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Forgotten Friends

Chapter 1: Old Friends

'All students please report to the meeting room. Repeat, all students to the meeting room." Charles Xavier's voice rang through her head. Grumbling to herself Rogue rolled over, and pulled the covers around her head, wishing venomously that Professor Xavier would jump off a cliff.

"Come on, Rogue. We're, like, going to be late." Kitty said bouncing around the room, changing and fixing her hair.

Rogue watched as her roommate finished making herself presentable and skipped out the door. Marveling at Kitty's ability to be so dam chipper first thing in the morning, she uncovered her head. 'Ah guess Ah'd better get up.' She thought sleepily.

5 minutes later, Rogue finally managed to convince herself to leave the warmth of her bed. Scowling she pulled her shirt over her head and ran a comb through her hair. She walked slowly, decided that anything worth waking her up at 7 o'clock on a Saturday morning could wait until she was ready to deal with it.

She arrived outside the meeting room and took a deep breath. It seemed the Professor hadn't waited for her, she could hear the mummer of his voice through the door. Pushing the door open she froze.

"Ah, Kitty, thank you for joining us."

"Like, sorry, Professor."

"Not to worry. We were just about to begin, where is Rogue?" asked Professor Xavier.

"She's, like, still sleeping." Kitty giggled, rolling her eyes at her friend's antics.

"Yes, I see." Reaching out with his mind Charles found Rogue out of bed, and brushing her hair. "She will be here shortly."

"Like, who are you?" Kitty demanded suddenly, eyes fixed on the shadows in the corner of the room.

A deep chuckle met her ears. Everyone in the room, excepting the Professor, swiveled to the corner, a tall figure stood tall engulfed in darkness.

"Ah, yes, the reason I called you all here today. I'd like to introduce our newest member. If you please?" the Professor said waving his hand to the man. The stranger nodded and stepped out of the shadows, at the same moment the door pushed open. Rogue stood frozen to the spot.

"Remy?" she said breathlessly.

"Marie?" 'Remy' said in a hoarse voice.

"Remy!" Rogue's face spilt into a huge grin, she launched herself at the new comer, he grabbed her in mid air and expertly spun her around. He set her down and pulled her into a hug. "Marie" he whispered softly in her ear.

Logan leaned stiffly against the wall; Charles had demanded that he meet the new student when the rest of the house did. 'Stupid' he thought gruffly. Charles had insisted that this new student was somehow, 'special'. Logan shuddered at the word, 'Special, my ass' he thought. They're mutants of course they're special.

He watched distastefully as the mutant chuckled. He had noticed him as soon as he had entered, although he was sure no one else had. The stranger hid himself expertly; Logan would have missed him if his nose hadn't alerted him to a strange smell. He turned as the door open, Rogue stood rooted to the thought. He looked curiously at her.

"Remy" she breathed.

'Remy?' Logan's mind demanded. Did she know this idiot?

"Marie?" he said, equally breathless.

'Well that answers that question.' Logan thought, unsure why he was quite so peeved at the thought. He watched shocked as Rogue's face break into a fat grin. Never, in the 4 years he had known her, had Rogue ever smiled like that. She flung herself into the man's arms; he twirled her around, and spoke into her ear. Logan didn't catch what he said, but he had a good idea. He vaguely noted the faces around him. Jean had her mouth open; Scott's eyebrows vanished into his hair. Kurt's tail hung lifelessly behind him. Kitty had snuck halfway through the floor; the small part of her head the Logan could see was contorted in shock. He turned to the Professor, his face greatly resembled Kitty's. 'Well that answers that question' he repeated to himself. 'No, he had no idea they knew each other.'

He watched, extremely confused, as the pair hugged fiercely, after a minute Logan recovered from his shock enough to gruff out, "Stripes?" She ignored him. She released her hold on 'Remy' and started talking to him in a rushed voice.

"Oh mah gawd, Remy. Wha ar ya 'doin' her'?" she demand. Logan noted that her accent changed dramatically, while she always had a southern accent, it was much more prominent when she spoke to him

"Remy could ask de sam'" he said. 'Cajun' Logan noted silently. "Yo' be 'n X-Man?""

"Oui" Stripes answered. 'French?'

"Dieu, chéri, son a été à jamais" 'More French?' he thought curiously. Rogue didn't speak French. She had taken Spanish in High School. Logan remembered Jean encouraging Rogue to take French instead. She had refused, point blank.

"Une vie". She answered. "Vous sont pourquoi ici?"

"Remy est ici de joindre les x-hommes"

Rogue opened her mouth to speak, but Charles cut her off. 'Finally' Logan thought, pleased that the Professor had managed to come out of his stupor.

"Rogue?" he questioned gently.

"Marie?" Kitty said. "Who's Marie?"

Rogue's faced flushed. Logan stared; Rogue did not blush. Ever! She was saved answering by the Professor.

"Rogue, I take it you know Gambit?"

"Gambit?" Rogue laughed, "Are you still using the name?"

Gambit bent and wishpered in her ear load enough for the whole room to here, "'ike 'ou shoul' t'lk cheri, I see 'ou still answer to Rogue."

Rogue's face flushed again. She opened her mouth to retort, but then she caught the Professor's eye. She nodded, "Yea, Ah know the swamp rat." She said jerking her thumb at the Cajun.

"Mind telling us how?' Logan demanded before he even registered finding his voice.

'Remy' answered this. "'pair 'f peas we wer'"

Rogue elbowed him playfully in the ribs. "We were friends."

"We can, like, tell." Kitty said, Logan thought she looked like she still hadn't quite recovered from her shock.

"A long time ago." Rogue said.

"Of course, well," The Professor said regaining his composure. "this is Remy Lebeau, he will be joining us. Rogue if you could please show him to his room."

"Ah could if ya tol' me where it was."

Logan stared, as did everyone else in the room, while Rogue might not be the most polite of the group, she never spoke like that to the Professor, to others? All the time, but to the professor? never.

"Of course, across from Jamie." Charles said regaining his composure again

She nodded and grabbed Gambit's hand, Logan noticed it was gloved, coincidence? He thought gruffly, doubtful. As the door swung shut behind them the room burst into commotion.

"What the hell?" Bobby yelled.

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Oui- Yes

Dieu, chéri, son a été à jamais – God, Darling, Its been forever

Un vie- a lifetime

Vous sont pourquoi ici - What are you doing here?

Remy est ici de joindre les x-hommes - Remy be here to join the x-men

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