Title: Be Careful What You Wish For…

Author: Hawkeye/Katy

Beta: Alex/Odysseus, Onigami/Ryan and Nox/BJ

Fandom: MASH

Rating: FRT

Disclaimer: I own Adair and the plotline. That is all. MASH belongs to… whoever it belongs to. frowns Who does it belong to? Fox? Meh… I dunno.

Summary: AU. Hawkeye was a doctor with a difference. We all knew that. But, honestly? How different is different?

BJ gaped, staring in stunned shock at the white wings that had just burst from Hawkeye's back. He reached out a tentative hand and carefully ran his fingertips across the top of one. He yanked his hand back as the wing twitched, curling back in on itself. BJ reached out again before hesitating. Should he roll Hawkeye over onto his back? Onto his side? Leave him where he was? He had no idea.

"Beej?" came the soft mumble.

"Hawk!" BJ was at his side in a second.

"Not so loud…" Hawkeye winced, trying to sit up, "Damn, my back hurts."

"Well… you… I mean…" BJ stared at him helplessly, "You've got wings, Hawkeye."

Maneuvering himself upright, Hawkeye looked over his shoulder, then back at BJ, "I know," he said, looking confused, "And I have no idea why…"

BJ blinked at him, his face falling, "You don't know?"

Hawkeye looked at BJ. He watched the way BJ's face fell as he admitted that he had no idea why his wings had emerged. BJ knew. BJ knew why he had his wings. Hawkeye frowned, blue eyes troubled. His thoughts turned to his shooting. He ran over the events in his mind. Shot… not comin', Beej… shut up, Hawk… let me go, Beej… stay with me, Hawk… grey… all grey… BJ's voice… BJ… He'd said something.

Hawkeye looked at him warily, whatever BJ had said, it had gotten him his wings, "Beej? What exactly did you say to me? When… when I was…"

"When your blood was running over my hands and you were dying in my arms?" BJ returned far too calmly.

Hawkeye winced, "Yeah."

"It doesn't matter."

Hawkeye blinked, "BJ, whatever it was, it's the reason I now have wings. I'd kinda like to know what it was, thanks."

"I said, it doesn't matter, Hawkeye. Come on, you can't sit on the helipad forever…"

Carefully not looking at him, BJ levered Hawkeye to his feet. He looked at the tattered remnants of the dark haired man's t-shirt and sighed, pulling off his jacket. He handed it over to Hawkeye, who took it hesitantly and put it on, wincing slightly as his still-tender back flared with pain. He glanced over his shoulder, making sure his wings couldn't be seen under the edge of the coat. He carefully fastened the jacket, before walking off the helipad.

Hawkeye shifted uneasily, he felt awkward, almost top-heavy. Could anyone see his wings? Don't be stupid, Hawkeye, of course they can't. Nobody noticed Trapper's wings, did they? No. But still… He fought the urge to glance over his shoulder yet again. BJ walked silently next to him, head down. As Hawkeye moved to look over his shoulder again, he shifted his focus to BJ.



"I need to know what you said."

BJ pushed open the door to the Swamp, letting Hawkeye go in first. He followed the dark haired doctor in and closed the door behind him. BJ sat down on his bunk and rested his head on his elbows without answering. Hawkeye frowned at him, before moving and sitting on his own bunk. He stared across the tent at BJ.

"Beej, this is important! I currently have a set of freakishly abnormal wings sticking out of my rather sore back, and I'd kinda like to know why the hell they're there. And you just dismissing the whole damn thing isn't helping!"

BJ's head snapped up, "What do you expect me to do, Hawk? Everything in me is screaming that you should be dead! You got shot in the chest! With all the blood, I'm pretty sure the bullet nicked the aorta! You should have either died on the helipad or been rushed to the OR where me and Potter should've spent hours trying to patch you up, cursing the fact that it was the thoracic surgeon that got hit! Damn it, Hawkeye! Don't you get it! I sat on that helipad watching you die! I told you I loved you and you were still dying!"

Hawkeye's eyes widened, "What did you just say?"

BJ stopped mid-rant, his anger draining away, before continuing in a much quieter voice, "I said that I loved you."

"Holy…" Hawkeye looked stunned, "Well… I… that… does explain the wings…"

"Oh for heaven's sake…" came a grumpy voice.

The two men jerked slightly and turned to face the voice. Adair pushed his glasses up his nose, straightened his bow-tie and frowned at the two. He scowled at them as they both gave him bewildered looks. BJ blinked at him, before noting absently that Adair had changed his clothes, these ones didn't have blood and dust on them. Hawkeye's bewildered expression morphed into a frown as Adair turned to him and spoke.

"You owe me a new pair of shoes, Benjamin; you bled all over my other ones."

Seeing Hawkeye's face darken, BJ spoke up before Hawk could start yelling, "What are you doing here?"

Adair raised an eyebrow, "I was given the dubious honor of telling you to… how shall I put it? Hmm… ah yes… get your heads out of your asses and see what's right in front of you."

Hawkeye's head reared back as the conservative angel cursed, "Adair?"

"You heard me, Benjamin. Open your eyes and look at what's right there," Adair snorted dryly, "Quite literally, in fact…"

Hawkeye frowned, thinking over Adair's words. He was obviously talking about BJ. But… it was BJ… BJ of the cheesy moustache and even cheesier jokes. The enigma in size 13 shoes. A small smile crossed Hawkeye's face as he remembered the night him and Beej had gotten wasted and shaved the moustache off. The smile grew as memories of the practical jokes him and Beej had pulled over the years flitted through his consciousness. The smile faded and his face turned thoughtful as he thought of all the times Beej had been there for him after a nasty day in OR. Who was the guardian angel here, really?

Hawkeye blinked. He turned his head up to face Adair, eyes slightly wider than normal. Adair looked down at him, frowning as his glasses slid down to the end of his nose and pushing them back up again. A smug smile flickered over the chubby angel's face, making Hawkeye ruffle his wings in embarrassment.

"And he finally gets it," Adair said dryly.

"Well done, Benjamin, you're just as stupid as he is," Adair gestured to BJ, who made an indignant noise.

"Thank you, Adair," Hawkeye said through gritted teeth, staying seated on his own bunk.

Adair shook his head, rubbing his temples, "Must I do everything myself?"

The chubby, bespectacled angel stormed over to BJ, and with strength BJ was unaware he had, hauled him to his feet. Adair shoved the blonde doctor, keeping him off balance, ignoring Hawkeye's protesting yells. BJ stumbled backwards, eyes wide and slightly frightened as he was overpowered by a man who was almost a foot shorter than he was. As he got closer to Hawkeye, Adair's arm snaked out grabbing BJ's shoulder and spinning him round. Adair gave the blonde man one final shove. BJ gave a startled yell as he fell backwards…

… straight into Hawkeye's lap.

The two doctors stared up at Adair. Hawkeye's arms came up automatically to wrap around BJ's waist. BJ blinked, then looked down at the hands that had encircled his waist and were currently resting in his lap. He turned his head slightly to look at Hawkeye. Hawkeye looked back at him and gave him a nonchalant shrug that was made pointless by the uncertainty in his eyes. BJ gave him a crooked smile and leaned his head on Hawkeye's shoulder. Hawkeye rested his chin on top of BJ's head and looked up at Adair again.

"So… Adair… What size shoe do you take?"