shouted at the same time.

My sisters stared at one another for a moment.

"What do you mean she can't break up with her?!" Buttercup yelled at Blossom.

"Buttercup, think about it! Princess is dangerous. She's tried killing us for retribution her entire villainous career! What would happen if Bubbles dumped her? It'd just make Princess even thirstier for revenge!"

"But she can't date that little freak!" Buttercup argued. Her cheeks flushed pink then. As guilty as I felt, I was glad to see that happen.

"She's just going to have to continue to date Princess until the girl grows tired of Bubbles," Blossom said.


I only then realized what was happening. How dare my sisters do this to me. How could they debate something like this in front of me? Okay, so I wasn't in love with Princess, and I was just "dating" her to get the person I did love, but… they couldn't just decide what was best for me. What did they know? How could they not consider my own feelings?

"Get out of my room," I mumbled somewhat angrily.

"What?" they both said, looking at me with surprised faces.

"You think you can tell me who I can and can't date? Well you can just forget about it, you two! I can make up my own mind and I already have!"

They both just gaped at me for a while.

"Bubbles," Blossom began quietly. "I'm sorry. I just--"

"Aww, forget it!" Buttercup interrupted. "Fine! Do whatever the hell you want! See if I care!" She marched angrily out of my room, kicking my door on the way out.

"Bubbles," Blossom started again after a short pause. "…Do you really like her?" she asked softly.

I slowly nodded. I did like Princess, but only as a friend. But of course Blossom didn't need to know this.

Blossom sighed. "Please be careful then, okay?" she said patting my head.

I nodded. "I will."

"Okay," Blossom smiled weakly. She got up from my bed and walked to my doorway. Before she left she turned around and smiled at me again. "By the way, Bubbles, nice hair," she winked.

I blushed, forgetting about my new Princess hairdo. I must have looked like such a dork.

The next day was a Saturday, and Princess surprised my family by showing up on our doorstep right after lunch time. It wasn't a surprise to me, because she had text messaged me about an hour before her arrival, making sure that I was wearing an outfit that matched hers.

Princess wasted no time. When Buttercup answered the door, she simply ran past her and threw her arms around me. "Oh my God! Don't we look adorable today! We are definitely going to be voted cutest couple in the Yearbook!"

I just smiled back at her. "Sure."

"Come on, let's go up to your room!" she said excitedly. "Oh," she said after spotting Buttercup glaring at the two of us. "I'm sure Bubbles already told you--"

"Yeah, I know already," she scowled.

"Aren't we a cute couple?" Princess inquired.

Buttercup just glared.

"Geesh," Princess said taking my hand as we began to walk upstairs. "What's your sister's problem?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know."

"She's probably just jealous that I picked you over her," she said patting her hair.

I smiled. "Yeah, that's probably it."

We reached my room, and I suddenly found Princess's lips on mine. She pulled my own body close to hers, and it was really unexpected. I quickly pulled away. "Wh-what are you doing?" I said.

"Kissing you," Princess frowned. "Is there a problem?"

I then could hear with my super hearing Buttercup approaching the room. "No!" I shook my head and quickly embraced Princess again, and meeting her in a passionate, yet totally fake, kiss.

I pushed every horrible and guilty feeling out of my head. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I felt like I didn't have a choice. I needed Buttercup to see that she loved me and that she needed me. Princess and I kissed for a while before Princess pulled away. "Do you mind?!" she shouted.

Buttercup stood at the open doorway. Her eyes were big with shock. They then narrowed into an angry look. "Learn to close the damn door, would ya?" she spat, slamming the door close.

"You're sisters a perv," Princess said coldly.

"Don't say that," I frowned.

"Okay, okay," Princess rolled her eyes. "Now come on, let's try this again. I want to get a hang of this whole lesbian thing before school on Monday!"

Later, I found out that Buttercup wasn't speaking to me anymore.

That night, after Princess went home, I went to the kitchen to get some ice cream. I was starving because all Princess wanted to do was practice kissing all day. I didn't exactly enjoy myself very much. Halfway through, I just started to pretend she was Buttercup. It was really had to do though because the two were complete opposites.

When I entered the kitchen, Buttercup was in there already having a bowl of strawberry ice cream herself. "Is there any left?" I asked.

She just stared straight ahead, scooping the last of the sweet stuff from her bowl, totally ignoring my question. She tossed the bowl in the kitchen sink, and just walked out. She didn't say anything. She never even looked at me.

I felt horrible.

I found myself some ice cream in the freezer and made myself a little sundae. I sat at the kitchen table and began eating it by my lonesome. I wondered if my little plan to make Buttercup jealous was even worth it. I was beginning to feel that I made a huge mistake.

"Bubbles, can we talk?"

I looked up and saw the Professor. He had been locked away in his lab all day as usual. I nodded. "Sure."

The Professor sat down next to me. "So," he began sounding a little nervous. "Princess Morbucks, huh?"

I blushed. "Yeah," I answered after swallowing a spoonful of ice cream.

The Professor seemed even more nervous. He shifted in his seat, and his eyes moved from side to side. His knee shook and he played with his fingers. I could tell he was just trying to be a good father, and tell me that everything was okay and he understood. He was just trying to do the whole speech he gave Buttercup when she came out as gay. But if I remembered correctly, it took him about an hour before he could spit out the word "lesbian."

"Professor, it's okay," I said with a smile. "You want to say that you accept me for who I am and will always be here to support me, right?"

My dad blushed a little. He chuckled nervously. "Yes! Uh, that's exactly what I meant to say!"

I smiled. "Professor?"

"Yes, Sweetie?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"About what, Dear?"

"About us," I said. I didn't know how to explain what I meant. "About me and my sisters. …Are we… really sisters?"

"Well, of course you are!"

"I know we're sisters 'cause we're a family and everything, but…. I mean are we genetically sisters? Do we share the same blood and stuff?"

He paused for a moment, scratching his chin in thought. "Well, Bubbles… technically no…." He frowned a bit. "But family isn't about genetics, Sweetie. Family is deeper than blood. It's about the loving connections you share with people. You and your sisters are connected, and I am connected to the three of you. We're linked together in a different way-- a special way. We care about each other, and we've always been there for each other, and that's all that matters."

"But how do you know if you're supposed to have a family sort of connection and not a different kind pf connection with someone?" I asked.

Professor frowned. "Well, I don't know," he said. "Bubbles, are you and your sisters not getting along because of this whole Princess thing?"

"Well… sorta," I answered quietly.

"Don't you worry," he said standing from the table. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on my head. "You three will always be sisters. No matter what happens, you'll always share that bond. That I can guarantee," he smiled.

I smiled weakly back.

"Goodnight, Bubbles," he yawned.

"Nighty night, Professor."