Mission Gone Wrong
By: Whipped Coffee


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Chapter One—Abandoned!

"Got it?" Tsunade asked, looking at the four former senseis.

"And you're sure that they won't kill us once this is all over?" Kakashi asked.

"Of course not," Tsunade said, waving her hand, dismissing the silly idea. "They can't and won't kill you. In fact, they'll probably be thanking us!"

"How would they be thanking us if we left them—?"

"Kakashi, just do what I tell you to do without any questions!" Tsunade snapped. "This will work!"

"But it would be suspicious if we took them on a mission… I mean, most of them are Chuunin and even some are Jounin!" Kurenai said.

"Well, there could be a problem with that…" Tsunade said, going into deep thinking.

"You mean you haven't thought about that yet…?" Kurenai asked.

"Just say it's a very important mission," Tsunade replied, ignoring Kurenai's comment. "To hunt down a missing nin."

"Do you really think they're going to fall for that?" Asuma asked. "Shikamaru, Neji and Sasuke are bound to find something suspicious about that."

"Well, make something up to prevent them from finding out!" Tsunade said.

At this point, Gai would've shouted something about youth, but he was sulking in the corner of Tsunade's room, muttering incoherent things. The rest of them ignored him, getting back to the subject.

"Okay, so I trust you four will lead them to the forest, without any suspicion?" Tsunade asked, eyeing Gai, who was still in the corner.

Asuma, Kurenai and Kakashi nodded. Tsunade dismissed them, leaving her alone with a weeping Gai.


Gai suddenly stood up from the corner, and looked at Tsunade with determined eyes. "Don't worry, Tsunade-sama! I shall complete this mission!" And with that, he disappeared off to the worlds unknown.

Tsunade sighed, looking around her office. "Shizune!" She barked. "I need sake!"


'They'll probably be arriving around this time,' Tsunade thought, grinning as she looked out the window.

She brought the sake up to her mouth, chuckling. 'This is going to be an interesting week.'

"Kakashi… are you sure it's around here?" Sakura asked, stopping at a tree.

"Yes, pretty sure." Kakashi answered, also stopping.

The rest of the former team 7 stopped. Naruto made a face. "This doesn't even look like a place where missing-nins could be hiding!"

"You never know Naruto," Kakashi said. "Now let's hurry; we need to get there quickly."

As they got started again, Sakura was still confused as to why they were on a mission together. "Tell me again why Tsunade-sama would put us together again?"

"Sakura, this is a missing-nin we're talking about. Would you want to take him on without any help?" Kakashi asked, as they took a sudden turn in a direction.

"No… but why are you here? Wouldn't we just be put in a group with other chuunins are jounins? Shouldn't you be teaching your new group of genin—?"

"Sakura, stop asking so many questions," Kakashi sighed. "Besides—it was Hokage-sama's orders for me to accompany you to hunt down the missing-nin. Why? I have no idea. Maybe you should ask her when we get back from the mission. And my team of genin are taking a break today, since Hokage-sama asked me to go with you. Any other questions?"

"Yeah!" Naruto shouted. "I still don't get why Tsunade-baachan asked you to come! We would've done fine on our own!"

"Dobe," Sasuke hissed. "He just explained why. Do you want to take on a missing-nin by yourself?"

Naruto grumbled, but didn't say anything back to Sasuke. Sasuke seemed quite satisfied with shutting Naruto up.

"Well done, Sasuke," Kakashi said.

Sasuke grunted. Team 7 continued to race to their destination, which will be in a few minutes, or even seconds.


"Alright, we're here," Kakashi said, as he stopped at a clearing.

Sakura and Naruto looked around while Sasuke put his hands on the back of his head and eyes closed. Sakura muttered to herself about something, while Naruto looked plain confused.

"What? There's nothing here!" Naruto wailed.

There really was nothing there. Only trees surrounding them, with a big, wooden house near them.

"Shut up dobe," Sasuke mumbled, his eyes still closed.


"I said… SHUT UP DOBE!" Sasuke yelled, finally opening his eyes.

"Oh boy…" Sakura smacked her head.

The two of them continued to bicker until Sakura couldn't take it anymore.

"Shut up!! Both of you!!" She yelled.

'Thank God I'm not on the same team as them anymore…' Sakura thought, as the two were having a glaring contest with each other. She smiled softly, though. 'But I've missed they're arguing… as weird as that is.'

Little did they know, Kakashi was no where to be found…


"Yooosh! Let the springtime of youth spread with this awesome mission!" Lee yelled.

Gai had anime tears streaming on his face.

"LEE! You've grown up! I'm so proud! Let the springtime of youth be!" Gai yelled.

Lee started to have anime tears.





They started hugging, stopping at a tree. Magically, a sunset appeared, but it was only 6 PM, and still quite sunny.

Tenten sweat-dropped.

"Alright, alright, break it up," Tenten said, sighing while pulling them apart from each other.

"Shouldn't we be going?" Neji asked, clearly annoyed.

Lee and Gai seem to have not heard Neji, or just too caught up in their hugging moment. Tenten had already given up pulling them apart, seeing as though it didn't work anyways.

"When do you think they'll be done?" Tenten asked, sighing once again.


Tenten rolled her eyes. Conversations between them always went on like this. Sometimes they would actually exchange full sentences. Seeing that they weren't going to break up anytime soon, Tenten decided to strike up a conversation with the ice cold Hyuuga.

"Doesn't it seem odd that we have a mission together…? And with Gai-sensei too…" Tenten said.

"We're going after a missing-nin," Neji stated.

"Yes but… three of use without Gai-sensei would've been enough… right?"

Neji grunted, but was wondering that to himself, also. 'What Tenten said is reasonable.'

"The missing-nin must be powerful, then," Neji said.

"Yeah… you're probably right," Tenten said. 'He always is…'

Tenten sighed again. "I should probably break them up… this is taking longer than usual."

As Tenten took off to break the two green beasts up, Neji couldn't help but wonder about what Tenten said. 'It is suspicious…'

Finally getting them to break apart, Neji started taking off, not waiting for Gai or Lee.

"Let's go already, ne?" Tenten asked, jumping off already, running after Neji.

"Ahhh! The springtime of youth is going all around!" Gai yelled, with them catching up with the others.

As they approached closer, Gai made a quick slip and ran away before anyone could notice.


"I'm hungry…" Chouji whined.

"WHAT?! You just ate less than an hour ago!" Ino screamed.

"But that was less than an hour ago…" He argued.

"Pft… this is troublesome…" Shikamaru said.

"How could you be hungry again?!" Ino shouted.

Chouji ignored Ino, and leaned towards Shikamaru. "She seems to be more shouty than usual…"

"She's probably PMSing…" Shikamaru muttered.

Too bad Ino heard that. "What did you say?!?!"

Asuma chuckled, slipping away…


"We're almost there." Kurenai said.

"What is this mission about, Kurenai-sensei?" Hinata asked quietly.

"Yeah!" Kiba agreed. "What mission is worth dragging me out of the bathroom when I was taking a shower???!"

Kurenai sighed. "You'll see."

Kiba didn't say anymore, and Hinata didn't question. Shino was being his usual self, not saying anything, and just following. 'At least they didn't press further,' Kurenai thought. 'I wonder how Kakashi, Asuma and Gai are doing…'

Kurenai slipped away, knowing that her students were already there.

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