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Chapter 1: Boy Meets Girl

(((Jesse is 16)))

'Dad, please!'

'Don't beg me, act like a man. You're going and that's final!'

'Just let me stay here, get me a tutor or something.'

'No! Not having you under my feet all day.'

'Quit hiding me!'

'Don't take that tone with me!'

'Why don't you love me?'

'How could I? You're a freak!'

The sound of an alarm woke Jesse from the restless sleep. The week before Jesse's dad Noah had informed in that he was pulling him from the boarding school in Germany, and moving him into one in Canada.

He was dreading it already. His father had arranged for Jesse to stay in one of the dorm rooms on campus.

That would last for however long it took Jesse to do something unexplainable, and his dad would yank him out of this school as well.

The words from the fight they had last night, still ringing in his head. How could a dad say something so horrible to his one and only son, 'But he's right. I am a freak. Wait, why am I defending him? He's nothing to me! No, not true, he is my dad and he hates me.'

He looked over at the clock, it was 3 am, and he had to get up and be downstairs in half an hour. His bags had been packed the night before, and were already in the limo out front. It was to drive him to the campus 4 hours away in Victoria, Canada.

He rolled out of bed, and walked into the bathroom, turned on his shower, and stripped of his pajama bottoms, and stepped into the shower. Letting the water wash away the night, and for at least 10 minutes, put off the day ahead.

He sometimes wished the water could wash away what was wrong with him, so he could be something that his dad would love enough to show him off. Therefore, his dad would be proud instead of ashamed.

As the water starting relaxing him, he felt better. 'This will be different! I won't do anything to embarrass him this time, and he'll let me stay at this school. Maybe I can even have friends this time. I'll show him, you just wait.'

The sign in front of the school said, Welcome to St. Alexandria Christian Academy

As Jesse stood there looking at the huge building that he would call home for the next few months, he realized it was the classiest his dad had ever sent him too. It had at least 3 floors and had windows galore.

His father had never sent him to a Christian Boarding School before, 'must have been a mistake, cause ever since the day I was born, he had nothing but curse God!'

He walked away from the sign, and headed after the limo driver, who was carrying some of his bags to the building, that was to be his dormitory.

He hated it already. He was getting fed up with his dad sending him everywhere possible, just to hide the fact that he was different than other kids.

When he was about ten years old, he had managed to convince himself that he was dying. I mean, why else would his dad distance himself from Jesse. Furthermore, just to confirm this, he sneaked into his father's office, and opened up his dad's file cabinet. There he had found a file with his name on it.

Jesse almost collapsed from the information he had found... he was something called a mutant!

The scientific term on the papers said he was a Molecular to be exact. With the abilities to mass his body into some kind of impenetrable armor and he could also phase his body out so that he could walk through walls. That was something he enjoyed.

He loved the power, but one night it turned into nightmare. He was 14 and he had decided to phase through the walls of his dad's office to see what was on the other side. He fell 2 stories when he found there was exactly nothing on the other side.

Then last year, he phased into his parent's room by accident. Most kids are grossed out to find out their parent's still does 'it.' Jesse was grossed out to see them doing 'it.'

He shuddered at the memory.

He remembered the doctor's name on the files, Dr. Adam Kane. He had a vague memory of the doctor, from when he was 6 or so. Sometimes he wished he could meet Dr. Kane, but he was too afraid to. He was positive that he was the only mutant left alive after some experiment by the government went wrong.

Though his weird powers were cool, he had trouble controlling it sometimes. Like one time, it was one of the first boarding schools his dad every sent him to. He was 11 years old at the time and had climbed a tree like all kids do at his age. However, for some reason, his density changed and he phased right through the limb he had been sitting on. Landing so hard that he broke his arm in 4 places. It started the boarding school game, which was to become his life. Every six months or so, his father, Noah Kilmartin would move Jesse into a new school.

He never bothered to make real friends, he never got a chance to, he moved too often for that. No, his only friends were his computers, and the books in his father's library, in which he would spend hours reading.

