Pirates of the Caribbean Four: The Cold World

Section One:

Jack climbs down the ladder over the side of the ship. He walks over the deck and then stops, observing the town for a moment. The windows of small houses light up the darkness and a powerful silence looms within the air. A few people walk about amongst the shadows, then a girl stepping past notices Jack at the corner of her eye. She turns and saunters over to him. Her hand now over her sword which is tied to the rope around her waist. She wears a long pale pink dress which is covered with tears rips and several stains. She has long scruffy brown hair with a darkness under her dull brown eyes.

"I'm lookin' for someone" states Jack.

"Yer a pirate, aren't yer?" she demands, withdrawing her sword.

Jack looks uneasily at the end of the blade and concludes, "Err- no, love"

She suddenly thrusts hold of his arm and drags back his sleeve. Sure enough, she finds what she expected to see; the band and tattoo of a pirate. She then looks around behind her, checking no one is around, and then steps closer to him, putting her sword back through the rope around her waist.

"You have ta leave here" she whispers. "This place is not safe for you" she glances behind him. "God awmightly!" she suddenly cries out. "Ye can't 'ave that bloody great thing ere'!" she speaks of the ship floating in the docks. "They're sure to find yer!"

"Like I said" says Jack, seeming to ignore her outburst. "I'm lookin' fer someone"

"'Ave yer not heard?" she presses on. "The British ave' taken this ere' town as their own, they're out to capture and kill all the pirates they may find!" Jack looks off in another direction from her, seemingly bored with her. "Well, on yer own head be it!" she snaps. "Who yer be lookin' for anyway?"

Jack looks at her now. "Good question!"

She suddenly looks at him strangely. "And I 'ave another for yer" she challenges. "Who are yer?"

"D' yer know of a Smithy?" Jack ignores her second question.

"Aye" she smiles now, nodding, her cheeks slightly flushed. "What ye be wantin' wi' him?"

"I need to find him, do you perhaps know where he is?"


"Aye, but why should I tell yer?" she asks curiously. She then thinks for a moment. "I tell ye what, you take me on yer ship to Montega Bay and I be seein' what I can do for yer?"

Jack frowns. "What?"

"Yer heard me, sailor! I be a pirate's daughter, I need to get off this island. I'll tell yer where Smithy be if yer take me to Montega?"

"So he'll not be here?" sighs Jack.

"No, Smithy got… 'transported'" she says bleakly. "And I'll only tell ye where he be if yer take me to Montega"

Jack smiles at her cunningness. "What is your name, young missy?"

"Zabira" answers the girl. She raises an eyebrow at him "And yours?"

Jack grins "Captain"

"Well, 'Captain', am I to be boarding your ship?"

"I don't think either of us has such a choice, love" Jack puts out his hand, which she excepts and they shake.

They both head on over to the ship. Jack is first to climb the ladder. Once up it he pulls himself up right and looks to the crew, all of which are stood in a semi-circle shape, they had been awaiting the return of Jack.

Jack brushes dust from his clothes then looks at them all. "We have a guest joining us" he exclaims.

"What?" demands Elizabeth through clenched teeth, stood next to Will.

"We're leaving" says Jack walking over to the wheel to steer the ship. He feels eyes on him, everyone staring at him in disbelief.

"But why, Cap'in?" asks Mr Gibbs.

"Your mates" he nods to Elizabeth.

"They've taken over the town?" breathes Gibbs, knowing the answer.

"Aye, the British seem to ave' a habit o' takin' what d'n't belong to 'em" Zabira has joined them on the ship, she brushes herself down then looks up to them all. She smiles. "Yer must all be the crew?"

"Who is this?" asks Elizabeth, her temper once again rising.

"My name is Zabira" says Zabira, before Jack has a chance to speak. "And your captain has kindly offered ta take me to Montega Bay"

"Has he?" William senior and the others look to Jack.

Jack shrugs, leaning his arms over the top of the wheel and looking out.

"What ye be wantin' wi' this girl, Cap'in?" asks Gibbs.

"I think we must leave!" interrupts Elizabeth after going over to the side of the ship.

"What makes you say-" Will goes and stands next to her leaning down and looking out over the side of the ship, he sees the guards marching their way towards the ship. He raises his eyebrows "-that"

Whilst the crew busy about, preparing the ship to leave, Elizabeth moves closely to Will. She puts her hand in his and looks up at him. "So much for starting our lives together here" she says softly, seeming oblivious to the commotion around them. "There must be a place somewhere that will have us" she smiles.

