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Theta woke up, felt around suddenely in the fog.

"Rose?" His plan had failed. Oh God, what if she wasn't here?

"Theta..." Thank heavens he was alive...

And they found each other, clung on tight and for a few seconds, everything was alright again.

Theta held on to her hand and Rose looked up at him.

"Where are we?"

"The same place we came to last time... we're both together this time, because we... left Earth... at the same time."

"I thought you'd died..."

"Um... hello? We're gods. We CAN'T die. Although our human bodies can get exploded into a million pieces..." he added sheepishly.

Rose put her hands on her hips. "Tell me what happened..."

"Well, the thing is, I kinda forgot I had a spare bunch of Exploding Carrots -"

"You had a SPARE?" Rose stared at him, speechless.

"Yeah... so I didn't remember it was there until I'd jumped, by which time it was too late... so I exploded you as well... I didn't think you wanted to see my body in loads of" bloody fragments lying around until I came back to life..."

"Alright, so now..."

"We're both bloody fragments, yeah. But we died at the same time, so at least we're together..."

He backed away as it became clear that Rose was furious with him. At her glare he glared back.

"Well how was I supposed to know..."

"My mother... an entire square full of people might be dead!"

"Oh..." Theta realised he hadn't thought of that.

"Oh GOD you are so STUPID!"


"Blowing up a cathedral! It was your idea!"

"Well YOU agreed to it!" White sparks shot out of his fingers - one of them burned Rose on the nose, and he quickly retracted his hand and calmed himself with an effort.

"If I hadn't had the idea we'd be running from the Earth press tomorrow!"

"But we'd still be... on Earth! In our bodies!"

"We'll get back to our bodies!"

"Our bodies are in a million pieces!"


Rose was working things out a lot better than he was, he realised.

"Come here... you're burned."

He took her into his arms and proceeded to lick the burn on her nose gently, ignoring her muffled protests.

"Saliva has great healing properties you know... Wonderful stuff, packed full of lactoferrins and immunoglobulins..."

Her eyes rolled heavenward but she kissed him softly anyway. Now, exactly why him talking science turned her on so much she had no idea... it just did. The yellow sparks flew, surrounding Theta in a mist. This was his idea of heaven. Rose was up against him, moaning into his mouth and he could have quite happily carried on doing this all day but -

"Rose... how are we gonna get out of here?"

She looked up. "Ah... well last time the Face of Boe told us how to get out..."

"But he's not here this time, which means - "

" - we have to figure it out ourselves."

"If we just use Bad Wolf together..."

"We'll come back to Earth in pieces. Our bodies got ripped apart."

"But Bad Wolf creates life. She doesn't destroy it... she can't destroy us. She'll create us back again, I'm sure of it. We ARE Bad Wolf! And if we don't go back to life, what're we gonna do? Just wait here... forever?" She looked around at the bleak fog and shivered.

He looked at her. One of his serious, dark and important looks. His eyes flashed, an emotional storm brewing under the surface. It was crunch time.

"If we go back and Bad Wolf doesn't do anything, we'll exist as lifeless scraps of flesh for eternity. You realise that?"

"Yeah, I know. And it's not gonna happen, yeah? We're going back, Theta." Oh-so-determined. His Rose... she put her life on the line so many times. He was so, so proud of her...

"Okay." He was gonna trust her. Didn't he always?

They both tapped into the immense power at their fingertips and felt themselves burning.with golden fire. Theta took Rose's hand as they began the now familiar journey to life. It was easier together. They soared instead of plodded, half-flew up the path. They saw the door again, the gateway between life and death. And they were aware of the power that they posessed, to travel between the two, instead of taking the one-way road from life to death like all other beings ever created. Everything dies... everyone turns into dust... nothing stays the same... except for them. The ultimate exceptions. The gods.

And they tumbled through the gateway, into the unknown, not knowing whether their bodies would be there for them in life... but they had a hand to hold the whole way through, and somehow that made the long fight a little bit better...

