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Chapter 2: The Kids Shows Sector

Everyone was in a van Peter rented… Unfortunately most everyone from team Bo-Bobo was singing "Wheels on the Bus" while dressed like preschoolers.

"If you don't stop singing I'm going into a tree and set this van on fire. Don't think I won't do it I did before when I was driving the Straw Hat Pirates to Disney World." said Peter.

Everyone blinked and looked at each other, they were expecting a cut away.

"Why isn't there a cut away?" asked Meg.

"Shut up Meg." said Peter.

The reason there's not cutaway because you could read the scene else where and is part of another fanfic.

That's when theory pulled up to a giant ominous looking building that was evil and all it's intent.

"There is the Pop Culture Block." said Bo-bobo.

"Hey is it okay if I stay out here?" asked Meg.

"Family Vacation!" yelled Peter.

"Okay, okay…" muttered Meg.

Gasser watched as Stewed prepared several weapons. He was in for war.

"Hey kid." said Gasser.

"What! I don't want to bother by some flatulent love struck teenager." muttered Stewed.

Gasser stared at Stewie.

"That's right, I know who you are." said Stewie.

Gasser walked towards Beauty.

"What is it Gas-can?" asked Beauty.

"I think that baby's evil." explained Gasser.

"Oh, it might be all in your head." said Beauty.

And so the gates began to open. They entered the room to find a happy magical land where kids could be a kid.

"Oh man… this is weirder than the time Malfoy found out why Crabbe is so stupid." said Peter.

(Cut away)

Malfoy and Harry were glaring at each other. With their friends or body guards by their sides.

"Heheh… I just figured something out… Harry POTter." said Crabbe who began to laugh in a stoner like way.

Everyone began to stare at Crabbe.

(End of Cut Away)

That's when a fox wearing a mask showed up.

"I'm the first open for you!" yelled the Fox.

"Look out it's Swiper from Dora the Explorer!" yelled Peter.

"Super Fist of the Nose Hair! Swiper no Swiping!" said Bo-bobo using his nose hair against him.

"Is this how it's going to be?" asked Lois.

"No… I think it's merely set up that this is the kids floor of the Pop Culture block." explained Suzu.

That's when they heard some sort of squawk, they looked up and saw Big Bird flying down on them.

"Big Bird!" yelled Beauty., "But Big Bird doesn't fly!"

"You can't stop me!" yelled Big Bird who binge to bomb them… if you know what I mean…

"This is so gross!" yelled Meg, it should now be pointed out that Meg was the only that was getting bombed.

"All right!" Yelled Peter, "Let me handle it."

Peter took out a rope and swung a lasso, he mangled to catch the flying Big Bird who fell to the ground when it could get Peter to the ground.

"Where did you get that rope?" asked Lois.

"It was a left over when I tried to make the world's biggest kite!" said Peter.


Peter had a giant kit attached to his catapult, he launched it… not only did it not fly… but just crashed into Cleveland's house destroying it… while Cleveland was taking a bath.

"No! No! No! No!" yelled Cleveland before the tub crashed into the ground.

When it did he sighed and said, "Maybe I should stop taking baths all together."

(End of Flashback)

They headed more into the land. That's when they heard giggles. Everyone looked around that's when they saw the Teletubbies.

"Yay! Yay!" said the Teletubbies.

"Be careful! They have TVs in their tubbies… be careful they don't show something you want to watch." said Peter.

That's when all four of their antennas began t show TV… Everyone began to hypnotize by the TV shows… that is until everyone saw what was on Tinkie Winkie's TV.

"Oh my god!" yelled Peter.

"I really didn't want to see that!" yelled Don Patch.

"Oh my this is marvelous! Quite fascinating really." said Stewie.

Lois grabbed Stewie and covered his eyes. Everyone looked at the purple Teletubby… including his fellow Teletubbies.

"It not what it look like." said Twinkie Winkie.

""You exposed children to such filth! You're going to hearing from my Lawyer!" yelled Bo-bobo.

His afro opened up revealing a man sitting at his desk.

"I'm his lawyer! And I'm going to sue you for what you and your littler friends are worth for showing such filth to minors!" said Bo-bobo's Lawyer.

All the Teletubbies began to cry.

"Or we can settle. You can let us pass and we pretend nothing ever happened." said the Lawyer.

The Teletubbies nodded and let Team Bo-Bobo and the Griffins pass.

"A Twinkie Winkie is gay joke…" said Brian, "That has to be like 10 years old."

"That's what happens when the writer barely want to do this." said Lois.

She's right… it is what happens…

"At least that Harry Potter joke was topical." said Peter shrugging.

Everyone shrugged when he said that.

As they continued one their way… they saw Mr. Rogers.

"You!" yelled Mr. Rogers and Stewie at the same time.

Stewie took out a sword as did Mr. Rogers the two began to duel.

"I heard that you are just an evil clone… so how do you know who I am?" asked Stewie.

"I have the old one's memories… I know all about you Stewie." replied Mr. Rogers.

Gasser gasped at he watched the sword fight. He couldn't believe it, the baby was fighting Mr. Rogers.

"Hey!" called out Gasser.

Only to see everyone was distracted by a fluffy kitten chasing a butterfly.

"Okay…" said Gasser blinking.

Gasser turned back to the sword fight…. Which Stewie won in the end by stabbing Mr. Rogers in the heart. But then Stewie wiped him self clean and got rid of Mr. Rogers sword, and faked a succeed note.

"what you never seen a baby fake someone's suicide before?" asked Stewie.

"Oh wow… that kitten sure was cute." said Peter.

"Oh dear." said Lois looking at Mr. Roger's body.

Bo-bobo picked up the letter, "Looks like Mr. Rogers had some demons in his closet."

"I can't believe it." cried Beauty.

"We must give him a send off deserving of Mr. Rogers." said Don Patch.

That's when a Trolley game out of nowhere and they put his body on it.

"I'm not going to say anything." muttered gasser messaging a headache.

The group approached the stair way to the next level when suddenly… the final warrior of the level showed up.

"I love you!" said Barney the Dinosaur.

Everyone but Beauty took out baseball bats and began to mercilessly beat up Barney.

"Why are you doing that!" yelled Beauty.

"when you were a kid didn't you want to kill Barney the Dinosaur?" asked Suzu.

"No…" answered Beauty.

"Oh… wow…" said Suzu.

Soften continued beating up Barney but didn't say anything about Beauty… after all if he did, it would be a major spoiler.

When they were done… Bo-bobo looked at everyone.

"Is everyone ready to go to the next level?" he asked.

"Yeah!" cheered everyone else.

And so they decided to head towards the next level not knowing what to expect from it.

Next Time: Team Bo-bobo and Griffin get to the next level... the sitcom level... and the big boss is the clone of some Peter worshiped... literally! What will happen? Find out next time!