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It was a beautiful summer morning in the village of Kahona and a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed goddess I mean girl was waking up. She looked at her bed side clock and saw it was 7:00am. She got up and went to bath. She brushed her teeth and chose her outfit which consisted of a purple turtle neck with no sleeves and a skirt. The girl then took long brushing her hair and pulling it into an elegant ponytail. This girl was a kunoichi, a female ninja, and her name was Ino Yamanaka.

She rushed down stairs greeted her parents , ino grabbed a piece of toast and went out the door in the direction of Shikamaru-kun's house. When she got to his house she mmediatrely went to his room and woke him up but jumping on the bed.

Ino's pov

I got to that idiot's house and entered. I greeted his parents then immediately went up the stairs towards his room. There he was still in bed! Feeling mischievous I ran then jumped on his bed.

"Shikamaru wake up"! I sang loudly right in his ear.

"What do you want troublesome woman?" he muttered sleepily

"We got training idiot. Get up before I kick you lazy butt" I hit him playfully on the head

"Sheesh I'm up Shikamaru-kun replied as he lazily got up.

Okay well you get the picture I had to flipping wait like 2 hours for him to get ready and when he was done we set off towards the training grounds. Asuma and Chouji-kun were already there. Training went by as usual and when we finished I was sweaty and sticky so I decided to heard back home and take another bath. When I finished I headed toward the market where I'd promised to meet Hinata. On the way guess who I ran into! Forehead girl and Sasuke-kun! I couldn't help smirking.

"Sasuke-kun!" I shouted as I jumped on him and hugged him.

Sasuke's pov

As usual Sakura was clinging onto me (god what a retard) when we ran into the pretty cute Yamanaka girl. Before I could do anything she was hugging me. Its weird since she's the only girl I let hug me without flinching or shouting bloody murder at . I actually like it so I just left her for a while just content being in her arms. Well a while doesn't last with Sakura Haruna here.

"What the hell are you doing to my man Ino pig? Let him go you little two dollar hoe" Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs

Ino still holding me moved herself slightly so that she was comfortable and then replied close to my ear "He isn't yours forehead girl. He's human therefore no one can own him. I'm just showing him some affection is that why you called me a hoe because you know I'm the only one he'll ever choose if he had to." You are so pathetic and full of yourself" Ino smoothly replied

I smirked. This Yamanaka girl had a lot of mouth I wondered if she could back it up if she got into a fight with sakura. Of course Sakura was annoying me. She was mean to Naruto and she was as annoying as hell plus she was weak and she slowed me down. Now that I think about she was the reason why we got hurt on our missions. It was because we were either protecting her or she was unconscious. What a troublesome girl! Damn I have been hanging with Shikamaru too much. Anyways I watched as sakura began ranting and raving and that when I noticed Yamanaka was still holding me. I easily moved her gently and put her on the ground. I ignored it when she blushed. I turned and looked ahead before muttering loudly

"This is boring I'm going to train"

"Bye Sasuke-kun" Yamanaka said as she walked away in the direction of the market. I watched as she walked away but immediately caught myself and turned round. (I had no time for girls it was a known fact. I was more intent on killing my brother and avenging my clan. I was the avenger the second last Uchiha and I'd be damned if I didn't get revenge.) My thoughts were cut short when I heard Sakura

"Let me go with you Sasuke-kun" Sakura squealed and I flinched. She was so annoying.

"Hell no, Stay here you'll just get in my way like always" I replied coldly as I walked away as I turned the corner I smirked.

Ino's pov

I meet up with Hinata and we went shopping for hours. Hinata was like my girl best friend while believe it or not Shikamaru was my boy best friend. I trusted both with my deepest darkest secrets and Hinata was actually best at being a friend than Sakura. It was also cute because I knew Hinata had a thing for Naruto which I thought was super cute cause that meant we liked guys on the same team and he and Sasuke-kun were practically best friends even if Sasuke disagreed. I giggled causing Hinata to look at me weirdly.

"I was just thinking" I responded

"Thinking about whom? Sasuke? Hinata replied

Yeh. How did you guess?" I blushed

"Well cause you always think of him" This caused me and Hinata to laugh. Well it was true the Uchiha boy had quite an impact on me and I knew that I had changed ever since he came. I was stronger physically and mentally and I was determined to get what I wanted unlike Sakura I never would have broken up our friendship like that. Sakura liked Sasuke but I loved the boy with all my heart and I didn't want him to be hurt.That's why I had come to the conclusion I would never give up on Sasuke I would make him smile no matter what. I would act as his angel, his light, his hope.

"I promise Sasuke-kun to make you happy even if it means me getting hurt. For your sake I'll do anything."

Normal pov

In the training grounds our dark haired avenger Sasuke stopped training and sneezed and something weird happened. He heard the Yamanaka girl's voice faintly whisper ...

"I promise to make you happy even if it means me getting hurt. For your sake I'll do anything."

Sasuke shrugged it off and went back to training,thinking of more ways to get stronger.

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