"Hmm" Will takes himself from her, he goes over to the side of the ship and looks down.

Elizabeth watches him, something strange in his recent behaviour; he has become somewhat distant from her and does not so much so be seeming to enjoy her company any more. Elizabeth feels an anger bubble up inside her, believing she knows who the true culprit of Will's misery is.

She charges off, her mind intent on having it out with the man who is causing a glitch in her and Will's recent marriage. Will turns, hearing her leave, he looks solemnly down to where she was just stood and then turns back to looking down into the water, leaning his hands down onto the barrier around the side of the ship.

Meanwhile, Zabira sees Will stood there alone. She sees the sadness on his face and noticed how him and Elizabeth had behaved together.

She goes and stands next to him. "Alone, are yer?"

Will looks round at her confused at her intrusion for a moment, but then looks back out at the town that was supposed to become home. The ship begins to move away. "Apparently" says Will quietly.

"I don't mean to intrude, sir" says Zabira. "But, I can see somethin's troublin' yer"

Will let's himself smile. "And a good judge of character are you?"

"Yer still love her" says Zabira, casually, standing next to him and also looking onto the town.

Will feels uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger talking so freely about his and Elizabeth's relationship, but then the memory returns, and he change's his mind.

"I have always loved her" says Will. "We were supposed to live on this island. Together"

"It's really not that nice" she smiles. "You'll not be missin' much, sir"

"Thank you" Will smiles.

"Mind you, it used to be much better. Until the toff's took over it, they're o' course tryin' to be rid of pirates and those of pirates blood, meaning myself and, I presume, most of those on this ship" she sighs. "Sorry, sir, but I d'n't believe I got yer name?"

"Will. Will Turner"

"Aye. I am sure things between yerself n' Mrs Turner shall bee resolved, Mr Turner"

Will smiles, he turns to face her and their eyes meet. "Call me Will"

"I shall see yer about, I am sure" she grins. "Mr 'Will'"

Will nods, smiling widely and watches her walk away.

However, elsewhere, Elizabeth pounds off to where Jack Sparrow is believed to be. He is sat in the captain's dinning room, his legs crossed up on the table with his mouth half open, asleep and snoring. Elizabeth walks in and slams the door shut after her, causing Jack to flinch awake.

Jack sits up, he looks over to her and grins. "Returned for more, eh?" he asks quietly.

She walks briskly over to him and slaps him around the face.

"Now that" begins Jack. "Was not very nice" Jack, with help from the wooden table, stands up.

"That was for kissing the fiancée of William Turner, and this-" she knees him in a particularly sensitive area. "-is for lying to everyone on this ship, letting them believe you are some kind of heroine. But I hope you commit to memory I could easily take that persona from you and tell everyone, including Will, what truly you are; nothing more than a liar a cheat and most selfish-"

"A pirate then?" says Jack, his voice now with a very slight 'squealed' texture, though trying not to show how much pain he is truly in. Elizabeth turns away to walk out of the room. "Ye know the day you left me ter die, yer didn't exactly hesitate much, love"

Elizabeth then turns furiously back to Jack again. "We all should have left you to die! If I had told them that you are no hero, I can very much doubt they would have agreed to come back to get you, Mr Sparrow" she snaps, then realises something. "Where is it you intend to take us after Montega Bay?" She does not intend for an answer, just merely for him to think upon it and so heads towards the door she walked in through.

"What's it matter?" Jack answers her question. "So long as you are with dear William?"

She leaves the room, once again slamming the door behind her. Jack then winces and puts a hand on the table to hold himself up in spite of his pain. "Bloody women!"

"Hope I'm not interrupting anythin'?"

Jack looks up to the sound of the sudden voice and sees Zabira stood in the doorway at the other end of the room to him. Jack sits down again.

"That woman you spoke with, was she of British blood?" Zabira sits opposite him at the wooden table, she doesn't wait for an answer. "She had an accent. Ye know I'm no admirer o' the British"

"Not many are, darlin'" says Jack, rolling his eyes at the thought of Elizabeth's stroppy and snobbish British manner.

"Where shall I be sleepin'?"

"There is a close to empty cabin" says Jack, he then says quietly "'Unless of course you'd rather sleep in a room with young Will?"

"What?" she demands. "I merely spoke with him!"

Jack puts up his hand as if to surrender. "T'was only a suggestion. Though, I regret to inform you that yer won't be foolin' me, darlin'" he grins again. "You've taken an undoubtable liking to young William"

"Aye, he's a good man, I shan't be denyin' it!" her voice lowers. "But he's also a married man, and from the sound of yours and Mrs Turner's 'conversation', ye need remindin' o' that much more than I do" she stands up. "So, where is my cabin?"

