Author's Note: Hey there! This is my first HSM fanfic...I hope you like it!

Title: Because I Loved Him

Summary: A new girl comes to East High, vows to get a certain basketball captain. When she finally attracts his attention, he leaves Gabriella to be with her. But will he realize who his true soulmate is?


Chapter 1

Bianca Sheppard paused for a second outside her new high school. The big red words "East High" popped out at her, as well as the Wildcat Banner hung below it. She strolled down the sidewalk, noting the different types of students mingling on the lawn. There were the typical groups: jocks, cheerleaders, skaters, drama kids, and its scholastic group. But something here wasn't normal: they were all mingling with each other, talking and laughing as if they hadn't a care in the world.

Now that was something you didn't see everyday.

She was yanked out of her trance by a loud whooping and yelling coming from the street. A large, cheering crowd had gathered around a certain couple. Peering between people's elbows, Bianca saw a petite, brunette girl holding hands with a tall, handsome boy. Wondering what made this couple so special, she ambled over, squeezing between people until she came to the front.

There, she saw why this couple was so unique. The girl carried what looked to be a heavy messenger bag embossed with a patch that read "Scholastic Decathalon Team", as well as several books under her arm. Craning her neck, Bianca saw the titles Advanced Chemistry II and Algebra and Geometry: Third Edition. Her eyes widened when she realized that this girl was smart, in the advanced classes, and a member of the Scholastic Club.

The boy was a complete opposite. His backpack looked like it had no more than two sheets of paper in it, and he carried a basketball under his arm. Under his green sweater he wore a basketball jersey that bore the name of the team as well as the number 14. This guy was a jock, a member of the basketball team, and, judging by the many cheerleaders and teammates that were swarming around him, the captain of the team.

This sent Bianca into shock. She had never even dreamed of a pairing like this. A brainiac with a jock? A basketball captain with a member of the Scholastic Decathalon Team? This couldn't be real. Bianca pinched herself, but the sharp pain shooting through her arm told her that she was awake.

A bell rang in the distance, and the crowds around the school started scurrying through its doors, rushing to get to class. The couple walked into the same room together; Bianca assumed that they were in the same homeroom. Remembering that she had to get to the office and get her schedule, she headed off in a different direction.


Three hours later, Bianca saw them again in the East High cafeteria. This time, they were seated at a table, along with a girl and a boy who looked to be twins, a boy with uncontrollably bushy hair, a girl with curly ringlets framing her face, a shy-looking girl with glasses and a newsboy cap, and two other guys from the basketball team. They were all talking and laughing and having a good time. Once again, the couple that Bianca had seen outside were holding hands.

Seating herself on one of the benches near them, she caught the words "musical," "callbacks," "singing," and "Mrs. Darbus." They continued to talk and joke until someone yelled out, "Hey Troy! Gabriella! Sing for us!" This request was quickly taken up by the other students in the cafeteria. Some started chanting, "Sing, sing, sing!" and others pounded their fists on the table, creating a sound similar to the famous song, "We Will Rock You."

Looking over, Bianca saw the couple blush and try to turn down the requests. But then, the people at their table started saying the same thing. Soon, the whole cafeteria was chanting, asking them to sing. The couple, seeing that the cheers wouldn't stop until they sang, finally stood up, earning whoops and shouts from the students.

Gabriella. So that's her name. And his is Troy. Thought Bianca. She watched Troy and Gabriella look at each other nervously, their lips moving. They were obviously trying to decide what song to sing.

They talked for a long time. Gabriella looked nervous and scared, and Troy was trying to reassure her, rubbing her arms and kissing her forehead. She grinned, and nodded. Troy grinned back, and he led Gabriella into the center of the cafeteria. He waited for the students to quiet down, and then opened his mouth and started to sing.

We're soaring, flying

There's not a star in heaven

That we can't reach.

Bianca was spellbound. Troy's smooth baritone flowed around the room, weaving itself into her ears. She would never have imagined that a popular basketball captain could have such a wonderful voice.

If we're trying,

So we're breaking free.

She listened intently as Gabriella chimed in, adding her soft alto to the song. Bianca noticed that she looked more relaxed, more at ease. The song continued, as each Troy and Gabriella took turns singing.

You know the world can see us,

In a way that's different than who we are.

Creating space between us,

'Till we're separate hearts.

But your faith, it gives me strength

Strength to believe...

We're breaking free!

The students started to cheer as they launched into the chorus. Bianca noticed that a lot of them had climbed onto the tables in order to see them sing. They had obviously heard this song before. Bianca set her lunch tray down beside her, and climbed onto her bench as well, craning her neck in order to get a better view of the couple.

We're soaring, flying

There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

If we're trying,

Yeah we're breaking free.

Oh we're breaking free.

Bianca had to admit: their voices fitted perfectly together. They could take turns singing the melody, with the other singing harmony, and it wouldn't sound weird. She saw Troy move a little ways from Gabriella, before launching into a moonwalk.

Can you feel it building,

Like a wave the ocean just can't control.

She saw Gabriella dance her way back over to Troy, her voice getting louder and more confident as she really got into the song.

Connected by a feeling,

Oooh in our very souls.

They started walking slowly towards each other, their hands reaching up as if to grab an invisible star.

Rising 'till it lifts us up.

So everyone can see...

We're breaking free.

We're soaring, flying,

There's not a star in heaven

That we can't reach.

If we're trying,

Yeah we're breaking free.

Bianca saw Troy spinning around Gabriella, holding one arm out as if he was an airplane. Gabriella grinned as she watched Troy dance around her, before grabbing his hand and pulling him to one side.

Running, climbing.

To get to the place to be all that we can be.

Now's the time,

So we're breaking free.

Troy grabbed Gabriella's hand, and pulled her over to another side.

More than hope, more than faith,

This is true, this is fate,

And together, we see it coming.

More than you, more than me.

Not a want, but a need,

Both of us, breaking free.

The crowd launched into louder cheers as Gabriella hit a high note and started spinning, while Troy held his hands out and danced over to her again.

Soaring, flying.

There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

If we're trying,

Yeah we're breaking free,

Breaking free.

Just as Troy and Gabriella got close together, she spun away, and started skipping around the enclosed space. Troy went the other way, and met her in the middle for a moment before spinning away again.

We're running,

Oooh climbing,

To get to the place

To be all that we can be.
Now's the time,

So we're breaking free.

Oh, we're breaking free.

The students started screaming even louder (if that was possible) as Troy and Gabriella lowered their voices, obviously coming to the end of the song.

You know the world can see us,

In a way that's different than who we...


They ended softly, looking deeply into each other's eyes. Troy leaned over and kissed Gabriella, who appeared rigid for a moment before melting into him. The students cheered and applauded, getting down from their perches and walking over to clap Troy on the back and squeal with Gabriella. Pretty soon, they all went back to their tables, trying desperately to finish their lunches before the end of the period.

Bianca sat back down, dumbfounded. It was obvious that they had chemistry together. She saw that Troy was kind and caring and sensitive, as well as tall, strong, and handsome. Bianca, who had just come out of a rocky relationship at her old school, wanted that.

She made a decision. And she promised herself that she would not rest until she met her goal. No matter what it took, no matter who it hurt.

She was going to get Troy Bolton.