This story is made with two side's for it's two different trainers. This side has the trainer, Riku's perspective. My friend, Flint-Flareon has the other trainer, Chase's perspective. This story takes place in Reignta. The land of Reignta, is about twice as big as Kanto, it's not to far from Kanto, but closer to Hoenn. From this, lot's of Kanto and Hoenn pokemon can be found here, it has a few Johto pokemon here too, but there rarer. From it's size, Reignta has fourteen Gyms, since trainers only need eight badges, it's up too the trainer to pick their challenge.

Chapter 1, Jet Side, start

Riku was sound asleep, but not in his bed, but on the floor not to far away from the kitchen. He had a slice of half eaten birthday cake on the floor next to him. He had gone to the kitchen last night to finish off his last piece of cake from his birthday last week but, it was late and he didn't make it to bed. He woke up, almost, after hearing a voice.

"...Riku.." The voice said faintly but Riku ignored it and drifted back off to sleep.

"...Wake up!" The voice shouted at him suddenly.

"Ahh!" Riku shouted suddenly, finally waking up. "What the?" Riku questioned taking a look around him before realizing he fell asleep on the floor, again.

"You got issues, you know that?" His nine year old sister told him angrily. She had brown colored hair, she wore a light blue shirt and a dark blue skirt.

"Oh, morning Jasmine. What time is it?" He asked while standing up.

"About somewhere near ten O clock." Jasmine told him. "You really need to stop falling asleep on the floor like that."

"Blame the cake!" Riku snapped. "It made me sleepy!"

She shook her head sadly. "Wasn't Chase supposed to visit today?" Her eyes lit up suddenly.

"Hm? Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" He remembered.

"Where are you going?"

"Don't know, we'll find something to do today, since there's no school today!" He replied happily, very grateful weekends existed.

"Can I come?" She asked hopefully.



Riku ignored her and went to his room to get ready to leave. He wore a black tee shirt with a Charizard using flamethrower on it, light blue jeans, and a blue headband right under his dark brown hair. He ran towards the door and saw his sister glaring angrily at him.

"Tell mom I left already. See ya sis!" He called then waited outside for Chase.

"Your still a meanie!"

A few moments later, Chase arrived and without a word, they slapped each other a high-five.

"Hey Riku! Did ya hear?" Chase asked him excitedly.

"Hear what?" He replied, as he wondered why his friend was so excited.

"Marco said he had something for us, said it was a late present, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Then Riku remembered all at once that Prof. Marco had gifts for them but they had to wait until Riku's birthday. After realizing this, he started to get just as excited as Chase. "What do you think? Let's get going!" He shouted as they headed towards the lab. Sapling Town was a small town. Only a few people lived there and it had a small Pokemon Center. It also had a Pokemon Lab there run Prof. Marco. Both of them couldn't wait to see what their presents were, since Marco teased them earlier about them. They had to wait for the right time, and now it finally was.

"So what do you think ol' Marco has for us?" Chase asked as they walked towards the labs.

"I don't know, better be something good.." Rika replied while thinking of the what they would get as a simile stretched across Chase's face.

"Hey Riku...Race you there!" He shouted then started to dash off.

"Your on!" Riku started to run after Chase and quickly caught up, Chase hated to lose so he thought up a something quickly.

"Hey Riku, your shoe's untied!" He said pointing down.

"Huh?" Riku fell for it and took his eye's off the road, then collided head first into a tree. Since Riku was to busy dealing with the pain in his head, Chase finished the race without a problem.

"Yeah I won!" He shouted looking over at his confused friend.

"What! No fair! I was attacked by a tree!" Riku shouted in defense.

"You were the one who let your guard down!" Chase said while laughing. A little mad, Riku looked down to tie his shoe, only to see they were never untied.

"Hey! My shoes were tied!" He shouted angrily at Chase while glaring at him. Riku had always had a short fuse and Chase had just lit it.

"H-Hey lighten up man..." Chase said nervously, preparing to run for it anytime now.

"That's it!" He roared and shot after Chase.

"Ack!" Was all Chase could shout as he began to run for his life. Riku charged right after Chase straight into the lab.

"Get back here!" Riku shouted right behind him. They ran all through the lab. This wasn't anything new for the scientist. Without looking, they simply moved anything out of the two's way. Riku ran after Chase all the way to Marco's office, Riku was left outside as Chase held the door shut behind him. Riku repeatedly slammed his fist on the door as he tried to push it open. He could hear Chase and Marco talking when he was sure he heard Chase say something about a Gyarados.

"I heard that!" Riku shouted as slammed against the door even harder when finally, the door opened as Chase couldn't keep it shut any longer. "Ha! Now.." Riku started as he was about to attack his friend but calmed down as he noticed Marco.

Oh, yeah I almost forgot why we came here..." Riku said remembering the reason.

Chase let out a sigh of relief and calmed down.

"With friends like you, who needs enemies? You two remind me of a Seviper and Zangoose." Marco chuckled.

"He started it!" Riku shouted defensively.

"Well you fell for it! Chase said, giving a sharp glare at Riku, he glared right back and the two dove at each other. Marco noticed this stopped the war by puling the two apart.

"No, you two! Save it!" He shouted , struggling to prevent the two from strangling each other.

"Fine..." Riku said, still felling kind of angry.

"Anyway, I have something for you two." Marco said. He went to his desk and picked up two pokeballs one his desk and handed one two each of them.

"Awesome!" Riku and Chase shouted at the same time. The anger in both of them seemed to vanish. They opened the balls to reveal two brown, small, fox-like pokemon. Both Chase and Riku looked at them smiling.

