Chapter Four



Slowly lifting his head, he looked up at her, and could see that she was serious. Holy Mother of God.

"Just go slow, OK? It's been a while . . . . ." And she gave him a slow, sexy wink as she reached over to get him hard again.



Harry continued to stare at her, trying to comprehend just how sexual this woman was. He was a little surprised (and not to mention embarrassed) with himself for actually asking her about "putting it anywhere", it was out of sheer curiosity that he did, not really knowing what he wanted to hear. But it seemed this woman had no boundaries. She was as devilish as they came. His body stiffened, feeling her already familiar fingers wrap themselves around him, the blood rushing towards his crotch, readying him for round two.

Bellatrix moved her hand up and down, giving him an impressed smile when she felt him harden under her touch. This man was more virile than she thought.

Her mind briefly went back to those frustrating nights with her loser of a husband, Rodolphus. 5 minutes and it was over. 5 minutes of frantic grunts and wheezes while she stared at the ceiling, unresponsive to his meager three inches. Not only that, when he was done, he would roll over and fall asleep straight away. The first time this happened she just lay there fuming. She wasn't some kind of prop, a sex doll he kept in his bed to satisfy his urges. (She'd heard about these sex dolls from Cissy as well. Muggles really were quite inventive when it came to sex.) She continued to arouse Harry, but she felt she needed to show her appreciation a little better.

"Why don't you stand up, Harry? Let me clean you up and make sure you're well lubricated for me . . . ." Her whispered words flowed through him, barely registering in his swirling, chaotic mind. She was unbelievable. He never knew women could be this dirty.

"Um . . . sure . . ." His thought process was a little jammed at the moment, so he decided to just do as he was told. He slid off the table and planted his feet on the floor, holding on to the table for support as he watched Bellatrix slowly get down onto her knees in front of him. The older woman licked her voluptuous lips and gave him a little smile, looking into his eyes before she opened her mouth and took his entire length in. It left Harry gasping for breath, watching her swallow him whole again and again with her eager mouth.

She swirled the tip of her tongue around the head of his manhood, savouring the sweet taste of her own juices, enjoying the sounds of Harry's ragged breathing as she inhaled him whole, as far as it could go.

"Oh god, that feels amazing . . . ." She felt his fingers run through her hair, caressing her head while she moved her mouth back and forth the length of his manhood. In a matter of minutes she could feel that he was ready, he was hard and throbbing in her mouth, eager for more hard sex. But she was enjoying this too much. She liked pleasing Harry, and she particularly liked the way he showed his appreciation.

Bellatrix gave him one final suck before she parted her lips and pulled him out of her mouth. His eyes fluttered open a second later and he looked down at her, the heat in his eyes making his irises sparkle in the dark. Bellatrix could hardly contain the whirlwind of emotions causing havoc in her mind. She couldn't get enough of this man. The more she got, the more she wanted.

She slowly got up from the floor and stood right up against him, her fingers tracing the muscles in his arms, her nipples pressed against his chest.

"So Harry, are you ready to fuck me again?" Her words were a little breathless but she couldn't help it. The thought of Harry deep inside her tighter, more sensitive cove was making her dizzy with excitement. She tried to be seductive, teasing, but her arousal was spiking and she could barely focus. She hoped Harry didn't notice.

He took a moment to look into her eyes, and Harry could see that she was losing herself, losing control of the situation. She was merely trying to act like the dominant mistress, teasing the young man with her enticing words. But that had changed. She was just as desperate for him as he was for her, and something flared inside of Harry, knowing he should take full advantage of this.


Her knees became a little weak as she felt the mood shift in the room. He'd ignored her weak attempt at teasing and was now looming over her with his smouldering gaze. Bellatrix's teasing smile faltered. The look in his eyes was the one from her dreams, the very definition of carnal lust. It sent a shiver down her spine.

"Get on the table, Bella . . ." His voice was low, roughened with desire.

She gasped in surprise as Harry crouched down and lifted her up onto the table, rolling her onto her hands and knees. He forced her head down onto the table and she instinctively arched her back, sticking her rear end high into the air.

"Oh, Harry . . . ." she panted, feeling her arousal bubbling over.

She had trouble breathing she was so feverish with excitement. This dark, sexy side to him overwhelmed her and she couldn't help but submit herself to him completely.

