Egyptian Romance


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Kagome is an Egyptian Princess, Her father the great pharaoh. Kagome life to her is normal but what happens when some new pack of slaves comes will love bloom with her a one of the slaves.

Chapter 1(the new delivery)

Kagome was standing right by her father's side as he was talking to one of the slaves about needing more time to build the new Pyramids.

"Please great Pharaoh, please give us more time just one more week we will have it done we promise" the one of the slaves on the floor bowing as the pharaoh frowned at the them.

Kagome looked at her father and leaned on the whisper in his ear.

"Please father, give them more time, they have been working really hard" He just nodded his head and spoke.

"I will give you one more week no more in a week it have better be done or else" another slave raised his head then bowed on the floor again then said.

"Thank you great pharaoh and princess" as that said Kagome smiled and said.

"You are dismissed" as that was spoken the guards came and escorted the slave/workers out.

The pharaoh turned to his daughter and smiled "you are making me soft my sweet child" Kagome just smiled.

All of a sudden a maid came in and bowed "excuse me great pharaoh but it is time for the princess's lesson" the pharaoh nodded then look at his daughter now frowning; the one thing she hated was her lessons.

"I am coming" said Kagome as she kissed her father on the cheek and walked down the stair to the maid.

"Follow me princess" said the maid as she lead her to a room with a teacher waiting for her there sat other figures in desk it was her friends, Sango, Rin, Ayame, And Kagura.

Kagome sat in her seat and waited for the teacher to begin.

Behind the teacher was a huge piece of cloth used for the chalkboard. The teacher turned and started to write some symbols on the cloth.

As she used her stick the point to the symbol and said the meaning of it. To Kagome and the other this lesson went on forever but it was only really 3 hours.

As the teach dismissed the kids and gave them their homework for today's lesson, they walked out of the room then to Kagome's room.

Back with the Pharaoh:

"Oh Great Pharaoh the shipment of slaves has arrived" said one of the guards.

"Brilliant I will be there in a few minutes" Said the Pharaoh as he got up and walked down stairs.

He walked to his daughter's room to see if she would like to join him.

He made it to the door and knocked and waited for a response. The door open and there stood Kagome his loving daughter.

"Yes father is something wrong" Kagome asked.

"No nothing is wrong my sweet, I am just heading down to the ship to see our new workers would you and your friends like to join me?" He said as he looked behind Kagome to see four of her friends.

Kagome looked at her friends for them to answer they all nodded.

Kagome turned back to her father and smiled; "Ok father will accompany you" Her Father smiled as they all started to walk to the horse's stables.

Each of them jumps on their horse and they all galloped to the ship.

In a matter of minutes they all arrived just in time to see the new worker walking down Kagome looked at them all walking down the board that lead to land.

But one got Kagome's attention, and tall man well built with long silver hair that shinned for the sunlight is was indeed a beautiful sight. Her Father horse started once again leading closer to the slaves.

"Welcome to Alexandria, I hope you enjoy yourselves here I will expect good work from all of you" Said the pharaoh.

The slaves lifter there head only to see four Beautiful girls.

"Now I am glad to be here" was all the slaves could think.

"Kagome which one would you like to be your personal slave" The Pharaoh asked turning to his daughter.

Kagome was searching throw the crowned for a particular person and there he was the light leading her to sliver hair.

"That one" Kagome said as she got off her horse and walked throw the crowd of slave and ended up standing right in front to the man she been looking for.

The slave was about 2 inches taller the her, he had beautiful long sliver hair the shinned beautifully throw the sunlight, he also had beautiful piercing gold eyes and what's this he had fluffy white dog ears on top of his head, Kagome stood in shock but didn't care there was something about this man that makes her heart hurt to know more about him.\

She looked up to him and smiled.

He looks down at her confused, "why would this wench pick me a duty half-breed"

Kagome took the slaves hand and lead him out the crowed of workers. As soon as they were out she looked at him then said.

"What is your name worker" Kagome was ever fund of calling the workers 'slaves'.

"My Name is Inuyasha" the slave spoke.

"Hello Inuyasha my name is Kagome I hope you enjoy your stay at my castle"

All Inuyasha did was nodded.

Ayame came off her horse and went to Kagome side and whispers in her ear. As soon as they were done Kagome nodded and walked to her father.

"Father Ayame and the other were wondering if they can pick a worker too"

The Pharaoh nodded, since they all lived in the same castle and they are like partially cousins they could have a worker of there own.

Rin, Sango, and Kagura jumped off there horses are ran to Ayame side to pick the perfect worker.

After a few minutes of searching they found the right guys.

Ayame pulled out a man with long brown hair that was tired in a high ponytail and brown eyes, Rin pulled out a guy also with long silver hair and gold eyes, Sango pulled out a guy with black raven hair in a small ponytail and blackish gray eyes, and Kagura pulled out a man with long mid-night hair and mid-night eyes.

They all said there names.

"My name is Koga" the slave said to Ayame giving her as kiss on the hand which made her blush.

"My name is Sesshoumaru, I am his older brother" he said in an embarrassment voice to Rin as he pointed to Inuyasha, Inuyasha gave one of his 'feh' as a response, which made Rin laugh, not lots of people can make her laugh.

"My name is Miroku and may I say you look lovely in the outfit" the slave said making Sango blush.

"And my name is Naraku" He said to Kagura giving a sexy smirk that made Kagura giggle and blush.

"Let all head back to the castle" Said the Pharaoh as the girls jump on the horses as the workers walked on the ground.

As the grouped walked back to the castle, the other workers were sent to do their jobs.

Kagome looked down at Inuyasha, who was beside her. He notices this and lifts his head and look at her giving a sexy smirk that made Kagome blush.

Kagome look back ahead in deep thought "Maybe he can be the answers to my prayers I guess I just have to find out" Kagome was smiling from the inside and out.


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