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Metroid: Halo

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Chapter 1

Samus's POV

After the ordeal on Aether, I was ready to find out what my status as a supreme bounty hunter was going to bring to me. However, no missions arose on a galaxy-wide patrol, and I was kind of bummed out about it. As my bright orange gunship turned around to land on a faraway Galactic Federation space station, I just thought, 'Maybe this is a time to just relax. No more missions or shooting or morphing into a ball for a while. This thought put a smile on my face.

I pressed some buttons on the control panel of the ship, and whirring noises/depressurization noises occurred behind me. I spun around in the comfy swivel chair to admire my amazing Varia Suit, hand crafted for me by the powerful Chozo; my ancestors. It had brought me so many places, doing so many things. Another grin crept onto my face. I stared at the helmet's visor; scanning every little thing was oh so tedious but extremely important in my travels. However, it wasn't so much the visor that really brought fear upon my foes; but rather my sleek, godly Arm Cannon. The Dark Beam and Light Beam I gave back to the Luminoth, yet they allowed me to keep an ammo-less Annihilator Beam as a (fantastic) gift. That, along with the Plasma, Ice, Wave, and Power Beams and loads of other explosive weapons that packed a punch; I became in charge of any environment that its inhabitants were unfortunate enough to have me come upon. Using morph ball was a whole other story.

Just as I was ready to head off to my bed in the back of the ship, a bright red hologram bearing the word "ALERT" popped up on the monitor. Great. This was not going to be fun. I opened it to see a man wearing a Galactic Federation Suit. Except it wasn't. It looked physically different in ways, and the colors were way off. A green suit with orange visor? Hideous. Although, it seemed like it was an exact opposite of the colors of my suit. He began speaking; something I wish my suit would allow me to do from the inside.

His words were these: "Please send help for me immediately. I am at war against an alien species that calls themselves the Covenant. At first I was in control of the fight…" At this, he smirks. 'Cocky', I mutter. "…But I was ambushed and am now in need of assistance. My teammates have all been killed and I cannot communicate with any allied forces. I am sending out this emergency message to any nearby forces, preferably human, so you can come and help me. I have disclosed coordinates to my location. If you can spare the time and effort, I strongly require help. That is all." His message ended, leaving a white screen with green numbers on it; the coordinates.

What I found odd about this surprise message was that the suited man didn't even include his name. Although my heart was sort of set on relaxing for a while, something I could rarely ever do, my sense of adventure internally whined at this idea and made the relaxation thought die down with hopes of blasting more alien scum that threatened humans. This idea was tantalizing enough for me to put in the coordinates that Mr. Green Man sent me into my navigational computer; the thrusters rearranged themselves outside to blast off to where this message came from.

I suited up in my Varia Suit, running diagnostics on everything. 13 Energy Tanks were online and A-OK, along with the 255 Missiles I had at my disposal. I switched between all beams, to see if they were all OK; they were; no surprise there. All visors were functional as well. I started to forward somersault and flipped faster and faster until my suit recognized this as Morph Ball mode and changed into the simple orange orb. Bombs, 10 Power Bombs, Spider Ball, and Boost Ball were all up and running. I stopped the forward flipping and became human form again. I had no space to try out the Space Jump Boots and Screw Attack, but my suit told me they were fine. I sat down again and waited until my ship would finally bring me to the source of the message.

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