It used to be, all they did was fight.

Squall refused to talk to him. Axel got angry, started yelling. Squall yelled back. They made up every night, violently, only to wake up angry again.

Scream. Fuck. Repeat.

All they did was fight.

But things changed. Squall stormed off to work. Axel left a few minutes later. Had he left before Squall, it would have been him in that intersection. It would have been him who was hit when the cemi's brakes failed.

But it wasn't him. It was Squall.

And it was Axel who held a broad, pale hand on the way to the hospital. It was Axel who cried and begged Squall to hold on. And it was Axel who refused to believe the doctors as they tried to calm him. Tried to tell him.

Squall died. And now all Axel does is cry.

He begged Squall to forgive him. To come back. Every night he begged the empty space on his bed for one more chance. One night he made a wish on a star, just like the old rhymes said, and he wished that he could make all the hateful words go away, take them back and make time up to Squall, if only for a day.

It was Squall who was waiting for him when he went inside. Axel choked back the tears and held him tight, afraid to let go, lest he disappear. He asked Squall to forgive him, to give him one more chance to love him.

And Squall did.

The bed Axel woke up to was cold and empty. The night before, for all its soft whispers and breathy moans, was nothing but a dream. Nothing but Axel's broken heart trying to right the wrongs. Axel cried. Squall wondered why.

"Don't cry." He said and Axel stopped. Reached out to touch him, to make sure he was no dream, that he was real. Alive. He was.

"I love you Squall." A whisper. A promise to make the nightmare go away and make it all up to the man before him.

"I love you too, Axel...I love you too."

It used to be, all they did was fight.

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