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Chapter 1

Harry was angry. No, he was beyond angry. He. Was. Pissed. When he went up to his bedroom before his 'family' could take his things and shove them into the cupboard. He saw a letter and a small package on his pillow. Harry opened the window and let Hedwig out of her cage before he sat down and opened the letter. Harry's breathe hitched in his throat when he saw the familiar handwriting of his former godfather who had died earlier. He took a moment to compose himself before he read the letter.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this right now then I'm dead. Don't blame yourself. I chose to go and if I died then I died fighting. The reason why I left you this letter is to tell you the truth about everything. Ron and Hermione were told to befriend you. You were set up by Bumbledork because he wanted the Potter family fortune. As it seems nearly all the Weasleys except Bill, Charlie and the twins were being paid to do it. Granger was the same except he added rare books from the Potter family vault into the deal. I found out that all the payments were coming from your trust fund since the goblins were adamant about him not getting your family vault. Inside the box is a gift from your mother. As it seems it was passed down in her family as a family amulet. As it also seems your mother was a pure-blood and not a muggle-born since her family were squibs. The necklace is supposed to protect the wearer from all spells, curses and jinxes except for the Unforgivables. One other thing, if you haven't gotten a letter from Gringotts, fuck the bastard, and get there pronto! Also Moony and a few others don't know about the payments. Also trust Snape. There's a few small vials that you, Moony and Snape need to see in a Pensieve. Remember Harry, your parents and I care for you deeply and were proud of you.

From Sirius a.k.a Padfoot a.k.a


When Harry had finished reading, he was feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Shock, love, calmness, but most of all anger. Harry eyed the box sitting innocently on his pillow before grabbing it and opening it. His eyes went wide when he saw what was inside it. It was a beautiful necklace with the yin and yang symbol on it. The black parts made from the glassy obsidian and the white made from the milky opal. Curling around it was a jade Asian dragon with one emerald eye and one sapphire eye. It had a silver backing and chain. There were also protection runes and some Chinese characters at the back. But what surprised him the most was that there was Parseltongue on the outer edges. 'Those who can read and understand this tongue are the true heirs to Slytherin.' When Harry read it, he was shocked. "Well what do you know," mused Harry out-loud. Hedwig hooted curiously. He smiled at his close friend. "It seems I am the heir to Slytherin Hedwig. How do you think Snape'll react to it?" asked Harry in amusement. Hedwig flew over and landed on Harry's shoulder to gently nip his ear. Harry chuckled as he put the necklace on. He felt a warm feeling flow through him before he gently stood up and went to his trunk with Hedwig still perched on his shoulder.

Harry pulled out his wand and put it in his back pocket. He grabbed the box that Sirius sent him, put it in his trunk as he reached in, and pull out his money pouch. He took his trunk by the handle and grabbed Hedwig's cage before walking out of his room. When Harry reached the living room he paused to see all three Dursleys looking at him. "Where are you going boy?" growled Uncle Vernon as he looked at Harry with his rather piggy eyes. "And where did you get that necklace?" Harry smiled cheerfully which confused the Dursleys before he spoke. "I'm leaving," said Harry in a cheerful voice "If you see anyone from the BBQ Chicken Order tell'em I left of my own free will and that if any of them try and stop me or take me back here I'll hex' em in a very painful spot, consequences be damned." And with that, Harry went towards the front door, opened it and slammed it shut behind him. Harry walked towards the sidewalk and looked around for anyone coming or looking out the windows. When he was satisfied that no one was around Harry stuck out his wand hand and waited for the tell tale bang. Soon enough the Knight Bus appeared and the doors opened to reveal Stan Shunpike. "Welcome to da Knight Bus," said Stan "Where'd 'choo like to go to, sir?" Harry pulled out some money and gave it to Stan. "The Leaky Cauldron, please," said Harry as he put Hedwig' cage into the bus along with his trunk. Harry told Hedwig to fly ahead since he didn't want her to be rattled around in the bus. When Harry was seated near a window, Stan came and gave Harry a sickle change.

The ride was uneventful and Harry was glad to have gotten off the bus when he reached his destination. "Thanks for the ride," said Harry as he took his stuff off the Bus and watched as it went off in a loud bang! Harry opened the door to the Leaky Cauldron and went up to the counter. "Hello Tom," said Harry politely. "I'd like a room for few nights please." Tom noticed his scar but kept quiet. "Of course not, that'll be two galleons and five sickles for each night," said Tom. Harry nodded. "I'll stay for three days then," said Harry. "If I need to stay longer I'll tell you before hand." "Alright then sir, follow me," said Tom as he led Harry to room ten. The room he spent the rest of his summer in his third year. "Here's the key Mr Potter and I hope you enjoy your stay," said Tom as Harry gave him six galleons and fifteen sickles. Harry gave Tom a smile. "You know I will Tom," said Harry. "It'll be like my third year after all." Tom grinned. "Good evening then Mr Potter," said Tom as he closed the door.

