A/N: Okay I wrote this fic on a dare... here it is 8b-2q-7a, I did it...he dared me to do a Bo-bobo crossover with either Family Guy or The Simpsons (big fan of both...) and I chose Family Guy... one reason is because people say I capture the sprit of Family Guy perfectly (see Family Piece)... another is that this is a better plot that any of ideas involving the Simpsons... this plot was the idea of winter knight (thanks sweetie)... this takes place in what I call "Baka Survivor" continuity... meaning that they are joined by Hatenko and Suzu... like the opening of Baka Survivor (What's up with that opening anyways... it makes them seem like they are main permanent cast members)... well enjoy...

Disclaimer: I don't own Bo-bobo, Family Guy or any thing else that crossover with this fic...

Don Patch: Well put it all...

Me: Shut up... I can't list them all... I'm still angry with you about Hair Today, Gone Yesterday disclaimer...

The Pop Culture Block

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The One

Bo-bobo was in a fight… his opponent was tough and he even matched with his opponent… Spider Man? Because of this he didn't allow any of his companions get into the fight… Don Patch complained when the fight started he was supposed to fight Spider Man… but everyone ignored him.

"Why is his opponent Spider Man!" yelled Beauty confused.

"I only have one shot left…" said Bo-bobo tried from the fight with Spidey… "Fist of the Soundtrack!… And they say that a hero can save us!" yelled Bo-bobo throwing CDs at the famous web slinger… and won.

"Bo-bobo… why did you fight him alone?" asked Beauty.

"Because he's a member of the Pop Culture Block… the strongest of all blocks…" said Bo-bobo.

"I've heard of it… they say that it is a mini-version of the Chrome Dome Empire… with individual sections and even its own big 4… all of the members of this block were cloned from various pop culture icons…" said Suzu.

"Just like the I-Jin!" said Don Patch.

"They are almost unbeatable… but I have heard of one that stop him…" said Bo-bobo.

"Really who?" asked Gasser.

"I can't you yet… but everyone to Quahog, Rode Island!" yelled Bo-bobo.

A few days late at Quahog in the Griffin, residence Peter was watching TV…


It was a pop tart commercial that featured a woman crying, another woman came up to her.

"What is it?" asked the 2nd woman.

"I (sob)… ate… (sob) a… (sob) Pop tart!" said the 1st woman.

"So…" said the 2nd woman.

"Don't you know… they are living creatures…" said the 1st woman.

"…so…" said the 2nd woman.

"With human like intelligence… don't you find it wrong?" asked the 1st woman.

"Not really…" said the 2nd woman.

A strawberry pop tart stated by "Gotta go!" said the 2nd woman.

The 1st woman began ot cry even more…

(End cutaway)

The TV suddenly went all weird, it had weird green Japanese character. Peter got up and began ot bash it… then it broke it…

"Stupid piece of junk…" said Peter.

The phone rang… Peter picked it up.

"Fallow the nose hair…" said the voice over the phone.

"Who is this?" asked Peter.

The phone hung up… then his doorbell rang. Peter got up and opened it… it was Team Bo-bobo, with the exception of Beauty, Gasser and Suzu, were dressed in black leather clothing and sunglasses…


"Can we come in and talk to you…" said Bo-bobo.

"If it's about religion forget about it…" said Peter.

"No we need your help…" said Bo-bobo.

"Help, you want my help?" asked Peter, "With what?"

"Well…" said Bo-bobo.

Brain walked into the living, "Peter what's going on this time?" asked Brian.

"These weirdoes need my help with something…" said Peter.

"Weirdoes… hey I take offence!" said Jelly Jiggler.

"Oh hey Brian, it's been a while!" said Dengakuman removing his sunglasses.

"Dengakuman is that you… it's been a while…" said Brian.

"You know them?" asked Peter.

"Yeah it was a support group for "Strange" dogs…" said Brian.


Brian and Dengakuman were the only tow in the room.

"So is anyone else coming?" asked Dengakuman.

"I doubt it…" said Brian.

(End of flashback)

"So can me and my friends come in?" asked Dengakuman.

"Yeah sure…" said Brian.

Not too long later Team Bo-bobo was in the living room explaining their pediment.

"Anyways you are the only with enough knowledge to defeat them… it is you… you're the One…" said Bo-bobo.

"Please… stop making Matrix jokes…" sighed Beauty.

"Of course I'll out… but first…" said Peter, he took out a Conch shell and yelled Griffin Family Assemble… Griffin Family Assemble and then blew into the shell which acted as a horn.

Lois, holding Stewie, Chris and Meg entered the room.

"Dad… do you have to that every time?" complained Meg.

"Who are these people…" said Lois.

"Hahaha! His head looks like poo!" laughed Chris pointing at Softon.

"Hey…" responded Softon.

"Let me explain…" said Bo-bobo.

After the explanation...

"So Peter is the only one who can help you?" asked Lois.

"That's right… his vast knowledge of everything pop culture will help us… he is The One…" said Bo-bobo.

Everyone else in Team Bo-bobo sighed, "You know… even I think that joke is getting old…" said Hatenko.

"I have already decided to go with them…" said Peter, "And everyone's coming with me!"

"What?" asked his family.

"It's the perfect family vacation." said Peter.

"but Peter… it's a fight agaisnt hair hunters…" said Lois.

"Family vacation…" said Peter almost angry.

"But dad we could end up bald like Mr. Swanson did when he fought them…" said Meg.


Joe was just sitting there… bald and… yelling at the author.

"Me… I'm the one who had to be attacked by hair hunters… why shouldn't it be Cleaved or Quagmire?" yelled Joe.

Because I have a role for Cleveland and Quagmire later…

(End of cutaway)

"Family vacation!" said Peter.

"But…" said Brain.

"FAMILY VACATION!" yelled Peter.

"You know I've always wanted to fight the hair hunters… I just thought it would after I have an army…" said Stewie.

Gasser looked around, "Did the baby just talk?" he said.

Lois sighed… "I guess there's no changing his mind…"

"Let's go defeat those Follicle Fighters!" said Peter.

"Hair Hunters…" corrected Beauty.

"Right… what you pink haired girl said…" said Peter.

And so began an interesting adventure.

Next Time: The strange group of fights get to the Pop Culture Block... their first battle.. kid shows sector! Watch as they fight such character as Big Bird... and others... and why is Gasser paranoid about Stewie... he's just an innocent baby... right?