Note: Erk, my first crossover. I'm trying to make this short and finish it quickly, because I have a bad habit of not finishing stories. As for canon timelines, this takes place after the KC Grand Prix arc in Yuugiou (essentially before Yuugi and his friends take off for Egypt), and after 1969 in Season 2 of Stargate SG1 (seeing how that's as far as I've seen in the series).

As always, I own neither Yuugiou nor Stargate SG1.

Taur'i Gods
by Halys

The whirring of mechanics and the loud clunks of locks falling into place filled the gateroom beneath Cheyenne Mountain. "Chevron five encoded!" a voice announced on a loudspeaker, from a control area above.

"Now remember, we got some odd energy feedback on MALP, so be very wary. This'll be like any other reconnaissance mission, but if there're any problems, I want you four to come right back through the 'Gate. Got it?" General Hammond orders were directed to four individuals standing before him on the platform near the 'Gate ramp.

"We got it, General. Don't worry about it, this'll be like any other trip. Danny'll look at his rocks and Carter will go on about technology while Teal'c stands around looking pretty." The General surveyed the Colonel who was standing in front of him. Jack O'Neill was a middle-aged man with graying hair, who stood casually with a gun in one hand while the other was occupied with putting on a pair of sunglasses. The three other individuals standing nearby shot him annoyed glances.

"Chevron six encoded!" the loudspeaker voice announced above them again.

"Colonel O'Neill, you and your team still need to be cautious. Understood?"

The young woman who was standing next to O'Neill stepped forward to address the General. Her blonde hair was cropped short and currently covered by a military issue green hat. Like her comrade, she was also equipped with a gun. In fact, all four individuals were wearing dark green, military clothing, and carrying packs. Only one man differentiated from the rest of the group, he was equipped with a long staff.

Captain Carter, the young woman, spoke up. "We will, sir. The scans of P2X-354 showed no nearby signs of population, and the climate seems similar to what we have here in the mountains. There was only the odd energy output on the scans, but I believe that was merely from the Stargate on the other side. With any luck, sir, we should be able to get agood spectral analysis of the climate and plant life."

Next to her, O'Neill rolled his eyes.

"Chevron seven encoded and locked!" Suddenly, the two-story ring, which had been previously rotating behind the four, stopped. Arrows at the top of the dais locked into place, and a wave of energy burst out of the previous empty space. None of the people in the room or in the control area seemed to think this was odd. In fact, once the wave had receded and had been replaced by what appeared to be a vertical pool of water, the four individuals on the ramp turned towards it.

"Alright, let's get going folks!" O'Neill shouted to his companions, and beckoned the other three to follow him into the shimmering pool. Once the four stepped through and they disappeared. Soon after they departed, the pool had dissolved into nothingness, and the people still in the room turned to go about their business.

Meanwhile, on a planet that was light-years away, Colonel O'Neill and his companions stepped out of the portal, and into a different world. Around them was a multitude of plant life, mostly consisting of deciduous trees, ferns, and other fauna that the team found familiar to their home planet. They slowly moved from the steps, where the Stargate stood, to the ground. Immediately, Carter stooped to take samples of the moist soil.

"Danny, make sure the DHD still works, so we get home, alright?" A young man with glasses and the appearance of a scholarly individual, nodded. He made his way to the device that would allow them to dial home, which stood to the right of the Stargate.

Before Daniel Jackson could make it all the way, a hand landed on his shoulder. "DanielJackson, please wait a moment. I sense something from the area of the DHD. I will accompany you."

Jackson looked up into the face of a large black man whose features were expressionless. A gold tattoo was prominent against skin in the center of the man's forehead. In the man's other had was the tall staff which he carried with ease.

"Uh, sure, Teal'c. Not a problem!" Daniel smiled and led the way to the device. "Are you sure you sensed something? What was it like?"

However, before Teal'c could answer, a bundle of moving energy slammed into Daniel. Wheezing and trying to regain his breath, Daniel noticed that his companions had targeted their weapons on the individual who had him in a tight hold around his waist.

The young boy began to sputter in an incomprehensible manner. Hewas crying as he pulled away from the archeologist slightly, allowing them to see his face. Daniel blinked in surprise at how innocent the young boy seemed. Tears fell from vivid, indigo eyes and rolled down his cheeks. However, the most shocking part of the boy was his hair. It jutted heavenwards in spikes, and looked to be black in color, but with red highlights near the tips, and completed by blonde bangs that framed the young boy's face.

"Hold your fire, guys; I think this kid needs our help…" Daniel said, waving his hands to placate his alerted companions.

