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Chapter Seventeen

-Day One-

Slytherins were, by nature as well as nurture, suspicious and cautious people. They analyzed everything outside of their safety zones so that they may survive the hazing that they all get from various members of the student populous. Though nowadays, said hazing is reserved for the two outcast Gryffindors to their great amusement.

While the younger Slytherins were watching and reminscing on past 'entertainment' -coughprankscough-, the Head of House, Severus Snape, was studying the only plausible source of such chaos despite the lack of proof.

Which was actually quite an accomplishment for a Gryffindor that most likely wouldn't know what the meaning of proper stealth was without the use of an invisibilty cloak or any other type of magic. Said accomplishment was made quite more impressive when you include the fact that said Gryffindor most likely did everything by himself.

Though you wouldn't be able to get it out of the fearsome Potions Master even if you tortured him for days on end while holding his most prized possession under hostage.

Lately though, the Gryffindor in question had been disappearing more often and a perpetual glint of satisfaction, as well as bloodlust to a lesser degree, had taken residence in his eyes.

Snape had decided to take this as a warning and made sure to let the boy know he(Snape) knew that he(Harry) was up to something. All the Gryffindor did was give him a look that seemed like a cross between a smile and a smirk before he waved and went off to his next class.

That boy was definitely going to be the death of him some day.


-Day Two-

Totetsu was a very happy Chinese chimera type creature. A very, very happy one in fact and he was not the only one either. The reason for this all this thanks to a certain youkai. Their fellow predator had been able to arrange for them to go out for a hunt in a few days for fresh meat.

Fresh human meat at that.

Totetsu could practically taste the hot blood as it slid down his throat from where his teeth dug into the soft neck, tearing through muscle, sinew, tendons and cartlidge with ease. The struggles of his prey would be most amusing as would their screams. Their last gurgles and whimpers would merely feed his darker pleasures.

A dark, primal smirk came upon Totetsu's face as he wondered how many humans there would be at the grounds. Hopefully enough for him and the other predators to bathe the ground beneath their feet in the ruby liquid.

The smirk became slightly thoughtful and amused.

'I wonder if British magic humans taste different from Chinese magic humans and the non-magic ones.' Thought Totetsu.


-Day Three-

Cruel red eyes watched the torture of some hapless Muggle scum with sadistic amusement while his...followers laughed mockingly as the woman curled up into herself while she bit her lip in an attempt to not give her captors the pleasure of seeing her in a weak position. It was rather amusing to see that a Muggle could hold their dignity far better than their magical counter-parts, but then again, they had never known that magic was real had they?

But this woman did earn some of his 'followers' some grudging respect though they'll dismiss it as always. She had fought hard when the men tried to rape her and showed no other emotion other than anger and loathing as she cursed them all creatively.

"M-my Lord?" stuttered a quivering voice making Voldemort look away from the rather amusing entertainment despite the strong will of the individual. Voldemort, annoyed, glared slightly at the cowering ball of human flesh called Peter Pettigrew.

"What is it Peter?" hissed Voldemort with a hint of his irritation colouring his voice. "This had better be important."

"Th-th-the pack th-th-that Greyback w-w-was after has f-f-finally f-f-fallen, M-m-master" stuttered Peter as he barely hid the flinch when Voldemort smirked cruelly in delight.

"How many are left?"

"H-h-half th-th-the pack, M-m-milord."

"Good enough."


-Day Four-

Dumbledore was pacing in his own chambers as he muttered to himself furiously. All his carefuly laid plans had been shredded into Muggle 'confetti' with the force of a Stage Six(1) hurricane barreling behind it.

How could this have happened?

He had toiled at this plan for over a century and a single pawn, his blasted weapon, had ruined it all in the space of a year. Barely a year even dammit!

How could his weapon have gained so much power in just two months?!

It's impossible! Not even he, Albus Percival Wulfuric Brian Dumbledore, had accrued so much power in such a short amount of time! Merlin may have been able to do such a feat but no wizard or witch had ever been able to repeat it after him.

An unsightly scowl came upon his wizened old face as he thought of the new bane of his existence; a boy called Harry James Potter. The blasted little upstart had humiliated his younger spies and he knew that he had done something to his phoenix companion if the immortal wasn't speaking to him.