Back on Earth, Jackie had been thrown back by the force of the explosions but was miraculously unharmed aside from the odd scratch or bruise. She was standing there in absoloute shock as she saw the Doctor explode with her daughter at the same time as the cathedral. TWO explosions? She knew something had gone wrong but didn't know how serious it was. She didn't know whether to panic. Whether to interfere or stay well away. The square had long since drifted into chaos - everyone who wasn't stunned or worse was running around screaming in a panic. The emergency services were here now and were beginning to cordon off the area. The cathedral roof had managed to catch fire and teams of men were working on it. The police were running around trying to herd people together, afraid of another alien attack. Jackie hurried out of their way before they could round her up and gazed frantically at the point where Theta and Rose had exploded, on the verge of tears. There were bits of mutilated flesh strewn around the nearby area. As far as she could tell, they were both dead. They were gods, sure, but... nobody could come back from that. Could they?

That was when it started. A weak golden light began to pour from the exact point that Rose and Theta exploded. It rapidly grew stronger and stronger, attracting the attention of everyone in the square. Soon it was almost pure-white, and blinding. A solid sphere of power grew, radiating and pulsing gently. The sphere slowly split exactly in half and levitated until both mini-spheres were hovering above their heads. As this happened, bits of flesh, blood, bone and hair suddenely began to move from where they lay on the ground. As everyone watched, totally stunned, the pieces began zooming up to join and merge, slowly forming two humanoid bodies. The pieces were sealed together with a glowing white substance that left no traces of damage and healed any of the skin's existing bruises or flaws.

The naked forms of one man and one woman were now visible as silhouettes through the dazzling light. When both forms were entirely complete, they both began to spin very fast in a mystical wind that ebbed and flowed around them, tornado-style. Suddenely, they stopped dead and the wind began to pour into their mouths, which were both wide open. As the torrent of air gushed into them both figures crackled with white sparks. In a sort of trance, they both lifted their right hands and touched their palms together. As they did this every single fragment of their clothing and every one of their posessions lifted up, joined together and was returned to them. Fully clothed and looking exactly as they had done before, there was a pause and they hovered there for a long moment. Then, suddenely, the connection was broken. The light, the sparks and the wind disappeared as suddenely as they came and Theta and Rose both fell to the ground in a heap.

Silence in the square. All panic had ceased and everyone was looking at the two bodies on the floor. Jackie held her breath, feeling the tension. Were they alive?

Suddenely both of them stirred, sat up groggily and saw each other. Huge smiles spread across both their faces and they hugged each other for dear life. They'd made it!

"Oh Rose..."

The way he said it made her look at him, eyes blazing with sudden desire. "We'd better be getting married... NOW!"

"Of course we are... but you might want to get off me first..." Rose got up off Theta and helped him to his feet. As they looked around them they realised for the first time that they were being stared at by a crowd of bystanders, firemen whose hoses were dripping lifelessly on the ground, and a group of police officers, who were moving towards them bearing handcuffs.

"We're arresting you... by the power of the law."

When Theta backed away, they pulled out guns and began firing at them.

"Why the hell can't I marry you in peace?" An exasperated Theta took Rose's hand and dashed up the street with her, avoiding the bullets, the troupe of officers in hot pursuit.

They dashed down endless side-streets and alleyways until they were hopelessly lost.

"Where are we?"

"Haven't a clue..."

"We NEED to get to the Tardis..."

The cops were closing in from both sides of the narrow street they were on. They were trapped! The cops pointed their weapons, ready to fire...

Suddenely, a battered and familiar truck came zooming down the street, past the cops, and screeched to a halt in front of Theta and Rose. It was... Harold! In his van! He stuck his head out and stared at them.

"I was driving home when I saw you two! What've you done, eh, to 'av all them coppers chasin' yer?"

Theta's grin was ear-splitting. "Tell you later..."

"Git in the van then, come on!" He shoved them both in the back of his van and was zooming off again before the stunned officers had time to react. They tried to shoot at Harold's van, but for once his reckless driving paid off - he was veering to either side of the road too quickly to aim at him.