"Tudarr!" Jack holds out his arm, indicating the inside of the room. Anna-Maria is lying asleep on top of the bed, still fully clothed with her hat over her face. From observing the room, Zabira clearly discovers Jack's enthusiasm about the cabin was truly fake and sarcastic. There are two sets of bunk beds, china bowls under each of them. The walls show their naked wood and the floor is so uneven it looks unsafe to even walk upon. Zabira stands by the other set of bunk beds on the other side to Anna-Maria's, she looks at the stained and unclean sheets. She wonders if any of the crew, or indeed the previous owners of this ship had ever heard of the word 'hygiene'.

"What do you think?" asks Jack, still with enthusiasm and Zabira, indeed, begins to wonder weather or not this enthusiasm truly is false.

"Err- it's a room" she says clearly unconvinced. All the same she tries to sound convinced and desperately tries to find a way of showing she is grateful. "…It has a bed… Ter sleep in"

Jack goes to leave the room, but Zabira speaks.

"Erm- when will we reach Montega?"

Jack shrugs, desperate to get out of the room. "Day or so?"

"Fair enough. See you in the morning then, Mr Sparrow"

Jack closes the door. Once outside the door. He clenches his fists. "Captain Jack Sparrow, its Captain Jack Sparrow!" he frustrates quietly to himself, not noticing the presence of Will behind him.

"'Captain' Jack Sparrow?" interrupts Will.

Most would perhaps feel embarrassed at being caught talking to themselves, Jack Sparrow, however, just shrugs. He turns to face Will. "What d' ya want, mate?"

"My father would like to speak with you on deck"

Jack nods, then walks off down the corridor. Will, however, knocks on the cabin door of which contains Anna-Maria and Zabira.

Jack walks onto the deck, though amidst the darkness sees no one around. He goes over to the wheel, of which Mr Gibbs has current control of. Mr Gibbs yawns, then turns hearing footsteps. Jack nods back towards the cabins, indicating to Mr Gibbs that he may go and rest while Jack takes over steering.

"Thank yer, Cap'in" says Gibbs, hurrying off towards the cabins before Jack, perhaps, changes his mind.

Jack sees his jacket and hat leaning over a large barrel, he picks them up. Puts on his coat and hat then making his way over to the wheel.

William Turner senior walks slowly over to Jack, he stands to the left hand side of him. "Where you be taking us, Jack?" he asks, his voice naturally croaky.

Before Jack has a chance to answer him, or indeed ignore him, Barbossa steps out onto the deck in his usual style, with his hat upon his head and the monkey on his shoulder.

"The heat be gettin' to ya, Jack?" Barbossa's voice from behind him. Jack freezes for a moment.

Jack begins to realise this will, perhaps, be a threat from Barbossa and William senior, clearly something perhaps the rest of the crew are to afraid to do. "No, I'm fine thank you" says Jack quietly, turning around the wheel of the ship.

"Y' know, you're starting to annoy me Jack" growls Barbossa, walking closer to Jack.

"Annoying you, am I?" Jack now turns to face Barbossa. "I'll tell yer what's annoyin', mate, when your first mate maroon's you on an island and leave's yer to die. Y' know that can be" Jack himself steps threateningly closer to him. "Quite irritatin'. Savy?"

"What is your plan, Jack?" asks Mr Turner to Jack after a most tense pause.

Jack turns away from Barbossa, and goes back to having his hands on the wheel of the ship. "Smithy" says Jack.

Barbossa and Turner glance at each other.

"So the stories be true?" speaks Barbossa now looking to Jack again. "The Cold World"

"What stories?" asks Will quietly, both him and Zabira listening around the side of the cabins. However Zabira has now walked over to the side of the ship, Will then notices this. He looks at her. "Do you know what they are-"

"Aye, I know what they're talkin' 'bout" she says distantly, looking out to the sea.

She then walks slowly back to the side of the cabins next to Will. The both of them listening in to find out what Jack is up to, but also, unknown to Zabira, Will has also used this as a time to gain information as to what Zabira knows and to find out what Jack wants with her.

"Now, strictly speaking the 'Cold World' doesn't exist" says Jack.

"But?" enquires Barbossa.

"The thing is, mate" Jack smiles. "I've been there"

Barbossa chuckles. "Aye, and I suspect yee've sailed to the moon n' all, Jack"

William Turner senior walks away and toward the cabins. Barbossa grins. "If yer plan to be sailin' ta the 'Cold World', d'n't be expectin' anyone ter be join' yer"

"And tell me" Jack turns the wheel, looking powerfully out to the sea. "How does it feel to have your place as Captain taken from you?"

