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Scorpion vs. Overlord

The marauder raced towards them.

"Sir? Orders?" The driver asked, starting to sweat. The marauder showed no signs of slowing down.

"Drive!" the captain yelled. He didn't even have to say where. The driver knew exactly what he was talking about. As they turned away from the marauder the tank became silent except for the engine.

"What now?" The gunner asked.

"There is a nearby stinger site if I'm correct. We will head for that." The captain said, sitting down.

The marauder followed in close pursuit.

"I see it, the stinger site, up ahead!" The driver exclaimed.

"One problem though." The captain said, mouth wide. The gunner stared at him.

"What's wrong?" The driver asked over her shoulder.

"Its not ours."

Sorry It was so short, but it's a good cliff hanger. And I will update. I promise.