As the van sped off down the road Rose decided to ask Harold, "Harold, Jackie's still out there. I saw her. She didn't die in the explosion..."

"The explosion?"

"Yeah... the explosion. Long story, but the short of it is... the Doctor blew up the cathedral. You know - St. Thomas'."

"Eh!" Harold whistled. "That takes some doing... Yer a fine man, Doctor..."

"Why thank you!" Theta looked delighted.

"And in the process, we kinda revealed that we're... aliens. So now the police... and pretty soon the army... will be after us. So Theta and I have to leave Earth for now. And we need to tell Jackie."

Harold nodded understandingly. "Seems to me it'd be better off if I dropped you at yer blue box first, then, and then how's about I go an' pick up Jackie an' tell her where yer going an' that yer all safe..."

"Harold - that's great!"

They were nearing the estate now. Harold parked the van outside and both of them got out. Theta patted Harold on the shoulder.

"Harold... thank you."

"Aw it was nothin'. Glad I could 'elp. You two are... brilliant. An' don't you forget that. Wish Jackie an' I could be there for the wedding..."

Rose hugged him.

"Bye sweetheart!"

"Bye Harold!"

They waved the van out of sight before staring at the road they'd just driven down. As he left, cops had swarmed down it in all directions, trying to surround them. All of them had huge black weapons and they could hear the rattle of bullets as the officers emptied their guns, firing at will, desperate to catch the aliens. Theta grabbed Rose and they both sprinted for the Tardis. A bullet whined off the pavement inches from Rose's shoe and splinters of concrete embedded in her foot, but they managed to get inside the Tardis and slam the door without any serious injury.

Theta switched on the lights and whisked Rose to the medical bay, where he dug out a skin regenerator, then stopped suddenely and stared at Rose's foot.

It was glowing. As golden dust fell from it gently, the concrete chips disappeared from her foot and the skin completely healed. They both stared at it in amazement.

"We're still in the first twenty-four hours of our new... life, I suppose. That's what's healed your foot!" He grinned.

They went back into the Tardis control room and the Doctor dashed around pushing levers and buttons, charting a course.

"So where are we going to get married then?"

He looked at her and beamed. "I never did take you to Barcelona, did I?"

They landed soon afterwards on Barcelona, a peaceful world that appeared totally cut off from the rest of the universe. A cool breeze was blowing on a beautiful grass-covered hill covered in trees. From where they had landed, they could see a tiny church in the distance, across a lake so large it could have been an ocean. There were buildings, a small city, across the water. Where they stood, it was deciduous woodland.

Theta looked around him. "Fascinating planet, Barcelona. The wildlife on here is... amazing!"

"Beautiful..." Rose breathed and he looked at her and smiled softly.

Katie jumped out of Theta's pocket onto Rose's shoulder and beamed at all the other squirrels in the trees. Theta bent his head towards her and whispered in her ear.

"Katie... they sing."

And it was true. As he said this a troupe of squirrels perched on a large branch in single file, opened their little mouths as one and began to "aah" an incredibly tuneful choral piece. It had no words - it didn't need words - but the tunes ebbed and flowed around each other quite beautifully. They looked like a group of little choirboys in a tree, their heads bobbing to the beat as they sang... Rose thought it hilarious.

Katie's eyes were bugging out of her head at the sightby this time, and Theta laughed at her

"Didn't you know? They only come out twice a day, we were lucky to catch them."

Now a little jealous of the singing squirrels, Katie huffed and turned away. Theta stroked her tail.

"There there... it doesn't matter if you can't sing Katie! I bet they've NEVER eaten a chocolate brownie in their lives... now that's something to be proud of!"

Katie cheered up and bounced around as Theta gazed at her fondly.

He looked over the huge expanse of water. "Look - there's a church, over there! Just outside the city... if only we could get there..."

He thought for a moment before spotting a man far in the distance in the distance leading a pack of what looked vaguely like horses. He beamed immediately and started jumping up and down. "Of course! Rose - stay here!"

