Chapter 14 Plan

For the next 3 weeks, Jesse and Shalimar struggled through high school in order to get to the vacation time Jesse promised. Shal especially hated high school, she had always wanted to go, but never got the chance before now. Her feral senses were constantly under attack by smelly teenagers. She was the first one out the door that Friday after school let out.

Jesse noticed her racing toward the door and quickly followed, "Shal!"

"Let's go."


"I'm going to kill your dad just for forcing me to smell you people," she groaned without ever stopping to turn around.

He followed behind her, "Just so you know, I'm driving!"


Noah Kilmartin glanced up as he heard someone come in the library where he was reading the newspaper, he half smiled to see it was Jesse. "Hello Jesse."

"Hey dad, want you to meet someone."

It was then that Noah noticed the young girl standing next to Jesse. She was quite beautiful in fact, he stood up, "You brought a friend home, it's about time," he smiled.

"Dad, this is Shalimar, my girlfriend."

"Shalimar, what a beautiful name, for a beautiful lady."

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you. Jesse has told me a great deal about you."

Jesse almost felt sick to his stomach watching his dad be nice Shalimar.

"I brought you a gift Mr. Kilmartin," said Shalimar, as she handed him a medium sized wrapped box. "I hope you like them."

Noah took the box from her and opened it to find Cuban cigars, "I see Jesse told you of my love of these. I do believe Cubans make the best cigars."

"I figured you would like them."

"Please, call me Noah."

"Thank you, Noah. Would you mind if Jesse shows me around?"

"Go right ahead, Jesse you know the way I believe," smiled Noah.


Jesse took Shalimar by the hand and led her out of the library and into a long hallway that led to the garden. Once they were there, Jesse let go of her hand and the walked to the gazebo and sat down. Jesse was the first one to break the silence, "I can't believe we pulled it off."

"You were right letting me give him the gift, he never saw it coming, and he was quite honestly too busy looking at me like his next… never mind. Jesse, we need to leave before he dies or we will be suspects."

"You're right, let's get out of here."


Noah sat down at his desk and lit a cigar. He took one really big puff and let is slowly out. He felt himself relaxing and decided to just relax and enjoy the moment. He was quite shocked that his son had found such a beautiful girlfriend. 'I mean what kind of girl would date a freak like him? Of course, he hasn't told her or she wouldn't be here now, she would have run away! If it wasn't for Jesse's mom I would have had him killed like all the others, but she begged me not to kill him. Sometimes I really wish I hadn't made that promise.'

Noah found himself getting sleepy all of a sudden and found he could hardly hold his eyes open. He got up from behind his desk and headed for the couch. He never made it; he fell to the floor. He was gasping for air but none was getting to him. He felt his throat tighten and close. There was foam coming from his mouth. He keep gasping for breathe, knowing it was never going to happen. His heart and head were bounding and then there was nothing.

Noah Kilmartin lay dead on the floor of his library.


Jesse and Shalimar walked into Sanctuary to find Kaelyn resting on the couch watching some silly movie on the television, "Kae."


Kae ran into Jesse's arms. Adam came at the sound of the commotion, "Everything ok?"

He stopped when he saw Jesse and Shal, "You two back already?"

"He's dead," said Shal she said as she walked toward Adam. He opened his arms and embraced her. He knew what it meant for her to kill the man that killed Richard and so many other mutants like her.

Jesse pulled away from Kae, "Let's get married."

"We already have that planned Jesse," she laughed.

"No I mean tonight," he grinned.

"Are you serious?"

"Never been more serious, but there is someone I want to invite. Shalimar, you come with me, because I need your help getting the justice of the peace to say yes to this."

"What you want me to kill him," she joked, "cause I don't kill mean of the clothe."

Jesse pulled her arm and they went running toward the door, "Kae, be back in 20 minutes.


Shalimar came into the living room of Sanctuary, Kaelyn, you and Adam need to get changed, we're going to a wedding."

Kaelyn went upstairs and changed into a simple white spaghetti-strap floor-length dress. She had bought it for their reception out of fear of getting the wedding gown messed up with food. However, she figured it would do for wedding gown.

Kaelyn walked down the stairs to Adam waiting her wearing a black tuxedo. He kept pulling on his tie. "You look like a penguin."

"Feel like one too, but you look like a princess."

"Feel like one too," she smiled. "Where we going?"

"You'll see," he said taking her by the hand. He led her to a car and he got in the drivers side. He drove for about half an hour until they reached the beach. He got out of the car and walked around to open the door for Kae.

He walked Kae down to the beach where she saw white roses lining the beach. She saw Jesse standing talking to an older couple and what appeared to be a priest. The older woman noticed Kae first and walked toward her, "Hello, my name is Margaret, I'm Charles' wife. We've known Jesse since he was a child and we're just thrilled to be here to witness this marriage. I made these for you."

Margaret handed her a white bouquet of flowers and a flower crown for her hair. Margaret placed the crown on her head. She gently squeezed Kaelyn's hand, "Bless you for putting that smiled back in his eyes."

"Thank you, but it really wasn't me."

"Yes it was, and he needed this too. His father dying last week was horrible tragedy. You know they are saying it was cyanide poisoning. Oh please forgive me; I shouldn't be talking about things like that on your wedding day."

Margaret walked away and walked over to a keyboard that had been set up on the sand. She begins playing the wedding march as Kae walked toward Jesse. The minister finished the ceremony in 15 minutes and Jesse kissed his wife.

Kaelyn pulled back suddenly and Jesse reached for her, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, the baby kicked me," she said with tears in her eyes. Kaelyn laughed and so did everyone else. Jesse walked Kae over to Charles, "Charles, I want you to meet my wife Kaelyn Kilmartin."

"It's nice to meet you Kaelyn Kilmartin."

"Thank you, it is wonderful to meet you as well."

"Have you two decided on a baby name yet?" asked Margaret as she joined her husband; Adam and Shalimar joined them as well. "Wait you don't even know if it's a boy or girl yet."

"Actually," said Kae, "I found out it will be a girl and I kind of picked out a name."

Jesse smiled, "So what is our daughter's name going to be?"

"Anastasia Aiyana Kilmartin."

"That is an unusual, but beautiful name," said Margaret, "What does it mean?"

"Resurrection of the eternal bloom," smiled Kae.