The fire-inclined immortal was even disappearing at long random periods but the Headmaster dismissed it as the phoenix looking for fresh fruit before falling back to his internal rantings.

Fawkes, in his human form to those that could see, watched this spectacle from where he leaned against his perch and shook his head in disappointment and slight disgust. His arms were folded on his chest and the phoenix couldn't help but be glad that he was going to be leaving this man soon.

The contract was about to expire soon anyway.

Fawkes took another glance at the corrupt wizard and sighed sadly. 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely,' thought Fawkes before he left in a small, silent ball of flames. 'I think a visit to D will help. It's been a while since I last saw the man.'

After Fawkes left, Dumbledore's head jerked violently as he felt the wards being breached near the Forbidden Forest. The blaring alarms in his head gave him an image of many people in black robes with ghoulish, white masks on their faces resembling a morbidly grinning skull.

'Merlin's beard...' thought Dumbledore in slight shock before he immediately went to his office to alert the other Order members whilst bringing up the protective measures of the castle to protect it's occupants. 'Severus must have been kept in the dark about this last attack. But enough of such thoughts! The school must be protected! I can not lose my source of power to these little fleas.'


Yami yawned leisurely on the grassy clearing as he watched the yellow half-moon in the sky with half-lidded eyes. Voldemort would be attacking soon and Yami was not impressed with his unoriginality.

'I mean, plenty of people have used the cover of darkness to deploy most of their missions but has anyone ever thought of using the twilight?' thought Yami as his ears picked up the sound of bare feet on the grass. 'The bright rays could easily blind and hide a person provided that they have plenty of shadowed areas. Too bad those idiots don't get it. Now most of them are gonna be food.'

"Oi, stop slacking around chibi(2)," said T-chan in a bored tone though amusement shone in his eyes as Yami flipped him off with a small glare.

"You're one to talk old man." Muttered Yami.

"Better to be old and gain wisdom than be young and be absolutely stupid," retorted T-chan before he lost all amusement and a feral excitement graced his face. "They're in the Forest by the way. Most have gone invisible but you can't beat a good nose on a determined, and hungry, animal. Your other is in place ain't he?"

"Of course Tetsu," replied Yami with a smirk on his face. "He's already running out of the Tower in an effort to 'fulfill his destiny'. Gods, the bullshit that these people would believe. I am so glad that I don't have to classify myself as one of them now."

T-chan snorted at Yami's disgusted look as both their ears twitched when faint screams reached their ears. Dimmed flashes could be seen in the distance as T-chan and Yami listened with interest at the hasty and loud noises that various Death Eaters were making in order to get away from the hungry predators.

"Do you know when that reptilian wannabe is going to show, Yami?" asked T-chan as he waited for one Death Eater that had, stupidly, separated himself from the rest.

"Nope." Replied Yami simply as he watched T-chan give the lone Death Eater, a newbie no doubt thought Yami with a cringe when the fool screamed at the sight of, in his eyes from what T-chan and Yami could smell, a large pitch black wolf with three tails and a strange goat-like creature that had a rather humanoid face and very sharp teeth that were revealing themselves in a rather feral grin.

Yami's absent-minded amusement could be seen as he watched the Death Eater panic in the most hilarious way before T-chan decided that the man wasn't worth playing with and ripped the poor sod's throat out in the most painful of ways, the tendons and bits of cartiledge could be seen coated in a thin film of blood and mucus-like liquid.

The man barely reacted when T-chan decided to bite into his arm, causing his mouth to open in a silent scream from under his mask as Yami watched the morbid sight of T-chan eating a person. Luckily, he had been desensitised to all this long ago but now he couldn't help but feel a bit peckish when he saw the blood-splattered ground and the chunks of flesh littering the ground.

Sitting up with his legs crossed and chin on his entwined fingers, Yami was about to ask T-chan if the totetsu could spare a leg or two when he felt a large spike of magic coming from the east where the school was.

The biggest, happiest smile came upon his face as he quickly faced the direction where the spike came from before he jumped to his feet and grabbed at T-chan's arm; attempting to drag the ancient beast to where all the 'action' was going to be.

"What now chibi?" growled T-chan as he glared at the hyper Yami that had interrupted his meal.

