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Chapter 4: Betrayal

(General POV/Third Person Omniscient)

Sam moaned and opened her eyes to find two anxious azure ones hovering over her. It took her a moment to recognize the eyes and when she finally did, she felt embarrassed for being in such a contition that he'd have need of waiting for her to wake up.

"Danny." She mumbled weakly. She had a splitting headache and found she couldn't think quite clearly, even past the fact that only seconds ago she'd been unconscious.

"What happened? How long was I out?" She asked groggily, reaching up and gently cradling her aching head.

"Shhh." Danny cooed softly, concernedly stroking her raven hair out of her eyes. Sam closed her stinging eyes at his heavenly touch and let his words wash over her.

"Save your breath, whatever hit you did it pretty hard. You've been out for most of the night." He lowered himself back onto her bed and snuggled up to her beneath the red comforter.

"Just let yourself go back to sleep. It's almost morning." Danny began to gently rub her back to lull her into sleep and she closed her eyes in contentment. Shortly after she fell back into a dreamless sleep.

When next she woke the sun had risen and Danny was still there, sleeping peacefully beside her. She smiled at him and got up slowly, careful not to wake the overworked halfa. She took a quick shower and got dressed as quietly as she could and sat down at her desk to await Danny's revival.

Suddenly something sounded in Sam's mind and she lost control. She knew what was happening and her mind was clear again, but could do nothing to stop it; her motor skills had been somehow deactivated and put in the hands of an unknown source. Her body stood seemingly of its own accord and walked quietly out of the room, leaving Danny to sleep in.

(Danny's POV)

I yawned and rolled over in the hopes of finding Sam lying beside me, sleeping peacefully with that angelic face of hers...but I fell off the bed instead. I guess it was the typical start to a typical bad day; bad being the understatement and operative word. I got up, took a quick shower, and got dressed, neglecting to brush my messy hair as always.

When I'd woken up, I had thought that Sam was in the bathroom or something, but I'd taken a good ten minutes to get ready and she still hadn't shown up. I was beginning to worry; Sam wouldn't just leave for school without me, especially because I was in her house, and anyway, her backpack was still on her desk.

Jumping to the most likely (and frightening) conclusion, I went ghost and flew through the window, thinking an enemy of mine had gotten to her; but which one? I combed the city until five after eight, when I looked down at my watch and realized I was five minutes late for my first period class. I sighed heavily and flew as fast as I could to Casper High, thinking I'd look for Sam at the next break. I hoped she was okay.

I landed gloomily and glanced around to find a place to turn human when I spotted a crowd of people all huddled together in a semicircle. I couldn't resist the urge to find out what it was everyone was fussing over, so I went invisible and floated over into the crowd. Bad idea.

I gasped and drew away slightly when I saw what, or more accurately 'who', everyone was so interested in. Sam was alive and well (or at least I thought so at the time), standing in the middle of the crowd and smirking in a way I'd never seen before as she spoke. I was so surprised to see her that I turned visible. Another bad move.

Sam caught sight of me and smirked even wider, confusing me still further.

"Look everyone! Here's Fenton now!" My eyes widened in disbelief as the crowd turned to see me. I was in ghost mode, what...no! How could she have done this to me?

"Sam?" I breathed, shaking. She nodded and gave a little laugh.

"Your secret's out Danny. FLY!" And I flew. I flew blindly out of the school as my ghostly eyes filled with rivers of tears and overflowed. I flew through buildings and airplanes, trying desperately to get away from the awful truth, trying desperately not to think.

Oh, tragic, Sam's betrayed Danny. Rolling eyesLike we all didn't see that one coming, huh? But the question is, did she do it of her own free will, and if so... why? Next chappie should be based on Danny and how he handles the initial attack from Sam, so review like mad and I'll update quick!