Bellatrix felt the table creak with Harry's weight, felt him positioning himself behind her. She closed her eyes and waited for him to start. Her body was aching for him now and she couldn't take it anymore. She wanted him now.

"Are you ready for it, Bella?" His deep voice echoed off the stone walls, making her tremble with excitement. Who knew this honourable Gryffindor, this poster-boy of the Wizarding world could become such a sex fiend? She reached round with both her hands and spread herself open, urging him in.

"Oh god, yes . . . . . Fuck me Harry . . . . fuck me hard . . . ." She sighed in pleasure when she felt the tip of his manhood graze the ring of her entrance. She instinctively moved her hips back, willing him to penetrate her.


Harry was finding it hard to concentrate, but he wasn't going to be so easy. He would tease her, he would make her beg. He asked her if she was ready for it and he got his reply. And then his heart stopped. He watched her reach round and spread her cheeks open for him, a desperate invitation to slide his entire length deep into her. God, this woman was indecent. She was sexy as hell, and it was intoxicating. He rubbed his manhood up and down her soaking lips until it rested at her other entrance.

"How bad do you want it?" He quietly asked. He was finding it increasingly difficult to hold himself back, but he wanted to hear her beg. This was a little payback for the whole kidnapping thing. Not that successfully making her beg for sex was going to make things even between them. This whole situation was fucked up, but right now he couldn't think past the end of his manhood, still resting right in the middle of her firm, round cheeks. She kept trying to push her hips back into him, but he would move back to keep the distance just tantalizingly close.

"Oh, don't do this to me Harry. . . . I want it so bad . . . . please . . . ." Her pleading words came out in gasps, the urgency in her quivering voice a measure of just how much she wanted him. He would have kept on teasing her if only it made any sense to. But her luscious cheeks were spread open waiting for him, and he couldn't contain his primal urges any longer. He placed his hands on either sides of her hips and steadied himself, taking a deep breath.


He gently moved forward, easing his tip into her, helping her spread her cheeks with his own thumbs. His heart was pounding against his chest; his hands were shaking as he squeezed himself into her tightness, consuming his manhood, his entire being.

"Oh, g-god . . . ." he let out a ragged breath, feeling the ripples of pleasure wash over him.

Bellatrix gasped, feeling the tip of his manhood penetrate her. She was a little tight there but the slight ache, mingled with the newfound sensation only heightened her arousal. She pushed her hips back and let out a low guttural moan as he continued to slide himself all the way in, filling her entirely.

Sweet mother it felt good. It took everything in him not to lose it right there. His hips eventually met hers and he slowly pulled out; and slowly slid back in, building a rhythm that was steadily, increasing in speed.

"Yes . . yes . . . . Oh Harry, that's it . . yes . . . . . . God, I'm going to die, that feels so good . . . ." She gripped her cheeks tighter and spread herself even more, coaxing his long, slow strokes to go deeper. And deeper he went. And faster he went. Every second his thrusts became a little harder, and every second her moans became a little louder, his thighs starting to slap against her cheeks, their hips slamming into each other with every hard thrust. The sounds echoed off the stone walls, adding to the intensity that was reaching new levels.

Bellatrix reached under her and started to rub her wet lips, completely engrossed in the sensations spreading throughout her body. God, she was getting a real pounding from him. And she loved it. Every nerve in her body was tingling with pleasure; every thrust sent a new wave of ecstasy through her shaking body.

As for Harry, every time their hips met, it reverberated throughout his body in a way that made him dizzy. Maybe because it was his first time having sex this way, but his heightened senses were now going into overload. He watched his manhood slide deep into her until his thighs pounded against her bum, loving the sounds of pleasure coming from her.

Their bodies rocked in opposite unison, a steady rhythm built between them, their hips meeting in the middle followed by a resounding smack, causing a surge of delirium through them both. But after a few minutes it was all becoming a little too much for Harry. He was still shaking with nervous excitement, and in the confines of the cell, the smell of her skin, her perfume, her feminine aroma were filling his lungs with every breath, wreaking havoc in his already addled brain. Despite it being the second time round, he could feel himself nearing his end after only a few minutes.

"Mm . . mm . . mm . . . Bella . . . . I can't . . . . hold it . . . . ." He wasn't in control of his body anymore, the overwhelming sensations were making his mind run free, telling him to keep pumping his hips into her, harder, faster. His grip on her bum tightened as he neared the end, his thrusts becoming rougher, he could tell that Bella was right there with him.