"Well, ye should know about it more than I, 'Cap'in' Jack" Barbossa then walks away and off towards the cabins.

"So what is it?" asks Will quietly to Zabira. "'The Cold World'?"

"I dunno exa'ly. I heard some people talkin', I heard em' say Smithy's name and somethin' 'bout the Cold World" she goes over to the side of the ship again, looking out at the sea. The wind gently flows to her face and whips through her hair. Will goes and stands beside her, also looking out to the calm night sea. "Smithy, a lad from my town, somethin' 'appened to his father many years back, somethin' to do with the Cold World", she explains. "Yer see, the 'Cold World' is believed to be an awful place, full o' half mortals. Land o' the damned"

Will swallows. "And Jack, he wants to go there?"

"A cunning man that Sparrow, and hopefully, for yers and the crew's sake, a clever one" smiles Zabira. "Though he seems a man who's determination will stand in the way o' his mind"

"It seems you are a good judge of character" smiles Will.

"So how's yourself and Mrs Turner?" she asks quietly.

Will looks downwards.

"I heard of what 'appened between herself and Mr Sparrow" she says. "It seems, if it's not too forward to say, sir, she truly only has eyes fer you"

"I love her, but things have not been according to plan. Her and Jack, a disaster first marriage attempt and now the place we intended to live has become unwelcome to us, or that is to say to myself"

Zabira turns to him. "They are beginnin' ter seem like warnin' signs?" she breathes.

"Yes" whisperers Will, turning to face her as well.

"You're a good man, Will, there be no doubtin' that" she says quietly and tenderly. "I dunno why any woman would ever steer away from yer"

"Thank you" Will smiles.

Slowly they both lean in. Their lips gently pressing to each other, kissing. They eventually draw away from each other. "Now you and her are even" whispers Zabira, smiling up at him, she then says "Yer a pirate aren't yer?"

"Yes. How-"

"Pirate's kiss. Though I must a'mit, I had believed yer as eunuch when I first met yer. ,Your not, are-"

"No, love" they turn to see Jack stood there. "He just really is that much of a girl"

"Jack?" breathes Will, now slightly panic-stricken. Himself and Zabira turn to face Jack now. Will's heart begins to pound even more so in his chest, he wonders whether or not Jack had seen himself and Zabira kiss. "What do you want Jack?"

"What I want, you couldn't even imagine, mate. But what you want" he glance to Zabira then looks back to Will. "Is becomin' quite clear. Savy?"

Will withdraws his sword. "I do not care what a man like you thinks Jack, nor what you may assume!"

"Maybe not, mate" Jack smiles maliciously, now withdrawing his own sword. "But I can assume dearest Elizabeth will"

Their swords begin to clash, their faces determined as they fight.

"Stop it!" cries Zabira. "This w'n't do no good!"

But they seem to ignore her. She looks at them both, extremely frustrated. She wonders what to do, then has an idea. She dodges around the two, then eventually manages to reach out and grab hold of Jack's hat from his head. The two stop fighting and look at her, frowning. They glance at each other then look back at her, wondering what she's doing. She grins and backs away to the side of the ship. She holds it in her hand, hanging it over the side.

"I'll drop it!" she shouts through the wind.

"Now, let's not be hasty, love" pleads Jack, putting up his hands.

Jack goes to walk towards her, but then Will stands in front of him.

"Will, perhaps if yer could give me n' Jack a moment to speak?" interrupts Zabira before Jack and Will have a chance to fight again.

Will looks threateningly at Jack for a moment, but then puts away his sword and turns away, he heads towards the cabins.

"Jack, I heard you n' 'Elizabeth' talkin'. I know there's some 'secret', and you mark my words, if ye se much as fink ter tell her, I'll find out that secret, Jack. And I w'n't hesitate ter cause damage wi' it. Savy?" She throws Jack back his hat, which he catches and puts back on his head.

"When are yer going to tell me where Smithy is?" asks Jack, removing his sword.

"When we reach Montega, I'll tell yer" she says and begins to walk off.

"A hint?" speaks Jack.

Zabira looks back round to him. "Beggin' yer pardon?"

"Gi' me a reason to trust yer"

"Me and Smithy were together for a time. I pray yer find him, Mr Sparrow" she says, a sadness not usually heard in her voice.

"That's all?" shrugs Jack.

"I also know you killed his father, Mr Sparrow"