He ignored her protests and ran over to the man. Rose watched him hold a lengthly conversation with him that involved a lot of gesticulating, shouting, feet-stamping and wandering around, but eventually Theta managed to get his hands on one of the horses and led it away from them into the distance. Rose saw no more after that and sat down on a tree stump, grumbling to Katie about the general idiocy of men. Katie made a very willing listener to this tirade, occasionally nodding her head and shooting slightly malevolent glances at the singing squirrels, who were still at it.

Several minutes later a vague shape appeared in the sky, far away. Rose watched it draw closer and soon she could make out Theta waving vigorously. He was riding something! But what? As she strained her eyes the vision flew closer. It was... a donkey! With wings! Oh Lord...

The donkey flew right up to them and travelled in circles above Rose's head before crash-landing with a bump on the ground. Theta fell off the donkey in a very ungentelman-like fashion, scowled and looked at Rose.

"Ouch! Could you... help me up?"

Rose picked him off the ground and stared at this... creation before them. Theta muttered something. When Rose asked him to speak up, he told her the whole story.

"I meant to get you a beautiful flying Pegasus Stallion... all the horses fly here, and that bloke over there was selling them... but guess what - I'm skint. So I only had enough money for this... donkey."

He blushed in embarassment. "Old Arthur here - runt of the litter, I'm told. When I told him about the wedding he laughed... and said the horses are usually for hire... but I could keep him."

Rose burst out laughing. "There I am dreaming about riding a white stallion off into the sunset... and here you are buying me a flying donkey! Called Arthur! Oh God... could my life GET any crazier?"

Theta smiled knowingly at her. "You love it really..."

And Rose couldn't help but agree. Theta helped her on Arthur and she clung to him hard as the donkey took off and began his journey over the ocean.

"Can we... talk to Arthur?"

Theta laughed. "No - none of the animals here are telepathic. Just Katie..."

It was a magical journey - watching the sunlight sparkle over the crystal water. Katie was loving the ride - she'd jumped off Rose's shoulder straight away and was now enjoying herself immensly sitting on Arthur's head. The donkey didn't mind too much... they swooped down low over the sea and watched the white surf foam on the surface, then high again to see the birds with three eyes that Theta raved on about for ages afterwards.

It all ended too soon - before long they had landed on the other side. Theta got off Arthur again, managing to keep his balance this time, and helped Rose off. The small church was now very near and Theta picked up Katie, grabbed Rose's hand and ran with her to the church door. It really was tiny, with a brown thatch roof and a old wooden door. As they approached, they heard organ music from inside. The polished tone of a professional, smooth and virtuotic. The kind of music you could sit and listen to all day without end and not get bored. Someone - whoever was inside - understood how to play.

Rose put a hand on the door, pushed it open and looked at the man playing the organ, the only one in the church, high up in the organ loft in the middle of the central isle. As the door creaked open the music stopped abruptly and the man turned to look at her.

He had a pleasant smiling face, and as he straightened up and looked down at them, she saw he was wearing the unmistakeable brown priest's habit.


Theta took one look at him and ran up the aisle and up the stairs to the loft as fast as lightening. He grabbed the stunned priest by his habit and said in his excitement,

"Will you marry me?"

He realised his mistake as soon as he said it and hastened to rectify it at the horrified look on the priest's face.

"NO! I didn't mean that! I meant, will you marry me and Rose! She's down there..."

He waved at her and Rose, having heard the entire conversation, looked up at them with an amused smile on her face.

"And well, we want to get married, so please please please - "

The priest raised a hand, and when that didn't shut him up, put his hand physically over Theta's mouth to keep him quiet. Rose cut in,

"He NEVER shuts up... I recommend a good clip around the ear..."

The priest stared at her, then at Theta, then back again, trying desperately to work out what was going on. These two wierdos just burst into his church asking to get married...?