"Yes . . yes . . . . Oh don't stop . . . . faster . . . faster . . . . !" By now Bellatrix's left hand was frantically flicking her lips from side to side, her juices flowing out in rivers over her hand and down her thighs. She knew it was coming. Her fingers were frantic and she could feel it building deep inside her.

"Oh god . . . . Harry . . . I'm cumming . . . I'm cumming . . . . . . Unngh!!"

She was shaking apart, completely unravelling beneath him, a gush of her warm juices splashed out from between her legs, splattering onto the wooden table. Her knees gave way and she felt herself thump onto the now soaking tabletop, her body quivering with unimaginable ecstasy. She felt Harry thrust himself into her one last time before he too went over the edge, his arms fell to the sides as his body staggered forward with every jolt of pleasure, trying to hold himself up while his world blew apart. But it was too much, he eventually collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath as they stayed joined, both trying to stay conscious with every tidal wave that came crashing through their bodies.


Seconds passed while the two people lay entwined on the table, breathing heavily. Harry pulled himself out of her and rolled to one side of the table, his eyes unfocused and his mind in a daze. Bellatrix was still on her stomach facing away from him, her hips trembling from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Her body was completely trashed by that mind-blowing intensity, and neither of them said a word as they both slowly recovered from that soul shattering experience.

"That was amazing . . . ." Harry whispered into the air. And it was. His mind still felt like it was floating somewhere in the stratosphere. He felt her stir beside him and he looked over just as she turned her body around to face him. Her long, black hair tumbled over her dark beautiful eyes, her lips forming a little smile. Were they going to share a moment?

"You certainly are a good shag, Harry . . ." she said a little tiredly. Harry rolled his eyes. Trust Bellatrix to reduce this encounter to just meaningless, animal sex. But then again, he preferred it that way. Connecting on an emotional level, especially with this woman, was something he didn't think he could stomach.

"So, what now?" Harry asked quietly. Now that he had regained his senses, he realized he was still a prisoner. He knew Bellatrix only brought him here to have sex with her, but what did she plan to do now? After all, her master did still want him dead. He'd been captured by a Death Eater and was now going to face the consequences.

Bellatrix looked down at the table for a second.

"Now . . . ." she said, "Now, I make you a portkey and you go back to that alleyway behind the Three Broomsticks." Harry looked at her in surprise.

"You're going to let me go?" She gave a little shrug and nodded. He frowned in disbelief.

"You managed to capture your master's worst enemy . . . . . and you're just gonna . . . let me go . . . ?" He couldn't believe he was saying these things, it sounded like he was trying to make her realize just how stupid it would be to actually let him free.

"Well, yeah . . ." A few seconds past as Harry just stared back at her. She rolled her eyes and climbed off the table.

"Do you want to go or not, Potter?" Harry sat up quickly and raised his hands.

"Of course I do! It' just . . . well . . . I didn't think you'd just send me on my way . . . . What about Voldemort?" Bellatrix looked back at him a little annoyed, her hands on her hips.

"Look, as much as I respect my master, he couldn't kill you as a baby and he couldn't kill you as a teenage . . . ." she trailed off.

Well, that was something. It sounded like Voldemort's most loyal follower was feeling a little frustrated. He couldn't help but dig a little deeper.

"And . . . ?" he tentatively asked.

"And!? Instead of putting you aside and concentrating on the real priority, which is to come up with schemes to cleanse the wizarding world of mudbloods, he spends most of his time obsessing about torturing you!"

Harry raised his eyebrows. When she put it that way, it did sound a little ridiculous. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture, he's still crabby about being bested by a young wizard, who at the time, had yet to get his OWL results . . .

"I only became a Death Eater because I believed in those ideals, because I believed in him . . . but recently . . ." She shook her head and let out a frustrated sigh.

"Look Potter, I'm not going to stand here completely naked and bare my soul to you. Get up, put your clothes back on, and let me make you a goddamn portkey so you can get the hell out of here." Harry quickly decided to let it go. After all, this was Bellatrix Lestrange, one of most notorious Death Eaters of the modern age. She could easily change her mind about letting him escape.


Harry tried to get off the table but his hand slipped on the surface. He looked down in shock to see the entire table splattered with some kind of fluid.

"Wha . . what's all this . . . . ?" He looked up at Bellatrix standing there with her hands on her hips, her right index finger now tapping away in annoyance.

