Chapter 14:
Brandy's POV

It was just another day as I was in the roughnecks. It had been strange since I got there. Since the death of Carla Bonds, everyone knew that we had to be on our feet. We were aboard a ship that was in space. Right now, I was walking through the ship so I knew where I was. I was in another troops before I even came here. Since being here, I had found that the squad was not that bad.

We had no mission yet so we were waiting for the next assignment. Our mission was to stop those bugs but I wondered if they made it to earth yet. I always seem to be preoccupied in my thoughts, wondering when it would be over.

I was not sure of whether I should be paranoid or not. I was not sure if I can fit in after all that has happened. However, I knew this was a big change. So far, we did not have anything to do and I was actually laying down on the bed that I was assigned to. Since being here and after Carla's death, I was not sure if I can step into her shoes.

I was not her. I was very different from her and Razak plus Carl told me about her and what happened before I came. I had found out that Carl did feel quite close to her as did some of the other troopers. I did feel like an outcast yet they wanted me to fit in.

I still remember getting the news about Carla's death. I barely knew her yet I seen her once before when people were getting reassigned or getting assigned missions.

I was not sure of what to think of them really. I haven't been here long but so far, I found out that some of the troopers are rather interesting characters and pranksters at times.

I have to start with Dizzy. She acts more like a man but she does have a soft side that rarely shows from what I been told. She was good at shooting stuff down. I have to admit that I would not want to be on her bad side.

Then there was Rico. Apparently from what Carl told me, he can be hot headed and has somewhat of an ego. He seems to show off at times but Rico would probably make a good leader. Like I said, I didn't know them well enough to understand them. I was just not sure about him.

Then there was the alien known as T'phai. I was not sure about him either but I did not feel awkward around him. It just felt strange to see an alien on our side. However, I was also told about him. I remembered seeing him looking so calm. He was called a skinny by the troopers but he was skinny but he can sure run on missions. He covered me on the mission where I passed out on.

As I laid there on the bed, I continued to wander into my thoughts. I know that I was thinking of my new team but so much does seem to happen in such a short time. Earlier at breakfast, Brutto just happened to throw food at Rico and a food fight broke out. I managed to get out of there in time after eating. Razak was not too happy about it and made the two clean up the mess.

Speaking of Brutto, he has a weird sense of humor. He seems so immature but he was pretty serious when it came to duty. He's someone you would not want to mess with. He does not hesitate most of the time and doesn't second guess anything. I don't mind him but he can be annoying at times.

Now what about Doc? I had nothing bad to say about the guy. He knew what he was doing and knows how to get it done.

Gossuard was someone that knew how to fix things and he was actually more of a tough and soft guy. He knew that I felt awkward about being here and was one of the guys that helped me to fit in.

There seemed to be so many people in this unit. I mentioned most of them but there was two men that seemed to interest me.

There was Higgins who was known as the paperboy. I was about the same age as him and as I found out, he's not much of a fighter. He was more of a reporter. He told me his parents forced him into it and I could not blame him for being pretty scared about it. He was rather clumsy and I saw that show a few times. However, Brutto tripped him a few times. Higgins and I seem to hit it off as friends and he was pretty nice to me though he seemed nervous and paranoid at times. Who could blame him?

I closed my eyes for a moment, glad to have the peace and quiet for now. I do start to wonder if the bugs were already on earth or not.

Now off the bugs thing. They do creep me out when they are big. Then there is one more person that seemed to be so compassionate and kind.

His name was Carl Jenkins aka the physic. He had been there to help me deal with the death of Carla when I had to hide the news from the others. I had been there for him as well and he just really catches me offguard. His abilities were impressive and he showed me what he could do. He was keeping his powers in use to practice and be ready for battle. I did train with him so I would not second guess myself.

As I was thinking, I did not hear someone walk in. However after a few seconds, my name was called.

"Brandy.", said the voice.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see Carl Jenkins.

"Hey Carl.", I replied.

Carl smirked and of course looked at me.

"Going to keep hiding in here?", he asked.

"I'm just relaxing for the moment. I doubt I will get any time to relax when there is always fighting and training to do.", I answered.

"I can't blame you. I want to relax myself but we will probably get sent on a mission soon.", he told me.

I nodded and carefully sat up, avoiding the top of the bunk. His eyes nearly cut through me and it was hard to avoid that gaze of his. He got under the header of the bunk and came down next to me instead of letting me get up.

I had a feeling that he read my mind so I can assume that he knew what was on my mind.

"Feeling all right?", he asked.

I sort of nodded but then again, I ended up shaking my head.

"I'm not sure if I will fit in here.", I told him as I moved my hair aside.

I should consider getting a haircut soon. Carl looked to me.

"It does take time but don't worry. I know you will fit in just fine. Don't worry about it. It took me a short time to adjust and I'm sure it will be the same for you.", he assured me as I smirked a bit.

He always knew the right things to say.

"How about we go for a walk?", he offered.

I replied," Sounds good."

Carl and I get up to our feet and leave the room. I was not sure what would happen but I would accept it either way.