"Cool! Err, what are they?" Riku asked since he never had seen one before.

"Uhh...oh yeah! I think they're called evons... or something..." Chase said, sounding unsure.

"That's Eevee, treat them nicely now." Marco corrected Chase.

"I was hoping for something more vicious...but these are good." Riku said kneeling down to look at the two eevees.

"Oh not to fear, they can be pretty powerful if raised right." Marco reassured Riku.

"Oh, well in that case, which one do you want? Riku asked Chase, still looking at the Eevees.

"This one." Chase said petting the Eevee's head. The eevee jumped in joy and began to run around.

"Fine, I got this one then. Come 'ere...err...Furball." Riku's Eevee felt insulted from the remark and bit his hand. "Oww! He bit me!" Riku complained, as Chase was trying to hold back laughter, so he cleared his head.

"I don't think he like's being called furball Riku." Chase said.

"Ya think..." Riku said sarcastically.

"Why don't you name him? Maybe that will give him a sign of good will."

"Ok, how about...Dash?" Riku said, his Eevee smiled at him.

"I think he likes it." Chase said

"I guess so, as long as he doesn't bite me again!"

"I think he just felt insulted."

"Maybe...anyway, how can these furb- err, eevees get any stronger?" he asked Marco, almost slipping up on names again.

"Heh, can they get stronger? They can become one of five different forms. They're one of the most unique pokemon." Marco said.

"Five forms?" Riku said in shock.

"Uhh...yeah! Now I remember...kinda." Chase said unsurely again.

"What?" Riku asked.

"It was during class one day, the teacher was talking about them...I think I fell asleep though."

"You fell asleep?" Riku shouted, starting to get angry again. "Sleep during history class, like I do!"

"Wait...why don't you remember that lesson either?" Chase said in defense.

"Uh...well...I didn't get enough sleep that day!" Riku stated nervously.

"Well we won't be sleeping though classes anymore. Now that we have our licenses. We're excused from school, remember?" Chase said remembering how they got their licenses shortly after their birthdays.

"Yeah! We're free!" Riku said happily.

Chase looked down at the feeling of his pants leg being tugged. "What is it eevee?" He asked, seeing it was his eevee. His eevee looked at him, then looked at Dash.

"I think he might want a name." Riku said, eevee nodded to tell him he was right.

"Ok then..." Chase looked over and smiled at Riku. "How 'bout Rush?"

"Sounds good to me. Does your Eevee like it?"

Rush began to run around happily. "Yeah...seems to fit him too, he's very energetic." Chase said.

"Well, find out on your own, here." Prof. Marco said as he handed each a pokedex.

"Fine..." He muttered, grabbing one. Chase took his and looked at it.

"How do we use these anyway?" Chase asked.

"Yeah, they look like some sort of video game things..." Riku said, just as confused. Then Chase began to joke around and sniffed it.

"They smell kinda funny..." He joked.

"Riku laughed a little then sniffed his. "Yeah, they sorta smell like furball here...Oops..." Dash growled at him and started chasing him around the office. Chase just slapped his forehead.

"He's gone crazy!" Riku yelled as he ran from the angry eevee.

"Just apologize or something..." Chase suggested.

"Ok, settle down Dash" He said backing into a corner. "I didn't mean - Ouch!" He tried to apologize but was bitten on the arm by Dash.

"Well one things for certain, he seems to like revenge." Chase said, regarding the eevee.

"Why you..." Riku said, Dash replied by growling right back at him.

"Uh-oh..." Chase said looking at the two. Rush got frightened and ran behind Chase. Marco saw the two and sighed.

"Ok, ok! I give up already!" He said to Dash after getting one good look at his fangs. Dash grinned triumphantly.

"You two should get along very well once you learn to stop that." Chase said.

"Ok but, he's e-v-i-l!" Riku said, hoping Dash couldn't spell.

"Not really...he's just like you." Chase said, relating the two. Dash smiled happily.

"You know, my new trainer has a point." Rush said to Dash in his eevee tongue.

"Then he shouldn't call me furball!" Dash yelled. "Then, I won't have to bite him all the time!"

"well...we kind of are balls of fur..." Rush said cautiously.

"But I still don't like being called furball!" Dash shouted. "If he calls me furball one more time..." He threatened.

"Uhh, can't he just put you back in your ball if you threaten him?"

"...I think he lacks the brain power." Dash said, Getting that impression of Riku.

"Can't argue with that, but my trainer seems to be smarter...he could tell him." Said Rush.

"Dang…your right!" Dash realized. "Ok, I'll ease up on the threats then...for now..."

"What's going on?" Chase asked, regarding the eevee's conversation.

"Beats me...I don't speak eevee..." Riku said.

"You barely speak human." Chase teased.

"Ha ha...hey!" The joke sunk in.

"I'm just kidding man." Chase said holding his hands up

"You'd, what do you think there talking about?" Riku asked.

"I dunno, maybe something about their thoughts on us?"

"Maybe...Hey I have an idea! What do you say to a battle?" Prof. Marco learned to ignore the two but after hearing this, he had to say something.

"Not in here your not!" He shouted, "You two do enough damage as it is!"

"I wouldn't say we do that much damage..." Riku said quietly.

"I know, at least ever since..." Chase cut himself off. "How 'bout we go to our secret spot?" He changed the subject.

"Good idea! Come on Dash!" He called his eevee, Dash followed.

"Let's go Rush!" Chase said, his eevee doing the same.

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