"Jesse!" yelled the driver. "Get a move on, we haven't got all day. I have to get you in your room." Then the driver paused, and smiled back at Jesse. "Sorry, I forget to be nice when your dad isn't around."

"No problem Charles, so do I," laughed Jesse.

"You can unpack later. Your first class is at 7 don't be late. Here is your schedule," the driver said as he handed Jesse a folded piece of paper.

"Thanks, is my dad coming later?" he asked hoping he was, but already knowing the answer.

"No, he has a business meeting this morning at 8. This is why I am leaving as soon as I get you in your room. I am driving him to his meeting."

"Oh, well then give me the paper with my room number, and I will get there by myself!" he said pulling the paper out the driver's hand. "I will get all my stuff on my own too, go ahead, leave," he said more harshly then he meant to and saw the pain on Charles face, "I'm sorry, I'm not mad at you."

"Jesse, I am sorry about your father. It isn't for me to say this, but I would be proud of you if you were my son. Have a good day sir."

Ever since Jesse was real young, Charles had been his driver. On those long trips to boarding schools, and other places his parents used to hide Jesse. They had forged a friendship, which was beyond words.

Charles and his wife were unable to have kids of their own, so they had in a way adopted Jesse as their own. He had even gone so far as to tell other kids, that the driver was his father.

Jesse knew he could always count on Charles to listen to him when he had a problem. He had even brought Jesse home with him, to enjoy supper with him and his wife, Margaret.

With all Jesse's heart, he wished he had been born to Charles and his wife, instead of the two parents, if you could call them that, which he ended up with.

"Thank you, Charles, you too," he said. He wanted so badly to make his dad proud, but all he ever did was bring him shame.

"Hey Jesse!" yelled Charles.


"Don't forget to get me a copy of your events here. What to they call it, class calendar? Margaret and I want to be here for you whenever we can be. Especially your piano recitals, you play like nothing I've ever seen Jesse."

Jesse smiled with pride; "I'll get you the schedule."

"Good, call me any time you want, don't care how late it is."

"Thanks, for everything."

"Your welcome. Take care!"

He walked the rest of the way to his room, and placed his bags down in the floor. His dad had spared no expense; Jesse had a single room with no roommate. Something he was grateful for, but also sad. Now he had no one to talk to at night before going to sleep. He placed his laptop on the desk. Glanced at the clock and realized he had 12 minutes to get to class.

Jesse walked down the hallway toward his locker. He noticed a few people turning to look at him. Of course they were, he was the new kid. He had to try twice as hard at this school, cause he wanted his dad to quit moving him.

' I will do better this time. I have to, if he makes me move again, I don't know what I'll do. Yeah I do, but that option scares me to death. However, I can't keep this up much longer. I need love, and if don't find it soon.

All right Jesse, don't go there. Don't let him win. You have to quit thinking suicide is an option. Think about Charles and Margaret, they would be devastated if you died. Now, get you books and go to class.'


Jesse placed his books in his locker, and turned to head for his first class. His eyes caught the sight of a very beautiful young girl. She was looking at him at the same time and she smiled at him. He smiled back.

She had beautiful brunette hair, and was about the same age as him with beautiful brown eyes. She was dressed in a blue and white cheerleader's uniform. She nervously walked over to Jesse, and said, "Hi."

"Hi," he said.

"You're new aren't you?" she asked. "I mean I know almost everyone here, but you're new."

"Yea, my first day. I'm Jesse."

"Nice to meet you, Jesse. My name is Kaelyn."

"Hi, nice to meet you too."

"Where did you go before you transferred here?"

"How did you know I transferred?"

"Mid-semester, you either transferred, or started really late," she said with a smile

"Oh yeah, your right, sorry. Warren T. Statham in Germany."

"Oh I've been there, last year in fact. But I never saw you."

"I only attended for the last 6 months."

"Oh, that's why then. Sorry you must think I'm so nosy."

