Founder's Treasures

There were once four Founders,

They created a school,

A castle full of grandeur.

It even had bathtubs the size of a swimming pool!

These four Founders,

These two wizards and two witches,

Each ruled over a specific House,

And they never made any switches.

These four Founders,

Magical as they were,

Knew they couldn't last forever,

Surely not as easily as they could grow fur.

These four Founders,

They knew that they would one day die,

But there were items they could leave behind,

To prove their existance was no lie.

These four Founders,

Each had something dear,

Each a precious object

That they always had quite near.

So they decided they'd each leave behind

A token of their lives,

And now I shall list them for you,

And I hope that each survives.

Brave Gryffindor, won battles many,

More than many could afford,

He left his hat and inside he placed

His ruby-encrusted sword.

Kind Hufflepuff, she truly valued those that would work hard,

But along with that she really liked dishes,

And for that reason she left behind a beautiful gold cup

That was so grand it would fulfill anyone's wealthy wishes.

Cunning Slytherin, speaking Parseltongue,

Had a heavy gold locket,

Whether it was a gift from a loved one, we may never know,

But he always had it in his pocket.

Clever Ravenclaw, yes, she was very wise,

And being such she left something, too.

But whatever the item was,

The others never knew.

So there you have it,

The Founders four,

And the artifacts from them.

Hope you liked this piece of lore.

A/N: I know this is hardly the best poem ever written, and it's actually not even the best poem that I've ever written, but I was bored, so I wrote this, and then I decided that there wasn't any harm in publishing it. And note that there are a few slightly humourous parts, and so if you found a stanza stupid, well... it was supposed to be that way, I guess, so don't blame that on lack of poetry-writing skill on my part. If you found some parts awkward, then you can blame my lack of poetry-writing skill; I know the words don't always flow as nicely as a masterpiece poem's undoubtedly would, but that's alright... Please review this, I want to know what you lot think.