Chapter One

April 10, 1912

As Jack Dawson boarded the Titanic, walking with his fiancée, Fran Fine, he thought he could never feel any better than he did at that moment. Jack didn't care if they were third class passengers. He had the love of his life with him, and this was the grandest ship in the world. He hadn't been in America in for over two years, and that was far too long. He hadn't even been back to his hometown since he was fifteen years old, and to him those first four years after his parents had died had been the longest of his life. Then he had met Fran.

June, 1911

Jack had just finished a day of drawing portraits in the park. He had only had three customers that day, so he was feeling slightly depressed. He walked into the café he went to almost every day for coffee. The manager, Richard, saw him walk in.

"Hey, Jack. Want your regular?"

"Yeah, Rich. You know me. Just black."

As Richard was getting Jack's coffee, Jack saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Instead of sitting at his normal table, he walked over and introduced himself.

"Hi. I came in and I couldn't help but notice you over here. I'm Jack Dawson."

"Well, Mr. Dawson, you are quite the charmer, aren't you?" She laughed, introducing herself. "I'm Fran Fine."

Their relationship had flourished in the next few months, and Jack had proposed in March. He had saved up enough money to buy third class tickets on Titanic as a wedding gift. Both desperately wanted to be back in America. Europe was great, but America was home.


Jack held Fran's hand as they made their way through the ship looking for their cabin, wondering who else would be sharing the room with them, since there were four people per third class room. They got to their room and walked in. When Jack saw the people who would be sharing the room with them, he was astounded. Here, standing in front of him, was the man who had been his companion through most of Europe. Until he had met Fran, at least.

Fabrizio de Rossi turned around as he heard the door being opened, and he was overjoyed to see his friend Jack Dawson standing there.

"Jack! I had no idea you would be here!" Jack noticed that Fabrizio's Italian accent had faded somewhat since the last time they had seen each other.

"Fabri, I can't believe it's you! I almost thought I would never see you again."

"You see, Jack, you were wrong once again. When you left Paris with the girl I told you we would meet again. Just like I said I would go to America. Just never thought they would be together."

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you, Fabri. So, who's this guy?" Jack asked, indicating the other man standing in the room.

"Tommy Ryan," the man introduced himself, speaking in a strong Irish accent.

"Listen, Jack. Tommy and I are going to the third class general room to meet some of the other people here. Do you and Fran want to come with us?"

"You wanna go, Fran?" Jack asked her.

"Sounds fun. Just let me put my bag up, okay?" Tommy and Fabrizio both involuntarily flinched at the nasal sound of Fran's voice.

Fran put her things on the bed above Jack's. She really didn't mind this lifestyle very much, but she still wasn't completely accustomed to it. Just before she and Jack had met, Fran had run away from home. In reality she was the sole heir to one of the wealthiest families in New York. She had never told Jack about that, and all she could do was hope her family was not on the ship.