"Right! Now we have quiet... at last... could someone give me a COHERENT explanation as to what is going on..." His face was bright red by this time and he really did look quite angry.

Rose ran up to the loft to join them and decided to start. "I... am Rose Tyler and this is Theta, known as the Doctor." Theta bowed pretentiously and Rose glared at him before continuing. "Now, we have just escaped from Earth, where the entire government will quite probably be looking for us, and we've come here to get married."

"Right..." Completely and utterly confused.

"Oh it's a long story... I know it's difficult to understand, but we're really very nice people. Please would you marry us?"

The priest looked at those two long and hard. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something about them made him trust them. Something about them made him knew he would try his utmost to help them...

Time seemed to stand still as Theta and Rose waited for his response.

"Okay... I'll do it."

And Theta pumped his hand enthusiastically in thanks while Rose grinned at him.

"Excellent! Now, do you have any dresses for Rose?"

"We might not be on Earth but Jackie would kill me if I didn't marry you in a dress..." he grinned.

"I'll see what I can do..." the priest muttered, leading them down from the organ loft.

"You... stay here." he added to Theta, leading Rose into a separate room tacked onto the side of the church.

He showed Rose a dress.

"It's the only one I've got, for emergencys - I only come here to play the organ, this church is tiny, no-one gets married here..."

Rose looked around. "I like it."

And the priest smiled before leaving the room so she could try it on.

He went back to the main church where Theta was pacing up and down in an incredibly nervous state.

The priest put a hand on his shoulder and he jumped three feet into the air with a high-pitched scream. The hand was quickly retracted and Theta whirled round to face him.

"I'm... getting married today... 900 years and I'm getting married... OH MY GOD!"

The priest looked at him in some concern. "Are you... alright?"

Theta gave him a manic grin. "I'm better than alright! Better! I'm getting married today!" He bounced on the balls of his feet.

The priest decided to humor him.

"So... where do you come from? What species are you?"

"Me? I'm... a god." He smiled. "So is Rose. The only two in the universe. And here we are, getting married in a tiny little church in rural Barcelona!" He laughed.

The priest nodded uncertainly but smiled anyway. "I don't understand... but I'm sure I won't forget you. Ever."

At this comment the Doctor looked at him properly for the first time, studying the man. "What's your name? Who are you?"

"Just call me... Charlie. Father Charlie."

"Father Charlie... where have I heard that name before?" The Doctor struggled to remember.

"I know that name... why do I know it? What are you going to be?" He looked at him strangely.

Theta would have been about to tax his brain further, but at that moment Rose walked in, and all coherent thought was driven from his head.

If she was beautiful before his brain had run out of adjectives this time. Rose was... oh, she was driving him to distraction! He felt his mouth drop open of it's own accord as this vision walked towards him wearing a beautiful white dress that floated around her and fitted her perfectly. He gulped, his eyes glowing with some intense emotion.

Charlie smiled his approval. "Very nice."

Wordlessly, Theta took his the silver tiara, the one he had given her as an engagement present, out of his pocket where he had been keeping it and placed it on her head, where it sparkled quite beautifully.

"You... like?"

He stared. "Oh, I like... very much. Rose..." He would have said more but was lost for words.

The priest motioned them to the middle of the church, which was so small that the total absence of any congregation didn't matter. It added to the surreality of the experience.

Charlie stood there before them and muttered, "Well, erm... I've never actually done anything like this before, married anyone that is, so... hope you don't mind if I skip most of the formalities... I never was a great priest, that's why I'm here, in this tiny little thing."

He clutched a wedding manual in his hand and looked incredibly anxious.

"Aww that's alright Charlie!" Rose put in.

"H-how did you know my name?" Charlie stuttered.

"Oh, I read his mind..." She jerked a thumb at Theta.

"Right... shall we begin then?" And they nodded.

"Are you... nervous?" Theta enquired sheepishly.

"Just a little bit..." He squeezed her hand hard.

As Charlie opened his mouth, Katie suddenely hopped out of Theta's pocket and onto a pew, where she watched them expectantly.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joyful union of... erm... I forget your names..."

