Flk Team in: When Heroes Collide: Part II

I thought we were on a one way trip to heaven. But I was wrong. Instead, we were in the realm of the sages. And we saw Zelda there.

"Zelda?" I said "What are you doing here?"

"What are we doing here?" said Kirby

"Zelda" said Link "Did we die?"

"Yes" said Zelda "But, you're getting a second chance. When you re awaken you will be the same, but you will have something new"

"Then, why are getting a second chance?" I asked

"Because, you all hold the pieces of the triforce" said Zelda "We can't allow you all to die. He wouldn't allow you to die"

"He?" I asked "Who's he?"

But then we were sent into a portal that lead us back to our world.

"So long, Zelda" said Link "I will see you in Hyrule so we can kiss"

"In your dreams, Link" said Zelda

Then, a bright light shone. We were back!

"Ugh" I said "What happened. Did we just die?"

"You did" Hamtaro said "But I helped you"

"How did you do that" said Link "It would take power to do that. But it would never work"

"Unless" said Kirby "Unless he transmitted a copy of his power to our triforce pieces"

"We should get a move on" said Hamtaro "The others need us"

"How can we do that?" I asked

"Do what I do" Hamtaro said

Then, he started rolling fast, so fast he was a buzz saw. Then, he stopped rolling and said ""You can do that and run faster, so, you try"

Then, we started to do it. Soon enough, we were spinning so fast, we were flying.

Then, we all attacked the black probe droid. It fell to the ground.

"Whoa" said Sonic "Fox, Link, Kirby, your all alive, and fast?"

"Thanks to Hamtaro" I said

"You may have defeated the black probe droid" said Terminator "But you have yet to win the battle. LAUNCH THE SHIP NOW!"

Terminator and the black probe droid ran down two hallways.

"HAHAHA!" said Terminator on the speakers "Ship launched. You are too late. And, F.Y.I., the reactor is about to explode. Can you all stop me, the black probe droid, the ship, and the reactor at the same time? Oh and here's the catch"

Then, an army of probe droids came out of nowhere.

"The black probe droid" Hamtaro said

"Terminator" said Sonic

"The probe droids" I said

"The ship" said Umbreon

"The reactor" said Erik

Then we all looked at each other and knew we had to split up: Hamtaro went after the black probe droid, Sonic went after Terminator, Link, Kirby, and I stayed behind and held of the probe droids, the pokeagents went on the ship, and Samus Aran and Erik went to stop the reactor.

We held them off for a while, using our powers. But, they out numbered us, three to hundreds. Then, we heard a loud boom.

The pokeagents, Samus Aran, and Erik came flying through the wall and hit us and we were flying through the wall, we hit Hamtaro, then the black probe droid, then Sonic, then we hit a solid wall.

"Ow" said Sonic "What was that for?"

"That was fun!" said Skipper "Let's do that again"

"Let's not" said Umbreon

"No matter" said Terminator "The black probe droid will finish you off"

"I don't think so" said Sonic "'cause I think my spines pierced it"

We all got up and the black probe droid was filled with holes, and blew up.


"System overload" said a computer "The entire facility will explode in 1 minute"

"Well" said Terminator "That's my queue. So long everyone, see you in the afterlife!"

Terminator started to get away in that robot of his, but a big chunk of his ship (Obviously, the pokeagents destroyed it) fell on the wheel of his robot and it couldn't move. We high tailed it out of there. Then, the base blew up and rubble was left of it. Terminator rose from the pile of rocks, defenseless.

"My base, my plan, my probe droids, MY ROBOT! DESTOYED" said Terminator

I raised my blaster to Terminator and said "Surrender, now"

Then, I saw that he was already in plenty of bad luck enough so I lowered my blaster and said "Get out of here, and good luck finding your way out of Antarctica on foot"

Terminator left.

"Oh, YEAH!" said Sonic "We did it! We all did it!"

"Yep" I said "Terminator is finally defeated"

"Oh, and by the way" said Umbreon "I believe these belong to you"

He gave Hamtaro the ham gems and Sonic the chaos emeralds.

"Terminator was using them to power the weather changing machine" said Espeon.

Then, the blizzard cleared and the sun started to set.

"Hey, guys" said Sonic "That was fun! We should see each other again sometime"

"Yeah" said Kirby "that was pretty cool"

Then, Aran and Erik took of their helmets. Aran had long blonde hair, she also had blue eyes. Erik had blonde hair and blue eyes also, but his hair went halfway down his neck.

"Hey, Aran" said Erik "We gotta head back to H.Q. to get my S-rank"

"Your right" said Aran "See you guys later. I hope we meet again sometime"

They walked off.

"Hey, we've got to get going, too" said Umbreon

"Yeah, dude" said Espeon "the other pokemon are going to like, totally be wondering where we went"

"Bye, guys" said Treeko

They walked off.

Then Peppy came on my communicator and said "Hey, guys. Peppy here, great job! Head back home so we can collect our fee. Peppy out"

"Well, guys" I said "We've got to go. We're getting paid to do this and we don't want to miss our fee"

"We'll catch you later" said Kirby

"Farewell, my friends" said Link "Until, we meet again"

I looked back at Hamtaro and said "Hey, Hamtaro, thanks for reviving us and giving us these powers. After all, who knows when this will come to good use?"

We walked off and headed to the arwing and headed towards the great fox. There, we told everyone about what happened down there. Of course, General Pepper gave us our fee. But, I looked down at Earth, and knew that we will meet again.

That was one of the greatest adventures I ever had.

The End