I own nothing, except the plot. If I did own the characters and the whole idea of Harry Potter, my name would be J.K.Rowling (I'm afraid it's not) and I wouldn't sit here and write FanFics.

I just borrowed the characters for this little story, which plopped into my strange abnormal mind.

(reminds me: 'I was the only one who saw her for what she was... a freak... I knew you would be the same just as strange just as abnormal.' Hehe)


This will be a DracoxHarry-Story.

For ignorant people: THIS WILL BE SLASH! Means: Sex-scenes with two men and everything else that's related to relationships.

If you feel offended or you just simply don't like such stories –

MY advice: LEAVE RIGHT AWAY! (I warned you, so don't flame me)

WARNING no2: (for everyone who intends to read this story)

English is not my mother-tongue. But give me a chance. BETA'D FROM MY LOVELY BETA VIOLET EYES

Oh and a lot of swearing and cursing. I know it's the same, but appears nevertheless.


Harry asks Draco for private lessons of a 'slightly' differentkind.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (to find better into the story)

Book Six (Half Blood Prince) never happened

Harry killed Voldemort in 6th year, consequently this story happens in year 7.

Draco has decided against his father and Voldemort.

Italic Harry's thoughts

Bold Draco's thoughts


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Lessons Part I

words: 1470

Oh my god! This will be the most embarrassing thing I've ever, ever, ever, ever...ever, EVER done in my whole sorry life.

The most dense. – Okay we got it. – The most humiliating. – We already know. – The most suicidal ever. – POTTER! Get a grip on yourself.

Harry Potter was walking through the Hogwarts castle, mind rambling and cursing himself. It was close to curfew, but he wasn't intending to stay long, anyway. On his way to the astronomy tower he passed Ms. Norris twice,

How is she doing that? Creepy.-

but she had to let him go, so he wasn't doing anything forbidden.

He climbed up the staircases to the astronomy tower, still in his own world and mind punching himself. If he had done it for real, there wouldn't be much more left than a Harry-puddle.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! What happens if he's not there? What if he hasn't found the letter? – Go back to the tower and act like nothing had happened. – Oh fuck and if he comes? – I'm screwed. Potter, you stupid fucking bird-brained flat-head think twice before you act. Acting out of impulse never did any good for you. Well, that discovery comes some hours to late. – He will so laugh at me and tell the whole school. We stopped these childish fights and everything, but that's no excuse to ask him. I AM SUCH AN IDIOT! Give me a piece of wood that I can slam against my head!

He opened the door and walked inside. He was blind because of the darkness, but his eyes got used to it and he walked over to a window and sat on the sill. It was a completely black night. No moon, no stars. The whole sky was clouded. It seemed like the whole world was slumbering, although it wasn't later than 9:30pm.

Watching the sky, Harry didn't hear the door open.


Harry nearly fell out of the window, just getting a grip on the window-frame, keeping him on the sill.

"Oi Malfoy. You gave me a heart-attack."

Draco had rushed forward to get a hold on Harry and was now standing close to the window.

Did he try to save me? Well not save, I mean help. Help me so I wouldn't fall out of the window. – Naaah probably just giving a little push so that I would fall for real.

Actually you gave ME a heart-attack. Don't you dare do that again.

The blonde leaned against the wall next to the window and looked into the dark room, not saying anything. Harry's mind was racing to decide what he should do and decided not to waste any time.

"So you, eurm, found the letter?"

"Apparently, Potter. Or I wouldn't be here, would I? What do you want? I hope it's something important that I climbed all the stairs for from the dungeons to the tower."

"I – I want to ask...I want to ask you a favour."

Oh god I said it. Please don't explode Malfoy.

A favour? Huh? I mean –huh? He knows whom he's talking to, doesn't he?

Harry blushed, but it was hidden in the dark night, like Draco's smirk.

"A favour, Potter? I didn't know that we are all buddy buddy now, to ask for such things. But you made me curious. What's the favour about?"

"I want you to tutor me."


"Tutor you? Who do you think I am? Some Samaritan? I can't believe you. That's the fucking damn reason I climbed all these stupid stairs for? Ask Snape if you need extra lessons in potions."

Potions? Who said that I'm talking about potions? I know I'm not the best, but, hey, I don't suck that much.

Harry stopped Draco's little freak out with one simple statement.

"I'm not talking about potions."

And the Slytherin fell silent, watching Harry with a questioning eye.

