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Chapter 1: First Day at Leaf High

"Welcome to Leaf High Hinata-san." the Leaf High principal Tsunade Hokage said.

The principal was tall and had long blonde hair in pig-tails on the back of her head. She had hazel eyes and a blue diamond mark on the middle of her forehead. She wore a green jacket with a low cut white shirt under it, her pants where baggy and brown and she had blue sandals. She also had a pretty big chest (Which was hard not to notice).

Hinata Hyuuga on the other hand had dark blue hair that was down to her shoulders and her bangs at the side of her face. She had light lavender eyes and her skin was a bit pale. She wore a light brown jacket that was zipped up so you couldn't see the red t-shirt she had under it, she also had blue pants with blue sandals.

"Whe-where's my first class?" Hinata asked nervously. "Oh, that would be...let's see..." Tsunade took out a schedule and read the first box. "You have drama in room 103 with Kurenai." Tsunade said passing Hinata her schedule and a map of the school. "Now get going, I'll tell Kurenai that you are on your way."

"Yes." Hinata said as she left the room.

Inside Room 103

"Welcome to the second term of Leaf High, I hope you all had a good winter holiday." Kurenai said looking around at the class.

Kurenai had long wavy black hair that just reached her shoulders. She had blood red eyes that made her look very scary when she got mad. She had a long sleeve blue shirt on and a pair of black pants and black sandals.

Some of the students grunted in response to what Kurenai said.

Just as she was about to say something about her student's lack of excitement the phone at the side of the class room rang.

"I'll get it!" a blonde boy next to the phone shouted. He jumped up and got the phone.

"You're so loud Naruto, keep it down would yea?" a boy with a black pony tail said.

The boy named Naruto turned to Kurenai and said "It's Tsunade Hokage-sama." Kurenai walked over and she took the phone from Naruto.

Naruto sat down and a boy with a gray jacket on behind Naruto poked him in the back.

"What?" Naruto asked turning to face the boy. "Did Hokage-sama say what it was about?" the boy asked. "I think she said something about a new student. Why do you care Kiba?" Naruto said. "I was just wondering bone head." Kiba said

"Would you two shut up?" the boy with a pony-tail asked. "Want to make us Shikamaru?" Kiba asked looking at the boy next to him. "How about all 3 of you shut up?" a boy with flaming red hair behind the boy named Shikamaru. "Fine but Gaara, there is an empty desk beside you." Kiba said looking at the red head named Gaara.

"What's your point?" he asked coldly. "So there is probably going to be a new student and the person might have to sit next to you."

"Crap, oh well, the person better not be annoying like these 3." Gaara thought. "Oh well." was all he said.

Kurenai hung up the phone and faced the class.

"We will be having a new student joining us today." she said.

"Ha, knew it." Naruto thought.

"Ha the person is going to have to sit next to Gaara, ha, I feel sorry for the guy." Kiba thought.

"She should be coming in about a minute or so."

"She?" Naruto and Kiba thought.

Gaara smirked. "A girl huh? This might be interesting." Gaara thought. Kiba and Naruto turned around and looked at Gaara who just smirked more at the looks on their faces.

There was a knock on the door. "That must be her." Kurenai said opening the door. Standing there was Hyuuga Hinata. "Are you Hyuuga Hinata-san?" Kurenai asked. Hinata nodded.

"Well come in then." She said moving out of the way for Hinata to come in.

"She's pretty hot." most of the guys in the class thought at the same time (Naruto, and Kiba being two of them). Gaara's smirk widened "This makes things more interesting..." He thought.

"She doesn't look that great." All of the girls thought.

"Where should I sit?" she asked nervously and softly. "Hmm..." Kurenai-sensei looked around and saw a seat open next to Gaara. "There's a seat next to Gaara-sama, the red head over there." She said pointing at the empty desk. "Okay." She said as she went and sat down.

She felt very nervous. Kiba turned around in his seat and introduced himself. "My name is Inuzuka Kiba." He said sticking out his hand. "Hyuuga Hinata." She said nervously shaking his hand. "Wow his hands are so big, he kind of looks like a dog..." Hinata thought. Kiba grinned at her, it kind of scared her.

"Kiba stop scaring the poor girl." A girl with pink hair behind Hinata said. Kiba shot the girl a nasty look then turned around facing the front.

"Sorry about him." She said. "He is trying to be nice, but he usually ends up scaring everyone." The girl with pink hair said. Hinata nodded. "My name is Haruno Sakura by the way." She said. Hinata nodded again. "You're a Hyuuga right? Are you related to Hyuuga Neji-san?"

Hinata froze. "Neji-niichan goes here? Oh crap..." She thought. Sakura didn't notice her freeze or go paler, but Gaara did.

"So she's scared of Neji huh? Then she'll be scared of me in no time." He thought.

