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Word Guide:
Kunoichi = female ninja
Shinobi = Male ninja or ninja in general
Arigatou = Thank You
Nani = What

Suffix Guide: in Japan it is polite to use suffixes after peoples names unless you are very close to the person otherwise it is an insult.
-chan = usually used for a female friend or a female of equal age
-kun = male friend or male of equal age
-sama = highest respect used for leaders of clans, towns ect.
-san = used for someone not known well or to show great respect for someone who is older
-sensei = teacher

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any other character on the series

=============================Chapter 1========================================

Early evening in Kumogakure and the death gong sounds. At the Little Bird Tea Café the people looked up, everyone counting the rings. The kunoichi and shinobi within grimacing as the gong kept ringing. Natoshi the Raikage of Kumogakure, Hidden in the Clouds or the lightning shadow sighed deeply as the gong finally stopped ringing. "Komirino-chan please give Nagatoyo my apologies for leaving so abruptly."

"Natoshi-sama, I am sure your twin has already put aside your order at the first sounding of the gong. We might not be shinobi but even we know that as the Raikage you have to go. I will keep your favorite tea blend warm for you and I am sure Nagotoyo-kun will remake your order on your return."

"Arigatou, Komirino-chan and please just call me Natoshi or if you must Natoshi-kun" Natoshi said smiling

Komirino giggled "Now you know that isn't proper you are the Raikage after all."

"And you've known me how long? I will eventually win out on this but for now I really must go." Natoshi claimed her hand before she could escape and kissed it before turning to go thinking 'well at least I got her to at least call me Natoshi-sama instead of Takosum-sama or worst Raikage-sama I hope it wont take as long as two or three years as it did to get her to stop calling me by those names.'

Natoshi took to the rooftops thinking 'when is my brother ever going to get around to asking that girl out I swear if he doesn't I will! Komirino is the nicest and prettiest lady I know' He arrived at the shinobi tower within a few seconds. Walking into the main entrance he called out to the first chuunin he saw "Taka, come with me." He continued on to the stairs going up past the mission room to the top floor where his office was located. There was some Anbu waiting for them when they arrived. Sitting down at his desk he look at one of the Anbu "Lion report, who is dead and who brought in the report?"

"Ironically Taka-san here brought the report in, you must have a six sense in these things. As for who is dead we lost almost three full teams 8 chuunin and 3 jounin….luckily the jounin lost had no genin with them only chuunin."

"So I take it Michisuke was one of the jounin we lost who were the other two, Lion."

"Ummm…Yuketo and…ahh…ummm we lost Yugito-san as well, it was our checkpoint that was attacked"

"NANI?! SHE WAS SECOND ONLY TO ME –AND– SHE HELD THE TWO TAILED." He said side-fist punching his desk. Thankfully he didn't put any chakra into it as it was the desk's legs gave way causing the desk to crash on the floor just with his sheer strength. Forcefully relaxing his fist and taking a deep breath though his clenched teeth he continued "Do we know who is responsible?!"

Lion turned to the chuunin "Taka-san, tell Raikage-sama what you told us"

"Michisuke-sensei had me run into town for some supplies when I returned I found the checkpoint destroyed and Yugito-san was…ah..ah…pined to a…a piece of stone, one of the two men was chanting something that pulled the two-tails from her. When the one finished…praying…the other said their job wasn't done…they had one more Junchuuriki to find. I was almost caught when a third fellow showed up so I didn't stick around."

"They must have been Akatsuki. I told Yugito to be careful of them." he closed his eyes for a minute before opening them his hard eyes going back to Taka "Any idea where their next target is?"

"The fire country."

"You did good Taka, please make a list of all those fallen and see that it is posted so our people can know who died doing service for our village and see that their names are engraved on the monument of those fallen while on mission."

"Yes, Raikage-sama" Taka bowed and the Raikage nodded to him in dismissal then then watched as he turned to leave to do as he was told.

The Raikage turned to his Anbu "Lion, have teams been dispatch to retrieve the bodies and re-establish the checkpoint?"

"Yes, Raikage-sama"

"Very good." Natoshi sighed as there was a knock at the door. The Anbu with a bird like mask answered the door and stepped back to allow her to enter.


"Yes, Fujiko-chan."

"The messengers' from Kohona, Yuuhi Kurenai's team have arrived a bit ago but I couldn't locate you and figured you were having your dinner at the Little Bird Tea Café so I sent them over there just shortly before the report came in from Taka-san and I had to have the gong rung. You must of just miss them…ummm…but uhh one of them is a Hyuuga."

"A...HYUUGA?! Raikage-sama, this is our chance to get the Byakugan!"

Natoshi turned and glared at the hawk masked Anbu "Hawk I am not my predecessor, we will not alienate the Hokage! Am I understood?"

"Yes, Raikage-sama" the two Anbu answered standing back into attention. Fujiko looked down in guilt saying nothing.

"Fujiko?! Please tell me you didn't already send a team after the Hyuuga?"

"I….I wish I could Raikage-sama" Fujiko said not raising her head. "I sent Team 7 right after I rung the gong"

"NANI?! YOU SENT NAO'S TEAM?! Lion, Hawk with me now!" Natoshi called as he ran out the balcony door and started running over the roof tops to the Little Bird Tea Café the two Anbu right behind him thinking to himself. 'Nao will trash the place, she does nothing subtly.'