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The Way It Is


Sometimes things happen by chance. Sometimes you just go with the flow, letting the cards fall any way they choose. If I had my way I probably would have just let things take their natural course. If it was meant to be it would be, if we weren't supposed to be together, we wouldn't, simple as that.

He had always been a part of my life, we had grown up together, gone to Hogwarts together, and we had just always been together. I think everyone assumed that when the time came to pair off, it would be the two of us. I also think a good portion of them imagined our fathers had worked out an arrangement. What with it being 'mutual beneficial' for both of our families to have a formal binding of the two. But for reasons unknown to the two of us there wasn't one.

I personally believe it was all to do with his mother. She wanted him to find happiness with the right girl, if it was a Pureblood from the right kind of family she would have been ecstatic, but she would have been just as happy if it had been from some poor Muggleborn. Not that I imagine he would have gone that way, but if he did, she would have supported him, and done all in her self to protect him from the wrath of his father.

But he did find love with a girl from a good Pureblood family, a family that had all the right kind of connections in Wizarding society. And it was me. Pansy Parkinson. The one girl who had stood by his side through everything. The ups and downs at Hogwarts. All through the aftermath of the war, and somehow we had made it through everything.

We made it through together, and now we were going to make it official. Of course they don't know that I know. Draco is assuming that I think he's having a business meeting with my father, but I know better. My father does not conduct business meetings at home, and if he did he certainly wouldn't be having one on the weekend, just before lunch. But of course I could be assuming too much, it may just be a meeting.

I do think not though. Draco is normally on top of his game at work-related things, and going into the study with my father he was a nervous wreck. He gave no large outward signs of it, but I could tell. He had the tiniest of sheen to his forehead of sweat, and there is a vein in his neck, that always bulges, just slightly when he is nervous or excited. And it was clearly visible when he went in.

And I have come to a summation as to why he is so nervous. It is not because of what my father wants to talk about. I think it is more what Draco wants to talk about, and what my father's answer with be. I believe Draco is asking for my father's permission to ask me to marry him. I have no reason to doubt my father with answer in the affirmative, but I imagine that Draco is running every possible answer my father could give him through his head.

But he won't say no, he will give his permission. He has to say yes, I'm supposed to marry Draco. That's just the way it is supposed to be.


My first Draco/Pansy fic, so I'm a little nervous. Feedback would be really appreciated, you know - did it work/or did I completely fluff it up? I think I have another Draco/Pansy bunny bouncing in right now, so if this worked out right, I may do it.