Title: Drabble in literature

Chapter: 1 of 1

Author: HellsEternalFlame

Rating: PG

Pairing(s): Seto/Jou

Disclaimer: is yugioh filled with yaoi, violence, and sex. No, then I guess I don't own it shrugs.

Summary: It was a story for a contest, it had to have certain words and such and sayings. and i made poor ryou say them and suffer :(.

Author's note: none... stfu


Four boys were sitting in study hall for lunch, working on a project for English; of course this would have been simple if the group members were at least a little cooperative towards each other which they weren't.

"I hate English, can't dey ever jus say what dey mean and get it over with. I mean this indirect meaning shit gives me a headache." Jou complained closing the copy of "A street Car Named desire"

"Can someone give me the fries?" The voice went unheard.

"Mutt, you get a headache from just thinking."


"What was that Kaiba, you wanna say that to my face?" Jounouchi growled glaring at the CEO.

"Pass the fries." No one paid mind to the timid voice.

"Neither you, or this project are wroth my time, so shut up and let's work."

"They told me to take a street-carnamedDesire, and transfer to one called Cemeteries, and ride six blocks and get off at" Jounouchi started reading out the play.

"Whoever you are—I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." Kaiba cut him off to do another part in the book.

"This is fucking stupid." A new voice commented.

"I have to agree." Kaiba spoke.

"So the silent one speaks." Jou teased Honda

"Let's just call it a day." Kaiba suggested.

"It's due tomorrow." Jou huffed throwing his hands up in defeat.

"So if you care so much mutt you do it." The CEO packed up hi laptop and left.

"EGOTISTICAL BASTARD! " Jou ran after him.

"Can -you- pass the fries?" Ryou asked the left brunet.


"Uh, uh, ermm.." Jounouchi crossed his eyes standing in front of the class with his group, trying to remember his line. Giving up he decided that he would give up and try a different approach. Forgetting his line all together he thought of the next best thing. He grabbed his co-star, Kaiba and kissed him smack on the lips.

Kaiba was shocked with the sudden feel of warm lips on his, and the warmth the arms around his neck gave off but never the one to not be in control he dominated the kiss.

When they broke apart their class and group members were in complete shock.


"That is something I like to call improv" Jou answered cheekily.

"I could get used to this, improv." Kaiba commented to himself, before kissing the blond again, much to the shock of the class.

"HOLD THE KETCHUP!" Ryou shouted trying to get the attention of his group members. When he finally did, when they looked at him he stared pointedly at Jou. "How do you forget a line like. STELLLLLLLLLLLL-AH?" He dropped to the floor attacking out the part of Stanley perfectly.

"Oh was, that my line?" Jou asked cocking his head to the side, causing the confused class to laugh.

OKAY THAT WAS THAT! ... Sorry that was kind of crap --.

Okay, I know the sayings weren't said by Jou or Kaiba, but, I couldn't really make them say it. Okay, so -- yeah, I'm done. Reviews for my soul?