"Not potions? What else? Your other classes are quite all right, aren't they?"

Oh no, I don't want to tell him. How should I start?

Harry sighed audible and dug his face into his hands.

"You know what you're called at school, right?"

The blonde smirked.

This is going to be interesting.

"Which one do you mean, in particular? 'Slytherin Prince', 'most handsome guy', 'the man women want to impregnant', 'sex-God'..."

"You're so full of yourself, Malfoy. But...But I mean the last thing."




Oh god. Let the ground open up and swallow me completely, now!

"You know there is this guy I like..."

Guy? Okay Draco don't forget to breathe. AHHHHH OOH MY GOD! Which god do I have to thank for this revelation? – But wait, stop, one step back. Guy? Which guy? There will be corpses if someone is touching my man. HUH? My man? Am I nutters? He doesn't even now that I like him.

"Guy, huh?"

Harry blushed a nice shade of pink, which Draco could imagine pretty well.

"Yeah a...a guy. Well I...I –oh god, how should I put that? Well I'm not, I'm not really experienced in these kind of things. You know, all the time when Voldemort was still alive, I never wanted to endanger someone, I really truly liked. Ron and Hermione were concerned enough, but they never wanted to leave my side, even when I begged them. – And, and I wanted..."

NO! NO! He's not really trying to ask, what I think he will ask.

"Hold on!"

Harry looked up, just realising that he had starred at the ground the whole time.


"You're not asking me to tutor you in sex?"

The Gryffindor coughed awkwardly.

"Actually not only."

This is not for real. I must have hit my head really, really badly somewhere.

He will freak out any minute now. Damn! Why did I ask him again? Oh yeah, his reputation.

"What do you mean 'not only'?"

"Do I really have to answer that? - I mean everything."

"Everything? Like in EVERYTHING?"

Harry lowered his head.


He must be kidding? Although I wouldn't mind, but HE MUST BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!

"Potter, you must be kidding? You can't ask for real. You know that you are talking to your sworn enemy, right? ...

He's reacting pretty calm, wouldn't have thought so. Wow!

"Why should I agree to such things? Unbelievable! Honestly, I'm at a loss for words. You've accomplished something not many people are able to."

"I thought you take everyone as long as you can have your way with him or her."

"Hell no! How did you hit on that?"


"Oi Potter! Do you believe everything you hear or get told?"

Draco sighed and shook his head, again and again.

Harry, you arsehole! Why do you torture me with such questions? This is hell. Oh my god. He's offering himself to me on a silver platter. My dreams come true. NO! Draco shut the fuck up. He doesn't want you. He wants to learn your skills.

The boy-who-lived looked like a lost puppy.

"Does that mean you reject me? You will not teach me?"

Draco sighed again, for the umpteenth time this night.

"Listen Potter, I can't teach you. It wouldn't cause any good. Though you might be a nice fuck, but no."

The look Draco got was worth the last sentence. But the scared look changed into an obstinate one.

"If you say I would be a – a nice, a nice fuck, why don't you want me?"

"This guy must mean a lot to you, if you're so desperate."

The smirk of the blonde hid his hurt feelings well.

"It's none of your business, but yeah. So, do you'll teach me?"

OI! Did that sound desperately pathetic? Yes! No! Oh fuck, yes.

"Is your beloved a top or bottom?"

Harry nearly choked on his own breath.

"What? Why? I don't know."

"Ohhh Potter. If I should help you, I need some information."

"Does that mean you'll help me?"

Desperately pathetic, again. Fuck you Potter.

"Don't become overly excited. I haven't agreed yet. First I want some information before I make a decision."

What the hell am I doing here? I'm digging my own grave. If I sleep with him and he leaves me for another man I will hang myself or something. Yeah nice Draco, issue an ultimatum on yourself that you will not fulfil. Rather get rid of the other bloke than that. Yes! Or obliviate Harry and let him forget that he had a crush on someone else. Oh Draco you can be proud of yourself.

"So? Top? Or Bottom?"

"How should I know? We haven't talked about that, yet. But sometimes he's really authoritarian and imperious."

"Then he tops. That means you bottom. That makes many things a lot easier."

"WHAT? You mean...no, no I can't, I can't...do I have to?"

"Do you want to sleep with him?"

"Why, yes."

"Is he a top?"

"Are you?"

· · · ·

That's not cliffy, is it? - NAAAH!

Appetizer for second chapter:

"Stand up!"

"What? Why?"

"You will get your first lesson now."

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