"What do you think? We had sex and you made me come!" A faint blush tinged her cheeks with this little statement. He glanced down at the glistening surface.

"Yeah, but . . ." Bellatrix rolled her eyes again. God, was this kid a virgin or something? Harry bleeding Potter. He probably doesn't take advantage of his fame and fortune and have sex with a different girl every night.

"Potter, it's called female ejaculation. It happens to some women when they come really hard or have . . . . um . . . have amazing sex . . . ." Her eyes trailed down his body . . . .

'So that's what it's called' he thought to himself. It had happened to Luna once, a few months back when they had a one night stand, but he was too embarrassed to ask questions. It was new to him, and something he could only regard in awe. The torch light sparkled off the scattered juice spilt across the entire table. He did this to her . . . ? 'Wow.'

Harry looked back at her, seeing those lustful eyes gazing down at his manhood. It was his turn to blush. He looked around the dark cell.

"Um . . my clothes?" Bellatrix finally took her eyes off his body and blinked a couple of times.

"Err . . . right." She summoned her wand and aimed it at Harry, whispering some kind of spell, making circular motions with the tip. Harry struggled to keep still, his instincts were to leap out of the way whenever a Death Eater pointed their wand at him, but he needn't have worried. He looked down and watched the clothes she had banished earlier materialize around his body. It was a pretty neat spell. While he went through his pockets and checked that he had his wand, his keys, and his money, Bellatrix picked up her robes and started to put them around her shoulders.

When they were both dressed, Bellatrix pulled out a tin can, similar to the one before which she used to bring him here. She touched her wand to it and whispered the same incantation as before, making it glow orange, indicating it's temporary portkey state.

Harry had slowly made his way around the table to stand in front of her, not saying much. The silence was a little awkward as she looked up at him and slowly held out the portkey.

"It's set to go off in about twenty seconds. Like I said, it'll send you back to that alleyway . . ." She was looking at his shoulder, not quite meeting his eye. He took it out of her hand and held it tight around his fingers. They stood that way for a few seconds, both not really knowing what to make of this bizarre situation.

"Hey Harry . . ." She suddenly looked up and gave him a hesitant smile. "If you ever want to . . . . you know . . . . do this again . . . ."

Harry took a second to organize his thoughts and emotions. The idea of sleeping with her again was . . . . both . . . . wonderful and . . . . sickening. He felt ashamed of himself for wanting this, wanting her. He shouldn't even be contemplating this. She's a cold-blooded Death Eater. She should be locked away for good for all the terror she's caused.

But he couldn't help but feel how free he felt at the moment. No worrying about the Quidditch finals, no anger towards the ever-persistent media, no envy towards his friends who all had family to turn to. He shook his head slightly. The irony of it all was colossal. The one person who caused this grief (of not having family) was the one person who could help him escape it all. She could let him forget, even if for a short period of time. Those moments with her were just indescribable. He looked into her hopeful eyes.

Ah, what the hell. With the childhood I had, I should a least be a tiny bit screwed up, shouldn't I? He gave her a little smile back.

"Next time, just send me an owl or something, okay? No polyjuicing my friends and kidnapping me."

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise. Was he kidding? No, his eyes were playful, but it seemed he meant what he said.

She cocked her head to the side. Well, what do you know? She half expected him to laugh in her face. Putting aside their differences wasn't a problem for her, but she didn't know if he could do it so easily. And considering the circumstances that led to them being here, she wouldn't have been surprised if he punched her across the face. But . . . it seemed the great Harry Potter was a little screwed up just like everyone else in this world. That was comforting to know. She eased back into their playful banter.

"But where's the fun in that?" She put her hands on her hips again and gave him a look. "I won't polyjuice your friends anymore . . . . but that's all I can say . . . ." Harry gave a little snort.

"Wouldn't expect anything less from you, Bella . . ."

She grinned at him as yet another thought crossed her dirty mind.

"Oh, by the way, what do you think of Cissy?"

Bellatrix tried hard to keep her smirk in check. All of a sudden, he was back to being the flustered, confused, innocent young man. He was so cute sometimes.

"Wh . . . What?"

"You know, my sister? Malfoy's wife? Blonde, tall . . . beautiful like me?" Bellatrix cocked her hips and gave him another flirtatious smile.

Harry stared back at her.

"Think about it . . . ." she gave him a wink just as the portkey glowed red and whisked him away.




to be continued . . .




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