Hinata nodded. "Oh man that must suck." Sakura said. That made Hinata giggled.

Kurenai said something that got Sakura's attention but she didn't hear the whole bit. "Umm can you repeat that sensei I couldn't really hear you." She said. "I said, tryouts for the musical will be held this Friday in the theatre."

Groans came from all over the class room. "Why bother having auditions?" A girl with long blonde hair at the front of the class said. "What do you mean Yamanaka-chan?" Kurenai asked. "Because we all know your going to just pick Tenten-chan and Neji-san for the musical." she said.

Hinata dropped her pencil at that.

"Is there something wrong Hyuuga-san?" Kurenai asked. "No, its nothing," Hinata replied.

"Alright then," And she started talking again.

"What was that about?" Gaara whispered to Hinata. She could feel her face go red, she started fiddling with her fingers and said, "I just...Nothing Gaara-kun."

"Why is she going red and fettling with her fingers...Wait did she just call me Gaara-kun?" Gaara wondered "Ok." He said. "Wait a second; was I wondering if she was ok?" Gaara shook his head to clear his head.

"I will be needing volunteers to help paint some of the senses for the musical. Does anyone want to?" The sensei asked. "It will give you extra credit." she said hoping someone would put up there hand. Hinata looked around and saw no one did. She then put up her hand. "Hyuuga-san you wish to volunteer?" Hinata nodded. "Does anyone else...?" Kurenai-sensei asked. Almost all the guys in the class rose they're hand, Kiba, Naruto and Shikamaru being three of them. Gaara and Sakura did too; they didn't want the guys scaring the hell out of Hinata.

"I don't need this many, hmm lets see..." Kurenai said. "Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kiba, Shikamaru and Gaara will be enough." She said "You seven come to the theatre after school tomorrow. The seven of them nodded. Hinata looked over at the boy named Sasuke.

He had black hair, black eyes and what she could tell she had a blue jacket on with a red and white fan on the back. She then looked over at Naruto. He had bright yellow spiked hair. He had nice blue eyes. He wore all orange from what she should see.


Class was over.

Everyone started leaving the class room and heading to their other classes. Guys started staring at her. It made her feel so strange, she started walking faster but she wasn't paying attention to where she was going and banged into a guy with funny hair.

"Hinata-chan? Is that you?" the boy asked. Hinata looked up and saw one of Neji's friends. "Lee-san." she said. Lee helped her up. "What are you doing here? Are you looking for Neji?" He asked. "No I go here now." Hinata said. "Oh you do? Where's your next class?" Lee asked. "I have math, I better go. Oh and please don't tell Neji-niichan that I was here, I don't want him to know yet." Hinata said. "Ok I won't." Lee said. "Thanks." she said and went to find her way.

She got herself lost again. "Crap where's the math room." She thought. She then banged into someone else. "Oh my god I'm sorry, I keep banging into people today." She said. She looked and saw that it was the red head from last class. He was staring at her. It wasn't a mad stare like she thought he would give her, but a confused stare. "Why are you saying sorry?" he asked.


"I asked why you are saying sorry." he said.

"I-I-I banged into y-y-you." She said getting nervous; she stated fettling with her fingers again.

Hinata had a better look at Gaara now. He had bright red hair and it was very messy. He had pale blue eyes that didn't have any pupils. He was wearing a blood-red long-sleeve shirt, black pants and black shoes. Hinata also noticed that he was also kind of muscular.

"Oh, you don't have to say sorry for that." He said flatly. She looked at him with a confused look. "People bang into me all the time, because they don't realize I'm there." He explained. "

Oh." was all Hinata said.

"Umm...G-Ga-Gaara-kun?" she asked.

"What?" He asked. "Wait did she just call me Gaara-kun again?" He wondered.

"D-Do you k-know where the M-Math room is?" she asked.

"Yeah, why do you have math next?"

"Y-yes and I don't know where it is..." She was still playing with her fingers and started to go pink.

"Yeah I have math next too, common, or we'll be late." He said "Why is she going pink? Do I have something on my face?" He wondered as they reached the Math room.

Hinata went inside and Gaara sat at a desk with a full group. "I guess I won't be sitting near Gaara-kun this time." she thought.

Then she saw some other people from her last class; Naruto, the Sasuke person and Sakura. The teacher had her sit in a group that had Sasuke, Sakura and someone she didn't know.

"At least I'm with people I know." she thought.

"You're that girl from last class, the new one right?" Sasuke asked. She nodded. "H-Hinata...Hyuuga Hinata..." she said, Sasuke was staring at her, and she didn't like it.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke." he said.

"Yea I know, I heard." She said. "Why is he staring at me?" Hinata wondered. She turned her head to Sakura who was sitting beside her. "Why is Sasuke staring at me?" she whispered so only Sakura could hear. "Don't know. Don't worry, he stares at new girls sometimes. Don't worry, he'll stop." Sakura whispered back.

