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"Okay, Nate's packing up for a family reunion in Cleveland...: RJ adjusted the focus on his binoculars, concentrating on the man loading a car at the house directly below them. "Noreen's going too, so that'll leave the house empty for us."

"Why would the house being empty make a difference?" next to him, Verne was carefully drawing an outline of the yard on a small notepad. He spared a glance at the raccoon before continuing. "We've gone over there while they were home before, haven't we?"

"Yes, but you see, it's the middle of the summer. The departure of our happy couple down there leaves us with full access to the pool and all of the goodies inside."

"I really don't-"

"Think of it! We'll drag out the stereo, maybe a tv...and the fridge, Verne, the fridge!" Practically squirming in delight, RJ shimmied down out of the tree, pulling Verne after him. "We are going to have the luau of the summer!"


"That's right." Verne tumbled down the last few feet, coming to rest on his back with his feet sticking up in the air. "We need to work on your climbing skills, buddy." said RJ as he helped him up. He hardly noticed.

"Great, just my luck the people to rebuild Gladys' house kept the crater." as much as he was complaining, RJ knew that he liked the idea. After all, they needed to cut loose every once in awhile and if he knew Verne this was likely to be a first. As for himself, it had been too long since RJ had done something wild.

"Relax! Why I'll bet that a fearless leader such as yourself has an inner limbo king just waiting to bust out!" he said, crossing over to the tv area. Stepping around Hammy (who was exploring the inside of a cookie box, he fished around behind his carseat and unearthed his blue golfbag, stowing the binoculars safely away. Giving a hey in greeting to Stella, who was next the him, he settled into his carseat. Verne, however, stayed right in front of him, blocking his view and poking a finger at his paper.

"And what do we need this for?" he asked. RJ didn't answer right away, instead he leaned from side to side in an attempt to see around his friend's shell.

"Strictly for organizational purposes."

"What is there to plan?" Verne asked. With an annoyed sort of look, RJ hopped to his feet, pulling him aside so he didn't have to talk over the sound of the television.

"Ever have a party, Verne?"

"Can't say that I have..."

"Didn't think so. You see, you can't just toss a few floaties into a pool and call it a party, there has to be a little organization involved." he explained. Verne looked a little skeptical.

"So, you're not just trying to keep me busy while you do everything?"

"Nah, gotta know where to put the drinks, who's wearing the skirts, stuff like that." said RJ, waving a paw dismissively. "Tell you what, if it'll put you at ease, why don't you do the organizing?" satisfied, Verne nodded and RJ moved to return to his seat.



"Is it just us?" RJ paused, raising an eyebrow as he looked back over his shoulder at Verne.

"Us? What you mean there are more of us?"

"Right. We've only got a whole fraction of a forest here."

"I'll handle it." he had to laugh at himself. He'd been living here a month already and it had never occurred to him that they weren't alone, that there were other animals still living in their little speck of land. The thought was exciting to him. Parties were always fun when they were big. Meeting a few new people wouldn't be too bad either.

Returning to the tv area, RJ grinned to himself as he hoisted Hammy out of his cookie box. The squirrel dangled by his tail as he returned to Verne, chattering excitedly. "Hey RJ, how ya doing? Hey, guess what I saw! I was watching cartoons earlier and one show had a squirrel that could play baseball. Baseball! And another had a boy skunk that was in love and 'e talked like zis..." he launched into a lengthy impression of Pepe Le'Peu, earning a chuckle frm RJ. After several seconds he paused and blinked at them. "Oh, hi! You guys need something?"

"Just a little favor." RJ said, holding up two fingers to show just how small. Hammy cocked his head and made the gesture as well.

"Real little?"

"Teeny tiny."

"Oh boy!"

"Okay, now what we need," he set the squirrel down and put an arm around his shoulders, to keep him from bouncing, "is for you to go and visit all of the other animals in the forest and invite them here."


"That's right. We're having a party. The forest is pretty small now, do you think you can spread the word and be back by tonight?" excitement took hold of Hammy and he broke away from RJ, scampering in a small circle as he began to chatter again.

"A party! Ohmigosh, a party! I love parties, they're fun! Are there gonna be people!" the joyous squirrel stopped as RJ grabbed him around the middle, setting him firmly in front of him.

"Hamilton! What are you supposed to do?"

"Um...something about animals?" Hammy's face fell a little as RJ frowned at him. It was clear to the raccoon that whatever was going through Hammy's head had already pushed out his task of being the invitation. He rolled his eyes, snatching the pencil and yard map from Verne so he could tear a bit off. He scribbled a note on it and, with a bit of tape, stuck it firmly to Hammy's chest.

"Now, can you keep from losing this?" he asked. Hamym saluted them proudly and, before either of them could say a word, he had sped out of sight. RJ laughed again, but Verne looked after him worriedly.

"I don't think we should let him run off by himself like that..." he muttered, following his friend back to the tv area.

"Relax, he'll be back in no time!"