"No, not really, just friendly."

"That's good, cause I would hate to scare you off on your first day."

"I have to go find my class now, but it was nice meeting you."

"What class do you have now? Maybe I can show you."

"Mrs. Cartwright, English Lit."

"I have the class now, we can walk there together," she said with a smile.

She opened the locker beside Jesse's and took out her English book, pen and notebook. "Would you like to eat lunch with me? I can introduce you to all my friends."

Jesse froze in his tracks, "Um," he paused, his mind flashed back to all the times he had been tortured cause he was the new kid in school. It always angered him how mean, rich and bratty boarding school kids could be. It made him so angry one time that he massed while alone in the bathroom and punched a huge hole in the wall. That was boarding school number 12, in France. However, massing was one of those things he was trying not to do in this school.

"You alright? Oh, wait your probably nervous about meeting new people. How about just you and me then, I mean if you want."

"Sure, that would be nice," he said as he walked with her down the hall toward their class.

"So, is this your second time in a boarding school?" she asked.

"Third," he lied. He had lost count years ago.

There was some construction going on in the hallway, as they came closer, part of the ceiling gave away and started falling. Before Jesse knew it, Kaelyn grabbed him. He felt as if the world around him had just shifted under him. In addition, as he looked around, he noticed the falling part of the ceiling was frozen in mid-air, and no one was moving. To say he was freaked out was only saying half of what he was feeling.

"What happened?"

"Oh no, not again," said Kaelyn as she let go of Jesse. "Wait, did you speak?"


"I must have ...oh no... dad is going to kill me."

"You must have what?"

"Ok, you are going to freak out. I froze time. I'm a," she paused.

"You're a what?" asked Jesse nervously. Part of him was worried that she was an alien of some sort, the rest of him was hoping, cause then maybe she wouldn't freak out when she found out he was different.

"I'm something called a mutant."

Jesse was shocked to hear the word mutant; "You mean you have DNA in you that let's you have certain abilities?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Cause I am too," he said excitedly, "I am molecular, I can change my body density."

"Ok, I only understand half of what you just said."

"I'll explain later, what kind of mutant are you?"

"Well I have the power of Stasis-Suspension, which simply means I can freeze time. I think I am molecular like you though."

"I have never met another mutant," he said, he still didn't understand how she knew so much about being a mutant. He knew very little and he was one. However, the best news was that he now knew he wasn't alone. There was at least one more mutant in the world.

"Me either. And I have to undo this," she said pointing to the ceiling tile that was suspended over Jesse's head, " so we can talk more about this over lunch."

"Do your friends know?"

"No, so during lunch we won't talk, just incase they overhear. Instead, how about dinner?"

"How do you know so much about your abilities?" he asked, he wanted to know more, and had a feeling she was his best chance for answers.

"My dad used to work with the doctor who caused me to mutate."

"He did?"

"Yeah, my dad, Dr. Andy Burleson worked with a Dr. Adam Kane."

"Dr. Kane? He's my doctor, well kind of, I don't really understand it all yet."

"Me either, but you can meet my dad when he come to visit in a few months," she said smiling.

"No thanks," he said fast. He had a fear that if anyone really knew he was a mutant, they would kill him. How else do you explain the fact that there were very few mutants? As far as he could tell, there were two!

"Why not? My dad could tell you everything you need to know about your abilities."

"Cause the more people who know, the more likely it is that they will kill me."

"Into conspiracy theories are we?"

"No, just cautious."

"Whatever, so you never said yes or no to dinner. We can talk more about my dad, and stuff."

"Sure, now how do you undo freezing time?" he asked as she reached out and touched the wall behind him, and all of a sudden time unfroze, and the ceiling fell, just inches from Jesse.

"Hey kid, you all right?" yelled one of the workers.

"Yeah, you just shaved 30 years off my life, but I'm fine," he yelled up. He then ran after Kaelyn, who was already going into one of the rooms.

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