Author's Note: I know...I write WAY too many OTH X-Rated romance fics. So many, its a little unhealthy... So, I've decided to write a cute little romance that is basically innocent...Basically. Enjoy!

Love At First Sight.

RJ watched as Hammy devoured a bunch of cookies.

He's so adorable...He though to himself.

Wait, what are you saying, RJ? He's a friend, that's all!

RJ shook his head in confusion.

RJ turned in surprise to see Hammy behind him.

"Hey RJ...wannago to The 4th of July Fireworks Festival?"

"Uh...Sure, Hammy."


RJ & Hammy walked over to the small festival, and climbed into a nearby tree.

Hammy's eyes lit up with fascination as the fireworks went off.


RJ felt his heart lurch into his chest seeing Hammy's lovely green eyes light up.

"Its beautiful, isn't it, RJ?"

"Sure is, Hammy."

RJ flinched in surprise as Hammy leaned up against him.




"What is it, RJ? I've known you for three years, long enough to know when something's wrong."

"Hammy...We're good friends, right?"

"Of course!" Hammy jumped up.


RJ blinked in surprise as Hammy's muzzle pressed against his.

When Hammy ended the kiss, RJ just stared at him.


Hammy's ears went flat, and RJ thought he saw tears form in Hammy's eyes.

"Hammy, what is it?"

"I'm sorry, RJ. I just had to do that."

Hammy then blinked in surprise as RJ kissed his head.

"And I had to do that, Hammy."

They both smiled at each other, and kissed.

RJ felt Hammy's tongue in his mouth, and blushed in surprise.

Then, the blush went away.

They wrapped their arms around each other, and layed together, watching the fireworks.

"I love you, RJ."

"I love you more, Hammy."

They kissed again, and watched the fireworks, knowing they belonged together.