Chapter 1: A new trooper
*note: In the new trooper's POV*

I didn't believe I finished the training finally. I also was put in classes for my power. I was walking on the ship to be in space. There were other males and females. I never knew them but they were in the same camp but I was put in different classes cause I'm a physic. The ship took off and went into space. I was feeling a little relaxed but watching those reports of those bugs amazed me. It kind of makes you determined to kill those buggers. It was an hour later when I arrived on the main ship. They landed the ship inside the big one. I think it was called The valley forge or something like that. The doors opened and we all went out. I was told to go to a Lt.Razak's office. I heard about him. I was led to his office by a officer. I walked until I got to his office. I knocked on the door.
I heard a voice," Come in!"
I put my hand on the knob and opened it. I walked in.
He said,"May I ask who you are?"
I answered," My name is Brandy! I been told to be transferred to a squad!"
Razak said," I was expecting you! Your file has been sent! Come with me! I'll introduce you to my squad!"
I got out of the way and let Razak through.
Razak said," you will be ranked private!"
I said," Yes sir!"
We walked until we arrived at the training room. The door opened.
A voice said," Superior on deck!"
Everyone than lined up.
Lt.Razak said," At ease! We got a new trooper! This is Private Brandy! Brandy, this is Rico, Dizzy, Goussard, Doc, Brutto, T'phai, Carl and Higgins!"
I look at each one. Their Auras are white except for Carl.
I thought," So this is the famous Roughnecks!"
Carl said in her mind," Yep! That's us! Hey Brandy!"
My mind said back," You surprised me! Nice hair!"
Carl blushed in his mind," Thanks! I hope you enjoy it here!"
Razak said," You can continue training and Brandy, stay here with them!"
Razak than walked out and the door closed. Then everyone resumed their training. I saw someone walking over to me.
He said," Hi! I'm Higgins!"
I said," Hi! Nice to meet you Higgins!"
Higgins said," You too!"
I noticed how he was fidgeting.
I said," Nervous?"
He answered," Yeah! I get nervous around new people sometimes."
I asked," What's your real name?"
He answered," It's Robert but you can call me Bobby!"
I said," Bobby sounds cute!"
He giggled rather shyish. I gave him a smile.
Brutto said," I think Paperboy likes you!"
Higgins blurted," Do not!"
He was blushing as Carl watched. Brutto was making kissy noises so I walked in front of him and smacked him.
I said," You're so immature!"
Rico, Doc, Goussard, Carl, Higgins and Dizzy went laughing.
Brutto said," Can't take a joke?"
I said," Yeah but I can't stand people that make kissy noises."
Carl said," Looks like I'm not the only one!"