Hello all! Yes! It's what you've all been wanting! I'm actually doing a sequel to LIES! Yippee! You don't have to read Lies to understand this one, but it would be better if you did read it, because I may refer to it in some chapters. I sure hope everyone likes this one as much as they did the first! Read, Enjoy, and Review!

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Sequel to Lies

Danny and Sam are going out and Danny's powers are skyrocketing because he's so happy. Vlad finds out about this and sets to break the couple apart. He frames Sam for betraying Danny, and he's heartbroken. Sam won't speak to him because he won't believe her that she's innocent, but it's hard on her too. Can anything get the hardheaded couple back together before Vlad kills Danny and makes out with his mom? DxS as usual!

Chapter 1: Newfound Power

(Tucker's POV)

It had been a week since Sam had confessed her honest love for Danny and the two couldn't be happier. First they beat me into a pulp and Sam shoved a salad down my throat (I'm still trying to get rid of the taste) when they found out I was the one who let Desiree loose in the first place and then they got right down to the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. They were a 'bit' shy at first, but now they were holding hands in public. Huge achievement, huh? Well, when they were alone they didn't hesitate to snuggle up to one another. I know this because I've got a camera in the top corner of Lover Boy's room, and that's where they always are. Don't worry, I shut the camera off when they start French kissing, except for that one time when I couldn't get the stupid thing to work and Danny started down Sam's cheekbone. Boy was I glad when he stopped at her neck! They both swear up and down they haven't passed second base, but I have my doubts about that. Anyway, there's a story at hand! It all started when I was tailing Danny and Sam on their third date in the park.

"It sure is beautiful tonight." Sam said, sighing softly and resting her head on Danny's shoulder. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

"It's always beautiful when you're here." He murmured, running his fingers through her soft, lilac scented black hair.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again Danny Fenton, you're the cheesiest boy I've ever met." Sam said fondly, smiling. Danny chuckled.

"I try." He said, a big goofy grin fixed to his face. Sam rolled her eyes and pulled her head off his shoulder, walking down the path in the moonlight. Danny followed her like a lost dog, as usual. He actually told me he loved their moonlit walks. Everything was quiet, everything was peaceful. It gave him and Sam a chance to be completely alone...or so he thought. Yeah, I pick on him about the "macho" quiet peaceful thing every once in a while, but I butt out as soon as his eyes turn green. That's been a really bad sign for me the past two weeks.

The two walked hand in hand for a few minutes with me following silently behind them. They were talking about the moon again and blushing whenever the other looked down from the great orb in the sky and into their eyes. And then Danny's ghost sense went off.

(Danny's POV)

I'd been talking to Sam about how her eyes made the moon jealous when my ghost sense went off and a cold shiver ran up my spine. Sam saw this and nodded her head. She knew I had to go. I smiled at her and turned from Danny Fenton to Danny Phantom before I flew off after the ghost.

As it turns out, the ghost was Technus. I grinned evilly and cracked my knuckles. Technus was a favorite of mine to fight these days. At the ominous (yeah I know what that word means, I'm not completely clueless, oh wait, what did Sam say I was clueless about again?) cracking of my knuckles, Technus turned and saw me floating across from him with a confident smirk on my face.

"Back to finish the fight, Technus? Or rather, back to let me finish the fight for you?" I said arrogantly. I looked down at Sam and grinned.

"Watch this, Sammy!" I shouted as I charged up an ecto-blast. I changed my mind and closed my eyes to concentrate, knowing I had powers that were about ready to surface (I have no idea why I knew this, but who cares?) Suddenly I opened my eyes wide and a green ray poured from them, engulfing Technus and shocking him severely. He screamed, but pushed a button on his new and "improved" lab coat and he was released from the power. I just smirked all the more, blinking the smoke from my eyes and thinking of what to try next.

I braced myself and felt green energy surge through my body and engulf me. My whole body was glowing green now and I released a thin string of energy. It lashed out and attached itself to Technus. Technus, who was apparently wondering how on earth and the Ghost Zone I could have gotten so powerful, merely stared as the string of green energy pinned his arms to his sides and began to thicken.

Getting bored watching the string, now a thick rope, thicken slowly, I flicked my fingers in its direction and it immediately covered Technus in glowing green ecto-energy. I looked down at Sam, who was watching in bafflement, and then let a surge of power leave my bubble of ecto-energy and jump to the trapped ghost. Technus screamed, but his scream was cut off as he was knocked unconscious by the powerful energy. I released him and caught him in the beam of the Fenton Thermos before he hit the ground.

I capped the lid of the thermos as I landed and turned human, smiling triumphantly. Sam ran into my arms.

"That was amazing Danny! How did you do that?" She said, grinning from ear to ear as she embraced me happily.

"Well, I think I got my new powers because I've been so happy lately." I said, hoping she would ask.

"What the heck can make you that happy?" Bingo!

"Only you." I said, my mood and voice softening. She smiled and pulled out of the hug to look into my honest eyes. I leaned in and kissed her again. She met me halfway and I once again savored every second her lips were on mine, touching me so tenderly, so lovingly. She was amazing. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around my neck, both of us were pulling each other closer. Our tongues fought passionately and I could've sworn I heard fireworks in the background, or maybe it was Tucker's PDA. Oh well, killing him and leaving a bloody mess can wait, I'm kissing Sam now. I thought, and forgot about him completely.

Sam and I parted and I took in a deep breath of the cool night air.

"I love you, Sam." I said, pulling her close.

"I love you too, Danny." Sam said to me, tucking her head beneath my chin and resting it on my chest. I pushed a strand of hair out of her face and cradled her in my arms. I love holding her, and I know I always will.

(General POV)

A dark form in the shadows had been watching the young phantom and the independent Goth since the fight with Technus. "Hmm, the girl makes him happy, which in turn increases his power. I may not even be able to rival him in his present state, but all that can be fixed easily enough. Muhahahahahaha!"


Okay! Little cliffie for you! Not major, but I think it's good enough. I've got a WAY better cliffie waiting for you in Now I See You, Now I Don't, but that's in one of the later chappies, so you'll have to wait for the major shocker that'll have TONS of flames for me when readers misinterpret the cliffie! But then again, I might follow the other plot line I've been saving for it, I never really know until I post it:)

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