Samus Aran and Erik in: When Heroes Collide: Part I

Samus Erik Journal log entry:

This is my first journal log so, don't think I'm stupid because I'm not.

I'm Samus Erik, brother of Samus Aran, the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. And this Journal log is about my greatest adventure yet!

It all started when I was trying to get my A-rank. Aran and I were sent to get some medicine from a jungle planet. The medicine was important for dying civilians and the people of the Galactic Federation.

We were rustling thought the jungle searching for the medicine. Then, Aran found the medicine and said "Erik, I've found it"

"Great" I said taking the medicine "Let's hurry back to the G.F.H.Q. to get my A-rank…After, I use the bathroom!"

"Hurry" said Aran.

I found a spot to tinkle in and spent five minutes to pull down my pants, then finally, I went. It felt so good. Then, as I was pulling my pants back up, I heard a growl.

I looked back to the rock that I peed on, and it was no rock. It was an eye of a giant alien, an Electeener, and it was mad!

Let's talk about Electeeners, STAY AWAY FROM THEM! When they're mad, run as fast as you can, especially if you were the one that made it mad.

I ran, screaming "ARAN, ARAN. HELP!"

Aran turned around and spotted me being chased by the giant beast. She ran, too, but instead of screaming like a little girl like I was, she started shooting at it. Of course, her shot bounced off.

We were finally at the ship. Aran tried to open the door to the ship, but it was no use. The door was stuck! As she tried to open the door, something grabbed my pants. It was the Electeener. I grabbed on to a tree and held as tight as I can as it pulled my pants away.

Then, by pants ripped off and I was sent flying like I was slingshoted. Then, I ran right into the window of the ship. Unfortunately, the material that the windshield was made of was so durable, I didn't crack it. Which would be helpful into unlocking the door.

But, Aran got it open anyway, as I slid down the ship in my underwear.

"Come on, Erik" said Aran

"Aran, my pants" I said pointing at the creature

"Forget about the pants" She said "Don't you want your A-rank?"

"Yes, so let's get my pants"

"Why do you want your pants so bad?"

"Because the medicine is in it"


"I thought you already knew!"

We started running towards the beast, still chewing on my pants. Then, Aran started shooting at it again, shots still bouncing off.

"Your not going to do anything" I said "Its armor is to solid"

"This would not happen if you lost your pants" she said

"That would not happen if you took your sweet, sweet time opening the door" I said

"I tried"

"Then it all happened by chance, no one to blame but God. THANKS FOR NOTHING!"

I decided to shut my mouth and apologize when I saw storms forming over my head.

"How do we beat this thing?" asked Aran

"We can't"

"Try thinking"

I thought for a moment then came to a solution "We can't"

"Think, Erik" said Aran calmly "How does the armor work"

I thought hard then I remembered "If you look closely at the armor, you'll see cracks. Through those cracks, surges of electricity run through them and form an electric shield"

"What absorbs electricity?" Aran asked


"That's it!" said Aran "Do you have anything rubber?"

"I have rubber bands that hold together my books that I brought along, their in the ship"

At first I thought why in the world she would want rubber bands. Then I realized what she was doing. She came back with the rubber bands and we loaded some in our power cannons attached to our right arms, and started firing. It worked! The Electeener fell and it was no more.

Aran got the medicine and stored them in the ship while I put on my pants. Then we headed for the Galactic Federation Base.

"Well done, Erik and Aran" said the counselor "Well done. Your teamwork is improving"

"So…" I said with anticipation

"Ah, yes, Erik" said the counselor "Here is your A-rank"

"Yes" I said "Now, how do I get S-rank?"

"Well, Erik your in luck" said the Counselor "We've located Terminator and his weather changing machine"

"What planet is he on?" asked Aran

"The planet Earth, your home planet" said the counselor "We believe he is in Antarctica, we need you two to go down there and foil his plans. If you do so, Erik, you will be awarded S-rank"

This was great, I'm getting S-rank and returning to Earth! I was exited. We boarded our ship and headed towards Earth. There we landed at Antarctica. So, much for being home, look at this place! It's a blizzard!

We started walking towards the base and ran into ten silhouettes. I raised my gun just in case. But Aran said "Wait. I think I know who they are"

We got a little closer to them and they were not probe droids.

One was a hamster with a large orange spot on his back that came over his right eye and across his left, he had a brown belt over his right shoulder and under his left and it held some sort of staff.