"Theta and Rose." Theta interjected.

"Yes, Theta and Rose." Charlie consulted his book.

"Now, I'm not even going to ask if there are any lawful impediments to this marriage because, well, what I'm doing is technically illegal - you're marrying without witnesses - and I don't have a clue what you've been up to to get banished from Earth but... I trust you." He offered them a grin, which they both returned.

"Have you got any rings?"

When they both shook their heads, he rolled his eyes before dashing off to find his emergency supplies in the other room. He soon reappeared with two gold rings, each embedded with a single diamond.

"Here you go... it's a good job they stocked this place up before dumping me in it..."

He handed one ring to each of them before giving them permission to put them on the other's fingers. As the transaction took place a golden light seemed to fill the room. Dust filtered gently down on the couple as Charlie gazed at it all in astonishment.

"You two... wow..."

Theta and Rose were by this time in their own little world of happiness - you could see the slightly glazed look in their eyes, their dazed expressions and the yellow sparks that chased each other in between their hands.

Charlie flicked through around fifteen pages of ceremonial rites and stopped at the end of the book. He smiled at both of them as he gave the final blessing.

"May you both be blessed with eternal happiness and... oh, just kiss her already!"

And Theta complied, sweeping her into his arms, and the last rays of the sun shone through the skylight directly onto them, bathing them in a warm yellow glow. They looked so perfect together it was all Katie and Father Charlie could do to refrain from crying at their wedding...

With that, Theta carried Rose out of the church door in his arms and out onto the grass, where Arthur was waiting for them. The sun was beginning to set in the distance, it's orange-red glow panning out over the expanse of sea. It looked breathtakingly beautiful and the newly weds stood there hand in hand and gazed at it quietly.

Charlie came up behind them, carrying Katie, who he had taken out of the church.

"Well... I guess you two'll be going then..."

Theta beamed. "I'm taking Rose on a tour of the universe! And show her the dogs with no noses!"

Suddenely, something clicked in his head and he turned round to stare at Charlie.

"I know! I know who you are! Father Charlie, as he was known... Rose, meet the Chief Advisor to the King of all Barcelona!"

"Me? Me, be Chief Advisor? You've gotta be kidding..."

"Not now, you won't be. In the future. I was there at your election!" Theta grinned nostalgically as he remembered.

Rose looked at him. "Believe it, Charlie. The most ordinary person in the universe can turn out pretty good sometimes..."

"You should know..." Theta muttered with a small smile and Rose grinned at him.

Charlie stood there for a moment looking dazed and confused, then collected himself and smiled at them both.

"I'll remember what you said - and I'll never forget you! Never!"

And he stood there and watched as Theta and Rose clambered onto Arthur. He'd only known them for such a short time and already it hurt a little to say goodbye... he really was getting old... As he was about to take off, Rose turned suddenely.

"Charlie! You can have Arthur once he's taken us back to the Tardis - we'll send him to keep you company!"

Father Charlie beamed his thanks and stood there to watch Arthur fly off into the sunset. He never wavered in his watch until the winged beast had flown out of sight over the horizon, when he took one last look before heading back into his church with a small smile on his face.

Sitting there on Arthur, the two of them looked at each other and just radiated happiness. They had just done what they'd wanted to do for so long... ever since they's first met each other, truth be told. The lonely gods, no longer together but alone, and oh... it felt wonderful! And after that, their lips locked together and in each other's embrace they knew no further thought. Out there, over the crystal water, was a flying donkey soaring through the sky. And if anyone had cared to notice, on it's back were Theta and Rose, newly-wed and wonderfully, fantastically in love.

And as they were married, the balance of the universe reached completion. Because their love was one that would last forever more, through the entirety of time and space. That's how it is. How it was. And how it was always intended to be.


So there you have it... Theta and Rose are happily married. Because Doomsday was a terrible mistake. And TO HELL with RTD - he should know better. I believe this is the end. OR IS IT?

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