"Grab the corpse and let's go!" chirped Yami cheerfully despite the dark glare being sent his way. "We got a show to watch and we can get some more meat along the way if we see any idiots that need to be killed. Now come on!"

"Why on earth did the Count have to pick up a fucking hyper, cannibalistic chibi?" muttered T-chan as he slung the corpse over his shoulder and allowed the hyper ookami youkai to drag him to the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"It ain't cannibalism if ya ain't a human!" sang Yami cheerfully as he bounced off into the foliage with T-chan following him while muttering darkly under his breathe.



Remus Lupin and Severus Snape both sat peacefully together in their small booth in an open restaurant situated in Chinatown in an attempt to get away from the foolish celebrations of the Wizarding World in the fifth anniversary of the 'Dark Lord's Defeat'.

Any magical aware being knew that Diagon Alley would be packed from celebrating wizards and witches whilst those with any common decency, morality or respect for the deceased were paying their respects to those that had died in the line of duty.

"They have no sense of decorum," muttered Remus with a slight tick as he took a sip of his oolong tea. "Don't they know how to show respect at all?"

"Welcome to my world." replied Severus shortly as he took one last bite of the spring roll held in his chopsticks.

"At least the Headmaster got his just desserts," continued Remus as he put down his tea cup and picked up his own chopsticks again. "And many of the Death Eaters have been rounded up by now. Hopefully their children are living a better life now."

"They are," said Severus gruffly as he ignored the raised eyebrow from the werewolf. "They were my Slytherins; of course I'd make sure that some idiot with delusions of grandeur doesn't try to kill them for some sort of distorted glory."

"Isn't that most of them?" queried Remus as he quickly ate the gyouza in his hold.


"Ah." replied Remus as he finished off his tea before leaning back into his chair and watch the crowds passing by before turning his gaze to the blue sky.

Severus caught the look on his face as he continued to eat as he spoke. "Don't think about Potter, Lupin," said Severus idly as Remus' head snapped towards the Potions Master. "You know as well as I do that the brat knew he was going to die. Why else would he have smiled when you asked him what he would do after he finished off the blasted fool Riddle."

Remus sighed with small nod as he looked at the slightly cloudy sky again as his mind flitted back ot that single moment.


Both Severus and Remus stared blankly at the Gryffindor who was smiling at them cheerfully as though he had not given them extremely sensitive information. "If...if that's what you're going to do," began Remus hesitantly as Harry tilted his head at the man. "What about after? What will you do after this is all done?"

"Hmm?" hummed Harry with slight tilt of his head. "'After'? I have a few plans but they're not that solid right now. Though I do believe I might be taking one definite path once this is all done."

The mysterious and knowing smile on Harry's face made both the professors uncomfortable. It was as if he was going to walk a rather morbid path and revel in it with a grin on his face as his blood sung out its euphoria.

-end Flashback-

Remus sighed again as various people walked by as well as, unnoticed by either wizard, an elegant Chinese man in a tailored cheongsam, a suitcase in hand and a Valvetinger rabbit fluttering above his had.

"I wonder if he's happy now, though," wondered Remus out loud as Severus snorted.

"For all we know Potter could easily be laughing at us from where he's at," pointed out Severus. "He was smirking when he shot that spell remember?"

"Don't remind me," muttered Remus with a slight groan before his nose caught a cloying, sweet scent dissipating into the air. Turning his head sharply, all Remus could see was various Asian people going about their shopping. Parents watching their children look around them happily and some people chatting with the shopkeepers about their wares.

"What is it Lupin?" asked Severus as he watched the werewolf look around himself with sharp eyes.

"I thought I smelt that incense that he used six years ago," answered Remus with a slightly confused look on his face. "But I can't pinpoint where it is exactly."

The Chinese man smiled to himself as he heard the werewolf's companion snort to himself. "Maybe that's jusst Potter's way of telling you to stop being such a fool and live," the man snarked though the werewolf no doubt knew that it was out of concern. "The brat always was more trouble than he was worth at times."

Chuckling to himself slightly, D glanced at Q-chan as the strange chimera perched on his shoulder. "Dear Yami would be very happy to hear about them once we settled down, now wouldn't he Q-chan?" asked D with a slight smile on his face once they were out of the werewolf's earshot.

"Kyuuu," chirped Q-chan in agreement. Still smiling, D left through the gates of London's Chinatown.



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