The boy next to Sasuke started eating potato chips. "Chouji why are you eating chips already?" Sakura asked him. "I'm hungry." he said simply, then turned to Hinata. "I'm Akimichi Chouji, do you want any?" he asked, holding out the bag.

"N-No thank-you Chouji-san." she said. "Suit yourself." Then he started eating again

Hinata started working and saw that Sasuke was still staring at her. She also noticed over his shoulder Naruto was also staring at her along with some other guys. She then saw that Gaara was glaring at Sasuke. "Why are all these people staring at me and why is Gaara glaring at Sasuke?" She wondered.

"Why are you staring at me?" she asked 5 minutes later, she couldn't take it anymore. "Do I have something on my face or something?" She asked.

"No." was all he said.

"Stop staring at me then." she said, she was getting annoyed.

"Sorry." he said then finally stopped staring at her and he started working.

Half an hour later the bell rang again. "Finally that class is over, now I don't have to worry about Sasuke-san staring at me again until tomorrow." she thought as she left the room.

She went to get her schedule out of her pocket when she realized it was gone. "Oh no, it's gone!" she thought.

"Hinata." a voice called out.

She turned around and saw Gaara standing there. "What does Gaara-kun want?" she wondered. Then she noticed he was holding a piece of folded up paper.

"Is this yours?" he asked. "I think you dropped it when we collided earlier." Gaara asked

"Yes, it's mine, I thought I lost it."

Gaara gave the piece of paper back. Hinata opened it and read that her next class was History. "What do you have next?" She asked him. "I guess I can walk with him if he has history too...Wait! What? Did I just think of walking with Gaara-kun? Oh well..."

"History." He said. "You?" he asked "If she has history I can go with- Wait a second! Was I about to think of going with her? Meh." he thought "History." She said.

"Common lets go, or we'll be late." Gaara said. Hinata nodded and they started to walk.

As they where walking Hinata saw Neji and Tenten in the hall. "Oh-no...if they see me I'm dead, especially if they see me with Gaara-kun." Hinata thought. "Oh shit! They're coming this way!" Hinata quickly hid behind Gaara.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "Shh! if Neji-niichan or Tenten-chan see's me, I'm dead." she whispered.

"Neji-niichan? She's related to him? Shit." Gaara thought.

"This way," Gaara said quickening his pace. He had also grabbed Hinata's wrist which made Hinata go bright red. They quickly turned a corner and once Neji and Tenten couldn't be seen Gaara let go of her wrist. "Common, History is this way..." He said. Hinata nodded and followed.

As the two walked around the corner, someone walked around the other. Sasuke Uchiha looked at where they were just standing.

"So that's your game Sabaku Gaara. It seems you like little Hyuuga...Well...Neji isn't going to like that...Or maybe...I could work this out in my favor..." Sasuke thought.

He then fallowed Hinata and Gaara to history. "Lucky for me, I have the same schedule as those two." Sasuke thought and smirked.

After History; Hinata had to sit beside Kiba, who wasn't that bad, but he kept scaring her. Gaara sat behind them and Hinata noticed that he wasn't giving Kiba the same glare he gave Sasuke. Then she saw Sasuke staring at her again. Hinata just ignored it though; it was now lunch time.

"Uh-Oh, where should I sit...I could sit with Gaara-kun, but he might get mad at me...there's a seat next to Sasuke... but there's no way I'll sit with him..." Hinata thought.

Then Sakura snuck up behind her. "Hi Hinata-chan." she said. Hinata jumped a bit. "H-Hello Sakura-chan." she said.

"Do you want to have lunch with me and a few of my friends Hinata-chan? With you being new you probably have no idea where to sit." Sakura said with a grin.

"O-Okay...Y-you don't sit n-near N-Neji or Tenten...right?" she asked.

"Tis. No. They eat on the upper floor with the older studentsthey think they're better then us." Sakura said.

"Oh." was all Hinata could say.

Sakura and Hinata then got to a table that only had 2 people sitting there so far. The Ino girl from Drama and someone she had no idea who it was.

"Hey you guys, is it ok if Hinata-chan sits with us? She's new." Sakura asked. The two other girls nodded.

"Oh you're the girl from Drama class! The one that the guys where staring at." Ino said joking.

"S-sorry about t-that." she said.

"I'm Yamanaka Ino. And this is Temari." the girl named Ino said.

"Sabaku Temari." Temari corrected her

Ino had long blond hair down to the center of her back but it was put in a pony tail. She had semi-dark blue eyes. She wore a pink t-shirt and blue jeans. She also had white sandals on.

Temari on the other hand, she had blonde hair that was in 2 sets of pig tails on her head. Her eyes where a shade of teal and contained no pupil. She wore a purple tank-top with a white mini skirt. She also had white sandals on.