Harry looked at the wizards clock on the wall and saw that it was only half past five so he decided to read his potions book to pass the time. He went over to the window and opened it to let Hedwig in before he settled on his bed and read. Soon enough, Harry was so absorbed in his reading he didn't notice that it was already five to seven. He was jolted out of his reading, however, when Hedwig gave him a small bite on his ear and he looked at the clock. "Thanks Hedwig," said Harry to the owl. "I would've missed dinner. I'll bring you some food when I come back ok?" Hedwig hooted in reply before tucking her head under her wing for a little nap.

Harry made his way downstairs and took the table at the back. Harry watched as some of the members of the wizarding night life became active. While he ate, Harry started a mental list of all the things he needed to do.

To Do List

Find a more permanent place to stay

Find a job

Get a disguise

Look into my bank account

Check for my parents and Padfoot's will

Get a new accountant to mind my accounts

Buy more books especially on the Dark Arts

Get another wand

Learn martial arts and maybe sword arts

He knew he could buy a house or an apartment later on. He could also live on his inheritance for a while too until he found a part-time job. Right now he needed a disguise to get the Order off his trail. Harry was suddenly reminded of the time his hair grew back overnight and decided to look up why that happened.

When he finished his dinner he grabbed some leftovers and put it in a napkin. He waved to Tom on his way upstairs to his room. Hedwig greeted him when he opened the door. Harry smiled. "Hello Hedwig, I got some treats for you," said Harry as he placed the leftovers in her food dish. Harry then pulled out his Transfiguration and Charms books to look up Metamorphagi. When he looked carefully through his Transfiguration book he saw something that caught his interest.

Half-Metamorphagi – They can change only small features, like the length and colour of their hair, colour and shape of their eyes, skin colour and some of their facial structure. To see if someone is a half-metamorphagi they must be forced into a situation where their will strongly wishes the change. For them to control their power they should start off small like growing their finger nails. Since their changes a limited they are a bit more common than true metamorphagi.

Harry blinked. "It's just one surprise after another, huh hedwid?" remarked Harry wryly. Hedwig hooted in agreement as Harry pulled out his potions book again and looked up the animagus potions. He already read that you have to meditate to find your inner animal but you also have to take a potion to change into it. Harry found it and saw that the potion will take six weeks to make and the ingredients were quite numerous. He marked the page and decided to do it after he had completed everything on his mental list. "OK Hedwig you can go and have a fly around now," said Harry as he took his PJs out of his trunk. Hedwig rubbed her head against Harry's cheek and gave him an affectionate nip before taking off.

As Harry prepared himself for bed, Hedwig was off hunt for someone that could help her master in their…… unique situation. As she flew, Hedwig soon reached a small section of London that had a tall red gate at its entrance. On a black board was a few Chinese characters on it in gold. It was the entrance to Chinatown. Luckily it was only about five blocks away from the Leaky Cauldron. Hedwig glided towards a simple sign where she waited until a tall, handsome Chinese man walked gracefully towards with a box of cakes in his hands. The man looked to be in his mid-twenties. He had short black hair cut to his chin that parted down his face to cover his right, topaz coloured eye. His left was an amethyst colour. His pale skin and Asian styled robes made him look like a young Chinese lord from a past dynasty. With him was a creature similar to a rabbit but with bat-like wings, horns, webbed feet and a rat's tail. As the young man reached his shop he saw Hedwig and smiled at her. "Now what may I do for you my dear?" asked the man as he looked at Hedwig.

Soon instead of a snow white owl there was a young woman with long snow white hair with black tips. A heart-shaped face with beautiful amber eyes that sparkled with kindness. She was wearing a simple dress that had a split down one side and had pants underneath. Hedwig smiled at the man. "I do hope you don't mind but I need some help for my owner," said Hedwig politely. "If you don't mind that is Count D." the little winged creature chirped and flew over to Hedwig where it rested on her shoulder. D smiled. "Well since Q-chan likes you and I know that you need to help your owner why don't we talk inside?" suggested D. "I just bought the most delicious fruit cake from a favourite bakery of mine." D opened the door and beckoned Hedwig in. "Thank you Count," said Hedwig gratefully. "Not at all Hedwig," replied D. "Not at all."

And with that Hedwig told D everything since she was given to Harry while he lay in bed sleeping without a single nightmare. Unaware that his close friend was helping him in a way that would change his future and path forever.

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