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Chapter 12: The Best Wedding Ever

The backyard looked exceedingly beautiful. It was decorated with white, purple, and green flowers. Everything looked clean, crisp, and perfect. Raven was very happy with the result. It was just what she wanted. Not extravagant and over the top, just beautiful and to the point.

Beast Boy stood under the flower covered pagoda awaiting his bride. He wasn't in a tux, and he had Raven to thank for that. She had made it clear that this really wasn't going to be formal, so people didn't have to dress all that fancy. He was simply in a nice shirt and dress pants.

It was a beautiful day and everyone was in good spirits. Starfire and Robin sat in the front row with Halle, their three month old daughter. They named her Halle for it means heroine which was what they expected her to be when she grew up.

Soft music began to play and everyone quieted down. Beast Boy knew this was the time and he quickly made sure his shirt was tucked in and his collar was down. The odd thing was that he wasn't nervous at all. He had had a talk with Robin after his little bachelor party, though he wasn't exactly helpful. He had told Beast Boy that he would feel really nervous before hand and that he would feel like calling the whole thing off, but if he just held out he would see that it would all be worth it. That wasn't how he was feeling at all.

The door leading onto the porch opened and Raven stepped through. She was wearing a nice, light blue dress and was holding a bouquet of flowers that matched the flowers that were decorating the yard. Everyone stood up as Raven appeared.

"Oh sit down," said Raven.

Everyone looked at each other for a moment and then sat back down. Beast Boy couldn't help letting out a soft chuckle. Raven saw him and a beautiful smile graced her face, which in turn made Beast Boy smile as well. Raven could feel her cheeks heating up from having everyone staring at her, but she simply locked her eyes on Beast Boy's and made her way down the little aisle. The two linked hands and the real part of the ceremony was about to begin.

Well, it goes without saying, by the end every woman had a tear in her eye. And even a couple of men. Raven hoped that since they were having such a low key wedding it wouldn't be all that dramatic, but the ending result was quite the opposite.

"Garfield Logan, do you take Raven to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold through sickness and in health for richer or poorer as long as you both shall live?" asked the man performing the ceremony.

"And then some," said Beast Boy with a grin.

Raven smiled and rolled her eyes. "Say 'I do'," she whispered.

"Oh, yeah, I do," he said, snapping back into reality.

Everyone gave a slight giggle and then it was Ravens turn.

"Raven, do you take Garfield Logan to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold through sickness and in health for richer or poorer as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," said Raven, doing her best to keep her smile to a mere grin, but was failing miserably.

"Then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife," said the man. "You may kiss the bride."

Beast Boy barely gave the guy the time to finish that last sentence. He quickly wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to hers, causing laughs, cheers, and claps. Raven nearly had the wind knocked out of her Beast Boy was so swift and kissed her so passionately. But that didn't mean she didn't love every second of it.

"I love you," he said against her lips.

"You better," said Raven, smiling. He laughed softly and kissed her again.

Now that that part was over it was time to get the real party started. Beast Boy designated Cyborg grill master, as long as he promised to cook some tofu products for him. He agreed, grumbling of course, but he knew he couldn't refuse the grass stain on his wedding day.

"Oh, Raven, you look most beautiful!" said Starfire, giving Raven her strongest hug to date.

"Thanks Kori," said Raven through her collapsing lungs.

"Do you not think Halle looks beautiful?" asked Starfire, showing off her daughter.

"She looks wonderful," said Raven, trying not to gush. "Can I hold her?"

"Of course," said Starfire, passing Halle over to Raven. She was a beautiful baby, with dark hair like Robin and green eyes like Starfire. "I am so glad you are not nervous about holding her any longer."

Raven smiled and gave the babe a kiss on the cheek. True, the very first time she held Halle, right after she was born, she wasn't exactly sure what to do. She was scared that she'd break her somehow. But, after a little while, she got used to her. She got so comfortable with her she told Starfire if she ever needed a babysitter she should call her first.

"Well, you did it," said Robin, patting Beast Boy on the back. "How do you feel?"

"Amazing," said Beast Boy with a huge smile. "I dunno why you said I would feel all sick and nervous."

"Oh, come on, you must have felt some pre-wedding jitters," said Robin.