The other was a blue hedgehog wearing gloves and red running shoes tan arms, tan muzzle, a circular tan stomach, a long brown nose, green eyes.

Another was a brown fox wearing a grey vest, green pants and shirt, no sleeves, a grey stripe between his ears, a laser gun in his right hand, gloves that revel the fingers, and had a badge on his vest, but I couldn't explain what it looked like.

Another looked like a human man, with pointy ears, blonde hair, green tunic, green hat, a sword and shield in hands, wearing tights, a pointy nose, and was staring at us.

Another one was nothing much, just a pink ball, with long black eyes, two dark pink cheeks, a mouth, two stubs on his side for his hands, red feet, and was half my height.

One creature had a cat-like appearance black, it was four-legged, yellow rings on it's fore-head, legs, tail, and ears.

Another creature also had a cat-like appearance, was four-legged also, purple with a gem on its for-head, and a forked tail.

The other creature was shorter, four-legged, blue, stars on its cheeks with both ends of its mouth reaching all the way to them, a fin on its head and a fin-like tail.

Another one was standing on two legs, red and yellow, beak, bird-like claws on its hands.

The last one was green, also two legs, short, had a frog-like head, a darker green tail, and a red belly.

Then the fox said "Samus Aran, what are you doing here?"

"The Flk team" said Aran "What are you doing out here?"

"Looking for Destroyer" said Kirby "Who's your friend?"

"I'm Samus Erik" I said "Samus Aran's brother. Aran, you know these guys?"

"Only Fox, Link, and Kirby" said Aran "The others I'm not familiar with"

Fox, Link, and Kirby were the fox, the man, and the ball.

"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, the world's fastest hedgehog, and leader of the Sonic Team" said the hedgehog

"I'm Hamtaro, the power ham of the wind" said the hamster

"I'm Umbreon, leader of the pokeagents" said the black creature

"I'm Espeon" said the purple creature

"I'm Skipper the mudkip" said the blue creature

"I'm Blazekin" said the red one

"And I'm Treeko" said the green one

"I'm looking for a guy named Terminator" said Sonic "You see, Terminator stole the 7 chaos emeralds. In case you don't know what the chaos emeralds are, they are emeralds with unlimited power; the only thing that can control them is the master emerald"

"I'm also looking for Terminator" said Hamtaro "I come from a place called the Ham-ham Island, there, it is protected from evil by power hams, and I am one of them. Terminator stole our ham gems except mine, ham gems are the source of our power. Now I have to get them back"

"And we're Pokemon looking for Destroyer" said Umbreon "Fox, Link, and Kirby are looking for Destroyer, too"

"Are you two looking for Terminator?" Aran asked Hamtaro and Sonic

"Yep" said Sonic

"And you guys are looking for Destroyer?" she asked the flk team, and the pokeagents.

"Yep" said Umbreon

"Hey" said Sonic "You must be looking for either or, we'll defeat Terminator, then Destroyer"

"I'd love to" said Aran

"But, we're looking for one person and one person only" I said.

"Why are you here then?" Hamtaro asked

"Because" said Aran "Terminator and Destroyer are both the same people!"

"Why the heck did he do that?" asked Sonic

"Obviously" Hamtaro said "he had so many grudges against him that they might come together and foil his plans. So he made two identities of himself"

He nailed it! He was right.

"Oh, well he failed at that, because we're all here, right?" said Fox

"Hey" said Sonic "Since we're all looking for Terminator, why don't we unite and beat him up?"

We all agreed.

"I have the co-ordinance to where Terminator is" said Aran "Follow me"

We led them all to the base where Terminator was. Aran unlocked the door using her scanner and we headed on in. There we met Terminator.

"Why, isn't it a coincidence that you're all here" said Terminator "You all, unfortunately, are too late. The weather changing machine is being loaded into my ship. Soon, it will travel the world setting remote controlled nano bots into the atmosphere. Then…"

"Hey" said Sonic "Why don't we just kick your butt, stop you, and get it over with?"

"Or, I could let the black probe droid destroy you all"

"The what?" asked Fox

"Please don't be the same black probe droid I fought on the island" said Hamtaro

It was the same black probe droid we fought on Ather, and it was ready to fight.

"So, you think you can beat us with your wacky inventions" said Fox "You're wrong, come on guys, let's beat this thing"

"Fox, no!" said Aran "It's too dangerous"

Too late. The black probe droid killed them!

To be continued…