When O'Neill, Carter, and Teal'c had let their defensive positions down slightly, Daniel turned his attention back to the babbling boy. "Hey…" He said softly, smiling to reassure the boy. "What's wrong? Do you need help?"

The boy began to babble again, and pointed towards the DHD.

"What's he saying, Danny?" O'Neill called asked Daniel.

"I'm not sure, but… I think it's Japanese."

"Well, don't you know Japanese? You speak 23 languages, don't you?"

"I may know 23 languages, Jack, but I don't know Japanese. Trust me; I'd know if I did."

Daniel turned to console the boy again and suddenly, he released his hold and took off running towards the DHD. The SG1 team followed him, but before they could reach the young boy, he ducked behind the podium. He reappeared immediately with another person, hand in hand.

Carter leaned towards the archeologist as she scrutinized the second young man that had appeared from behind the DHD. "Twins?" she murmured to Daniel.

It seemed that way. The second young man was nearly identical to the first, with only a few differences between them. First, the new young man was a little bit taller than the other. Plus, his blonde bangs seemed to add to the highlights in his spiky hair. But it was his eyes that were different; they were a deep crimson color akin to blood.

Physical similarities aside, their appearance was shared due to their identical clothing. Both were wearing dark blue jackets over black shirts, coupled with black leather pants. Buckles and belts adorned both boys, and both wore identical pendants around their necks. Jackson blinked as he stared at the matching pendants; they looked to be made of pure gold and fashioned to resemblepyramids, except hanging upside down.

The first young boy began to speak again, pointing to his companion, then to himself, and then the Stargate.

Jackson shook his head, "I don't understand you,"

Then the boy stooped and began to draw signs in the ground with his index finger.

"Careful, Danny…" O'Neill warned as Jackson approached the boy, hoping to read the symbols. He stooped as well, and stared at the markings on the ground. It was obvious that they were either in Katakana, Hiragana or Kanji; butJackson could not tell the difference.

Finally, an idea came to him. He reached a hand out slowly, to indicate the young boy's puzzle. Before he could reach all the way, his wrist was grabbed and held strong. Jackson looked up into the crimson eyes of the other young man, and suppressed a shudder. Something seemed different about the older boy. He didn't seem as innocent, Jackson thought, but disregarded the idea as simple suspicion.

"Nn-shesep!" the young man said in a tone of voice that suggested dire consequences should he disobey. Jackson nodded, and withdrew his hand. Soon, the language that the older boy had spoken in registered in his mind. He turned back to his team.

"Egyptian! He's speaking Ancient Egyptian!"

O'Neill approached slowly, his eyes trained on the two young men, in case the current peace should change. "Well, what are you waiting for, Daniel? Talk to them! Find out where they're from and what they're doing here."

Turning back to the boys, Daniel smiled kindly. He began to ask them who they were in the ancient language. Both boys, who had turned their attentions to consoling one another, threw their gazes up at the older man. They stood suddenly, and clasped hands. Twin pendants began to glow, and a wind that had not been blowing before began to toss their hair and clothes. Then, in unison, they spoke.

"Ren-i sw ren-nesew, sha-nesew ne netjer, senet-nesew!"

When the light died down, the wind dissipated as quickly as it had come. The weapons of the SG1 team were trained on the two young men again. O'Neill, Carter, and Teal'c eyed the young men with great suspicion once more, wondering about the possible threat.

"What did they say, Daniel?" O'Neill ground out.

Jackson stared at the two boys. They had turned away from the SG1 team again, as the smaller of the two began to sob again. The oldest wrapped his arms around his 'brother', and pressed soft kisses to his forehead. Then, simultaneously, the boys' knees buckled and they collapsed in a dead faint. Teal'c quirked a brow as the SG1 team regarded this action.


'They said… I can't believe this… Jack…' Jackson turned towards O'Neill, and it was obvious from the look on his face that something was not right.

"They said 'I am the nameless pharaoh, wielder of the gods, and king of games.'"


Don't worry; you'll get to see more of Yuugi and his other self in the next chapter.

On translations: Since I don't know any Japanese, I opted out of having Yuugi say anything in his native language, even if it's one word or two. I feel it's better for continuity that way. As for the Egyptian, I translated the text myself, and had it double checked by Ankhutenshi, who is very familiar with the language.

Nn-shesep: Literally means "Take not!"

Ren-i sw ren-nesew, sha-nesew ne netjer, senet-nesew: Literally means "I am king without name, royal controller of Gods, Game-king."

Ok, I hope that was decent for my first crossover. Thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. :-)