"Nope," said Beast Boy simply.

"Oh," said Robin. He suddenly wondered if he was the only guy who was nervous before his wedding. He then decided that it was Beast Boy. Yeah, Beast Boy was the weird one, not him.

"So, you enjoying fatherhood?" asked Beast Boy.

"It's definitely… a challenge," said Robin. "I mean, I knew a baby was a lot of work, but I really didn't have any idea how exhausting it was going to be. She has to eat every three hours, she needs her diaper changed constantly, sometimes she cries and we can't get her to stop, and then other times she doesn't want to be put down. But I never knew I could love anything as much as I love her."

Beast Boy smiled and decided to go find Raven. Of course he found her holding Halle, yet again. It was hard to believe Raven could look so comfortable being so close to a baby. She actually looked like a natural mother.

"Practicing?" asked Beast Boy.

"Yes," said Raven with a small smile. She then handed Halle back to Starfire so she could show her off. "I just can't wait until we have our own."

"Well, I wanted to start months ago," started Beast Boy.

"I know," sighed Raven. "But I want my child to be both conceived and born in wedlock."

"And she gets her way once again," he said, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her.

"Hey, Gar and Rae!" Cyborg yelled.

They both turned and watched as Cyborg snapped a picture of the two of them. Raven gave a small shriek and clasped her now blinded eyes, as did Beast Boy.

"I specifically said no caught off guard pictures!" Raven yelled and went after Cyborg.

"Whoa, easy Raven, I just… ahh!" Cyborg yelled and ran as Raven went after him.

"Good luck running, Vic!" laughed Beast Boy.

Raven chased him around the yard, trying to pull the camera that was attached to his arm out. She eventually chased him to the edge of the pool, which he then fell into with a giant splash that soaked everyone.

"Guess we're having a pool party now," said Beast Boy. He smiled, wrapped his arms around Ravens waist, and pulled the two of them into the pool with Raven screaming all the way.

Of course, she was furious at first, but it wasn't long before Beast Boy had her fooling around and laughing. She was glad she had a good shot at Cyborg now and she ripped the camera, and part of his arm, right off with her powers.

Altogether, it had been a wonderful day. True, Raven hadn't planned on getting wet, but it sure did lighten the mood even more, which was what she wanted. By the time everyone left they were all damp, tired, and claimed that that was the best wedding they had ever been to.

"Look at the mess!" said Raven as she looked at her back yard.

"Don't worry about it, we'll clean it up tomorrow," said Beast Boy.

"Everything's wet and there are flower petals everywhere," said Raven. "Timber! Stop eating the center pieces!" The dog quickly dropped the mass of flowers and ran inside the house. Raven closed the door and then decided not to look back there until morning.

"Well, we did it," said Beast Boy, wrapping his arms around her and bringing her close. "We're married."

"I know," said Raven, completely forgetting the backyard and becoming lost in his touch.

"And in two days we're going on our honeymoon," said Beast Boy.

"And I still don't know where we're going," said Raven.

"And you won't know until we get there," said Beast Boy slyly, then he kissed her softly.

"You're not going to blindfold me are you?" asked Raven.

"Only until we're air born," said Beast Boy with a smirk. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her in for a stronger kiss. "Mind if I get you out of that damp dress?"

"I'm yours now," said Raven against his lips. "You can do what you want with me."

Beast Boy smiled and swiftly scooped her up, their lips never disconnecting. Raven wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. She knew he was never going to let her go.

Once they made it up to their room Beast Boy made sure to close the door so Timber wouldn't wander in and bother them. That went for Bijou as well, who was quite miffed by the action. He sat outside the door and waited rather impatiently, scratching at the door and rubbing it.

Beast Boy happily slipped the damp dress off of Raven and felt her soft skin which was cool to the touch thanks to the cold pool water. He placed his hot lips on her cold skin and did his best to warm her up. And this took no effort at all. She was quick to slip his shirt off as well do the same to him.

And, for the first time, they shared their bed together as husband and wife. Everything they kissed and touched was a new first. It all felt different and better than ever, for they knew that they belonged to each other now for the rest of their lives. That night they expressed their love for each other and consummated their marriage in the most passionate way they knew.

And thus, the baby was conceived.

The End