"I'm Hyuuga Hinata." she said as she and Sakura sat down.

"Do you have any siblings?" Temari asked.

"Yes. I have a little sister named Hanabi. I also have a cousin named-" Hinata began but all 3 of the girls cut her off.

"Neji." they all said.

"H-how did you know?" she asked

"You're a Hyuuga right? Well with him having the same last name it's sort of obvious. Does he know you go here?" Ino asked

"No, and I plan on keeping like that for as long as I can." Hinata said.

"Don't worry, we won't tell him your here." Temari said.

The other two nodded in agreement

"Thanks, Temari-chan, Ino-chan, Sakura-chan.

"Do you guys have any siblings?" Hinata wondered.

Sakura and Ino shook there heads, but Temari nodded.

"Two brothers," She said. "One is your guys' age and the other is Neji's age."

Hinata nodded.

"What are they're names again?" Sakura asked.

"Kankuro and, Gaara, remember?" Tamari said

"Gaara? Gaara is Temari's brother? Shit!" Hinata thought. She had gone pale, but none of the girls noticed.

Across the lunch room, Gaara, Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba all sat at a table.

"Dude you got to admit that the new girl is pretty." Naruto said to the other three.

Gaara wasn't paying any attention. He was looking over at Hinata. He noticed that she had gone more pale then usual.

His eyes fell onto Temari.

"You better not have told her that you're my sister Temari-neechan." He thought.

"Gaara are you going to answer or what?" Naruto asked.

"What?" He asked

"I said, who out of the four girls over there, who do you think is the prettiest?" he asked.

"Naruto, my sister is one of the four girls over there and the other three are our classmates." He said coldly.

"So? Just eliminate your sister and think about the other three." Kiba said.

"Common just think about it Gaara," Naruto said.

Gaara looked over at the 4 girls again. Then back to his 'friends'.

"Hinata." he thought.

"None." he said flatly.

Naruto and Kiba where about to say something when Gaara gave them a death glare that told them to shut up or else.

Hinata walked with Sakura and Ino to they're next class after lunch.

"Ah who made it so that we have to have P.E. after Lunch?" Ino yelled.

"I don't know but whoever did is an ass." Sakura said.

"But what's so bad about P.E.?" Hinata asked. "We're doing gymnastics now." Ino said. "Well that's not so bad." Hinata said. "Sure, if you're good at it." Ino said.

"The guys don't take our P.E. class though." Sakura said. "What are they doing then?" Hinata asked.

"They do some sort of fighting." Ino said. "Common lets go get changed." The other twp nodded (In case your wondering, they have to wear a white t-shirt with black shorts; guys get the choice of pants as well)

The bell rang a half hour later and the three girls headed to their last class of the day. Art.

"Thank god it's art!" Sakura said. "Yeah, I'm so sore from P.E." Ino complained. "All I can do now is Art." Hinata giggled at the two girls.

Hinata sat beside Sakura on her left and an empty chair on her right. To her some-what horror, Gaara sat there. Beside him were Naruto, Kiba and Shikamaru.

The teacher was late.

"Where's Kakashi-sensei?" Hinata asked. Before Sakura could answer, Gaara answered. "He's always late, usually by 10 minutes."

"Oh." Hinata said. "She was asking me Gaara-san, not you." Sakura said.

"Well you where taking to long so I answered." Gaara said coldly.

"She had only just finished asking when you answered." Sakura snapped at him.

They argued for about ten minutes when Kakashi finally showed up. "Sorry I'm late, I was grade-"

"LIAR!" almost all of the whole class shouted.

Kakashi decided to ignore that comment and got on with the class.

"We will be sketching today." Moans could be heard through out the class. Naruto and Shikamaru included.

"Kakashi-sensei what are we going to be drawing?" Sakura asked.

"Today will be a free day and you can draw whatever you wish." Kakashi said.

The class got to work.

Ino was drawing a pot of cosmos flowers, Sakura was drawing a field of flowers, Hinata decided to draw a picture of a few animals, Gaara drew what looked like a raccoon covered in blood, and dead bodies around it, Naruto was drawing a bowl of Ramen, Kiba was drawing a dog and Shikamaru was so lazy he didn't even draw anything.

The bell rang once again to say that the people can go home.

Hinata went to her locker and got out her bag, and to her shock, Naruto had the locker on her right, and Kiba on her left, and Gaara next to Naruto.

Hinata quickly gathered up her stuff and just as she was about to leave Naruto asked. "Hey Hinata-chan! We're going to the Ramen shop! Do you want to come with us?"

Hinata shook her head. "I can't, I have to pick up my little sister. Sorry." She said turning around and started walking "I'll see you guys' tomorrow." she said to the three boys.

End of Chapter 1: Welcome To Leaf High