I'm supposed to be writting a Pirates Of The Carribean fic. Well actually I'm supposed to be studying. But this insisted I write it. I'll either have another chapter up today or not for a week or so. This isn't designed to be a prequal to 'Sorry's Not A Promise' but it can be if you want. This fic is set in the Batman Begins movieverse but with some stuff from the comics, particularly the scarecrow year 1 ones.

I'm 20 so obviously I don't own Batman. Don't sue me I'm just having fun.

Bruce stared into the pitch black room, barely able to make out the huddled form in the far corner. He was speaking quietly to himself, seemed to be trying to hide from the beam of artificial light that had entered his cell.


He either didn't hear or chose not to respond.

"... buttons for eyes ... not allowed to run ... scarecrow ... hydrogen, helium, lithium ..."

"Dr. Crane!"

There's a shuffling sound as he backs farther into the corner. "No... I'll be good..."

He didn't have time for this. Striding purposefully into the padded room he grasped the former psychiatrist by the straps of his straightjacket and yanked him to his feet. "You're going to come with me. Do you understand?"

He was shaking violently, refusing to look at the man holding him upright. Bruce forced his head up.

"the bat-man..."

He'd hoped Crane would walk of his own accord. It would have been easier. However he proved unwilling or perhaps unable, to walk at more than a snail's pace and had to be half dragged through the empty corridors of the asylum. Then, when he started to struggle uselessly and scream at blank walls, Bruce had been forced to knock him out for fear he'd attract the attention of a guard. He'd carried him then. It had been easy, he weighed nothing.

Depositing him on the passenger seat he climbed into the tumbler. Crane looked tiny beside him, almost like a sleeping child.

'But he's no innocent,' Bruce reminded himself.

There were dark shadows under Jonathon's eyes that might have been fading bruises.